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  1. Sorry I will take Young any day. He's even had clutch winning hits in Allstar games, which BTW, if Markakis is so great how come he has appeared in ZERO All-star games so far? Just because he is the best hitter on the Orioles doesn't mean he's better than true all-star players who have not only played in multiple All-star games have had game winning hits. Get back to me whenever Markakis even shows up on the field in an All-star game much less does something noteworthy. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!:laughlol:

    You only need to be great for 2- 3 months to be an All-Star. So you are way overrating the All-Star tag. And if you would take just 30 sec. and look at all the stats that have been provided to you, you would see that Markakis is head and shoulders better than Young.

  2. Nolan and Matt haven't even had one full season yet, and you're typecasting them already... AJ's had only 2...

    Why? Based on 5 weeks of ball. If they were doing well so far, you'd be singing a different tune.

    Totally agree here. AJ-1209 ABS, MW-452 ABS, NR- 428 ABS. I feel that we really cant tell what their true potential may be until they all have around 1000-1500 ABS. And even though AJ has had 1200 ABS, hes never played a full season. A lot of unknowns there, IMO, and way to early to say that these guys are only support players.

  3. Thought this NY Times article was interesting, and it's not really good news as MacPhail seems to be spouting the same refrain:

    We may not be able to outspend Boston and New York, but we can certainly spend more than the cash strapped Rays.

    At least he admits this season has been a failure.

    So do it, now...

    Where in the article does he admit the season has been a failure? The first 22 games maybe, but the season? Nah.

  4. People did.

    Unfortunately MacPhail did not.

    He needs to be replaced, but I'm not sure who we could get that would actually try to spend Angelos' money that he would actually listen to.

    That's why I think it will take new ownership to finally make the changes that need to be made. Angelos seems to be using the Orioles to make a statement rather than trying to win, to try to change the economic landscape in baseball and MacPhail seems to be going along with it, therefore enabling him to do so.


  5. I found this little snippet in Zrebiecs article today, "Felix Pie has drawn a lot of inquiries, but MacPhail points out that none of Pie, Nolan Reimold, and Adam Jones have played a full, healthy season yet, and the depth is probably a good thing for the Orioles when taking that into consideration". So, if Pie is on the table, than there would have to be someone else comming back from the Rangers.

  6. I've been to Dover, Richmond, and Talladega. We to my first race ever in 1990, at RIR, back when it was the 2nd race of the year, we froze our butts off. The really cool thing though, we didnt decide till the day before we were going to go. We got there the day of the race, walked up to the ticket booth, and got 2 tickets in the middle of turn 2, 3/4 of the way up, for 35 bux each. Good times.

  7. I have a question, the COT, you like or dislike the wing? Myself, i like the car, looks almost like a street car, but the wing totally turns me off. The new nationwide COT has a spoiler and looks great.

  8. Jr. had problems with his car all weekend long. It was definitely the engine...both he and Martin had the same problems.

    Millsy...Kurt has looked strong so far... his brother Kyle had a huge weekend, two 1st places and a 3rd.

    Hopefully Matt will be the first driver ever to win his first 3 races next week!

    Very possible. Vegas is similar to Cali. (other than Vegas having variable degree banking) and I'm sure they are going to use the same car.

  9. Why not experience the spice of Mexico, the character and atmosphere of Norway, the architecture and traditions of China, the lively charm of a quaint German village, the flavor of Italy, the history and aura of Japan, a distant land of a Moroccan city, the cuisine and charm of France, the atmosphere of England, and the character of Canada all before lunch.

    And then after lunch, it's off to Future World featuring a giant golf ball called Spaceship Earth.

    Great description. Spaceship earth is my 2nd favorite ride, after Soarin. I just got back 2weeks ago, and I can't wait til next Jan. when we go back.

  10. [/b]

    The same could have been said for Bonds. His father playing the game, being around the game all his life, his god father being Willie Mays. For the longest time I did not think the rumors were true about bonds because of his baseball lineage......That being said, I agree with the board that I can't see Cal doing it. I am thankful however that there was no testing while he was playing so we don't have to worry about a smoking gun later down the line.

    I think Barry Bonds cares about one thing and one thing only, and thats Barry Bonds. I don't think he cares about what his actions did to his father or god-fathers name. Cause if he did, he wouldnt have even thought about doing PED's

  11. Do I have the name of the road right? Is that Bel Air Road?

    Here's the scary thing... I can't find ANYTHING about that place anywhere in the tubes.

    Yup, its Belair Rd. My grandmother would take us to Rivertown 3-4 times a summer. They had all the arcade games, Pizza, and a cutesie little animatronics show. Really cool place. Its now Tully's, I think. If Tully's is still there.

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  12. I don't know what is going to happen with him. I was just told some progress was being made. No one knows right now, if we'll get a deal done or not. I prefer we trade him actually.

    A nice big contract extension would make a pretty nice wedding present, now wouldn't it.

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