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  1. Why would he leave ESPN and go work for the Orioles of all teams if he wasn't going to get what he wanted and didn't want this team to win at all costs?

    Buck hasn't had a chance to get the talent he wants on this team IMO. Now he should get his shot and we'll truly see what we have.

    Pie finally being DFA'd after being MacPhail's pet player, and the Hunter and Davis acquistions are the tip of the iceberg. We are hopefully going to see IMO a purge of non-nuggets and an inflow of nuggets to this team starting this offseason.

    Because there are only 30 managerial jobs in the world and you had better take your chance when the opportunity presents itself.

  2. Man the gloom and doom around here is bad.

    I have faith Buck will find the right guy and Angelos will give him the keys.

    Angelos' meddling is far too exaggerated IMO, especially by guys like Heyman who always seem to have an axe to grind. His reputation is well known but this isn't the late 90s or early 2000s any longer. IMO he was too hands off with Andy MacPhail and as a result MacPhail had plenty of power just like this next GM will have.

    They'll have restrictions just like any GM does, but IMO we'll still be able to win at the ML level if we get the right guy in there.

    MacPhail had the power but clearly wasn't the right guy.

    If you really believe this, then you haven't been paying attention to this team for the last 14yrs.

  3. Why? Because he could be telling the truth and you don't want to hear it?

    Roberts dogged it in the past, therefore he could be milking an injury because he doesn't want to experience the losing. It's plausible.

    It is interesting to see that now his extension has kicked in, he is playing less games per season...

    In 2006 after his arm nearly got ripped off, he was dying to come back and might have come back too early from TJ surgery. Not so these past two years...

    I'm sure if you we're in his shoes you'd have quit years ago.

  4. Its way more than the magic Kingdom. My wife and I are going in Oct. for our 10th wedding anniversary. She has going to the food and wine fest at epcot. Thats drinking AND eating around the world:clap3:. A behind the scenes tour of the trains at the Magic Kingdom, and the usual things I like to do because I'm a kid in a 41 yr old body. We are leaving the kids behind to so I kinda know how you feel, but the closer and closer we get to leaving, the less guily I'm starting to feel.

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  5. Aren't we at $86 million this year?

    What is to stop us from going to $100 million or more really other than the GM or Peter Angelos?

    Buck has had his ear all season. Again, I don't see Buck telling him "OK Peter it's okay to keep that payroll low and we'll be just fine."

    I see Buck telling him - "give me or the GM I want the checkbook and I'll give you a winner."

    If you honestly believe this to be true then you are totally fooling yourself. Thats not how Buck rolls.

  6. If possible, anyone that is heading out for supplies may want to go as soon as possible. I went to Wal-Mart around 6o'clock and the place was nuts. No gallons of water, no D-cell bateries, and only a few cases of bottled water. Another thing, if Wal-mart, Target, Lowes or any other big named chain store doesnt have what you need try, the smaller ones. Rite-Aid, Ace Hardware for example. I ended up at Rite - Aid and they had plenty of batteries and gallons of waters. I also found a wicked weather emergency candle kit. Its a bit expensive, but the small one will burn for 20 hrs, and the large one will burn for almost 90. Dont forget to charge your cell phone, lap tops, and flashlights if applicable. I even had the kids charge their Nintendo DS just in case. Stay safe everyone. One more thing, fill your tanks, and get some cash cause if the power goes out, theres no telling when it will be back on.

  7. Really? You're going to give me 4 guys over the last 20 years as proof that the O's don't suck at developing players?

    Even if you throw in Mussina, the O's record of drafting and developing players to consistently feed the ML club is pathetic.

    Throw in Cal back in 1982 , and your looking at 30 yrs. And in those 30 yrs, this tem hasn't produced more than 10 prospects that were major league ready.

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