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  1. Because he'll be so terrible the Orioles will be forced to remove him from the rotation. If we sign him as a bullpen arm fine, but they are going to put him in the rotation where he's going to hurt the team and stress out the bullpen.

    Wouldn't it be better to put a better pitcher in that rotation spot so they don't have to be removed and they help your bullpen?

    That must be some crystal ball you have. :rolleyes:

  2. He was interested, but the Orioles had to make an effort IMO, and I think he ruled us out the minute we made our 7/140 offer because it was lower than the offer he recieved from the Angels and the Nationals, two teams he didn't want to go to. He wanted the most money and we weren't offering it. That's why he didn't give us a chance to raise our offer. We lost when we lowballed him. So no I'll admit he didn't want to desperately be an Oriole, but we'll never know if we made an offer of 8/184 right out of the gate that anybody would have topped it, or that he would have turned it down to take a lower offer with the Yankees or Red Sox.

    Miguel Tejada didn't have a huge attraction to the Orioles and we blew him away so he signed. We should have done the same thing with Tex.

    And that's my final say on the matter.

    ....Guess not :D

  3. I do hope Ryan gets a job because he deserves it, but I will not miss his prevent defense which allows teams to get back into games at the drop of a dime. He did that again today when the Dolphins scored their only TD. Ryan let up and the Dolphins waltzed down the field at will.

    The penalties were the main reason for that TD drive more than anything. The one on 3rd down really cost them cause Miami would have had to punt or go for a FG. But i do understand your frustration with the prevent though.

  4. I like crumbling it up and making myself a little bacon gravy. Get your self a fresh warm biscuit, throw 2-3 eggs, friend in bacon grease of course, on top, and ladel a little bacon gravy on top, yummy yum yum.

  5. We would still play away, as we're the lowest seed. I definitely have butterflies for tomorrow's game, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

    After each round, the teams are re-seeded, so, if it were to come down to B'more and SD in the AFC champ. game, i think B'more would get the higher seed cause of the better record. If I'm wrong someone needs to explain it to me then.

  6. Who would you rather face...Steelers or Chargers?

    The easy choice is the Chargers but I would love to go into Pitt and stick it to 'em!!

    Well, I think the Ravens will get their chance. Everything will be re-seeded, meaning SD-Tenn. and if the Ravens win Sunday, they would go to Pitt. I think.

  7. Miami has won 5 straight road games. They will hardly be affected by a few extra Raven fans in the stands.

    You guys are underestimating this team. Jets also beat them earlier in the year and what happened today?

    Oh, and who is the only team they beat last year? :eek::D

    And who was the last team the Ravens beat in the playoffs?:D

  8. I'm no the guy who said players won't take Oriole money. That's the exact opposite of my arguments here. You offer them what they want and they will take it.

    Yes you did. and here's your quote from post #161 of this thread "It's funny how no one in 10 years has ever wanted to take Oriole money even though we offer soooooo much compared with other teams." More non sense from you I guess.

  9. I don't post nonsense. I post opinion just like you do. You don't know what the O's offered Vlad. Who told you that, the offer fairy. Perhaps you read it in the Sun paper. Let's assume that offer was correct. That works out to 13 million a year. Just a bit over what Miguel Tejada was paid. Most people considered Vlad to be a better player that Miguel at that time. Why would you offer him the same amount of money you paid an inferior player? I thought that Vlad was worth blowing away with an offer. The Orioles offered Vlad less money that the WhiteSox paid Jim Thome and Vlad was certainly a better overall player than him.

    You keep on being an Oriole apologist if you want. It's funny how no one in 10 years has ever wanted to take Oriole money even though we offer soooooo much compared with other teams. I think you really are the GM.

    Lets see, Javy Lopez, Miguel Tejada, Ramon Hernandez, ...I guess thats no one eh Aloe? So, by you saying no one wanted to take Oriole money, guess you posted a litle nonsense there, eh buddy.

  10. Oh so now you assume that it's Markakis who's holding things up and not the O's. Considering their track record I don't trust them. But, hey you keep on believing.

    Please find me the remark I made that it was Markakis's fault. If I remember correctly, both sides agreed to wait until after the winter meetings to further discuss an extension.

  11. He had no ties to them and they were further away from winning than the Orioles were. The Orioles had the prospects that were close and could have added more pitching...

    Just read that article. He didn't want to go to Boston so he got the Yankees involved because he knew they'd pay him the money...

    The Orioles didn't step up to the plate when they had a chance. The FO totally blew it by lowballing him...

    He had no ties with the O's either. The Sox had to go to his home in TEXAS to talk to him, and he hasnt really been here since his HS days. The hometown angle is way over blown IMO.

  12. " Early Tuesday, after midnight New York time, Cashman received a telephone call from Boras stating that Teixeira's preference was to play for the Yankees, the person said."http://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/2008/12/23/teixeira_yankees/

  13. How do you know this??

    This is getting old....Tex took 40 million less from the Yanks. It isn't reality that he wanted to play for the Yanks.

    Did Arod always want to be a Texas Ranger? Did Beltran always want to be a New York Met? How about Delgado...did he always want to be a Florida Marlin?

    It took Tex less than 24 hrs to accept the offer the Yankees put out there, thats how i know.

  14. MacPhail needs to be straight and open with the fans. If he didn't want to pay the price for Teixeira, he should have never got into the bidding in the first place. At least he would have ended hopes right then and there instead of increasing expectations and giving fans hope only to crush it. That was 10 times worse than the previous situation.

    If they really wanted Tex, they would have at least offered 8/160 off of the bat as that is what everybody else offered and they should have raised the offer at some point.

    Eventually people will realize now why MacPhail is here when first Roberts then Markakis is dealt....

    No price would have gotten Tex here, well, maybe 8/200, but that would be just stupid. You keep blaming MacPhail for not being aggressive enough, how about blaming Tex for making bogus comments about playing here, when in reallity, he really wanted to be a Yankee.

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