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  1. I've never advocated for the Orioles to sign Mark B.

    What I commented on is the swiftness to their approach in free agency and our constant lack of movement under varying FO administrations.

    We still haven't made a signing that improves the 2012 on-field product.

    And they better hurry up cause we all know the offseason ends tomorrow...:rolleyes:

  2. That's fine if you want to see us lose for 5 more seasons and waste the prime years of this core that has been assembled, so that these past 4 years have been a complete utter waste of time, effort and money spent supporting this team.
    You can sign Fielder, Wilson, or whoever you want, and this team is still going to be years away from being a consistent winner.

  3. I put this in the Ray thread but it's not really that much about Ray. I mean it'll hurt not having him but I felt the same way before he went down. The way we are playing has me nervous.
    Still willing to give those 5-1 odds? I wouldn't be as worried about 52 not playing as I would be about wether or not Cam goes on his pass only ego trip.

  4. The Yankees are actually willing to pay for the talent they need.

    And the lack of performance and value at 1B has been a constant of the past 13 years of losing.

    IMO, so has the lack of starting pitching. But you seem to feel that filling 1b will take them to the promised land....IMO.:rolleyes:

  5. Actually, in the comments he says "No Brummie... I mean 33rd...Klentak will NOT be the next GM. Take it to the bank." I don't get the first two references, but sounds like he's definitely saying Klentak is out.
    I see now. Thanks for correcting my error. I didn't realize that all the comments weren't shown. I would have thought it would be in the actual article, and not so much in the comments section.

  6. I have to believe Russell is gone. I can see Kirby sticking. I'd like to see Griffin given the opportunity to be pitching coach. I really don't have any feel at all for Randolph as manager. But, if Buck moves up, you have to think he'll want someone he's worked with in the past. If not Randolph, who?

    Maybe Brian Butterfield or Don Wakamatsu. I think Buck wanted them both on his staff this year but was turned down cause they wanted to go/stay in Toronto.

  7. There are always openings. He could have waited. The Orioles job was not an attractive one by any means.

    I wonder if we'll find that Peter Angelos reached out to Buck Showalter...

    I seriously doubt Bucks ego is so big that he feels he can wait for a more attractive job and just walk right in and take it. But then again he is about to hire his next boss.....:rolleyes:
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