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  1. I don't think you look any worse. As it is, we're just pretending to be a major league franchise. Why were we limited to seven years? Has AM explained that?

    Nationally, we probably don't look bad at all here, because no one in the national media gave us more than mere lip service. Where I think AM and the Orioles look bad is within the fanbase and their current players. No way BRob wants to stay around, if that's something that we wanted.

    Two big free agents available in one offseason, both with extensive ties to the area and they both go to the Yanks while we're standing around offering deals nowhere near what they got. But remember AM saying early in the offseason about how we'd make a run for them and try to take advantage of these unique opportunities? He was full of you-know-what.

    Imo, Burrnett isn't worth 18.5 m per yr. And Tex wasn't comming here no matter what we offered, unless it was something crazy like 8/200, and I really dont think he's worth 25m a year.

  2. AM offered around two million per year less than what the Yankees wound up paying. The difference was the 7 vs. 8 years. Four teams offered eight years while we stuck with seven, and reportedly wouldn't even entertain guaranteeing the eighth.

    There would have been nothing "foolish" nor "reckless" about at least matching the Yankee offer, or perhaps going to nine years at the previous rate.

    It wouldn't have mattered, IMO, because Tex apparently had a Yankee lust going on. But at least AM would have retained some credibility with Oriole fans by seriously pursuing a guy he acted like he wanted.

    But how bad would they have looked if they offered the same package as the Yanks, but still got turned down? Or if they offered 8/168, hoping to get the "hometown discount" and they were still turned down?

  3. LOL they knew he wanted to be a Yankee? This is getting so ridiculous with people saying things like this.

    If we knew, that means the Red Sox, Nats, and Angels knew right?? So why did they even bother putting an offer out there if he wanted to be a Yankee all along? Why was he in Texas meeting with Boston and in Baltimore meeting with the O's?

    You can tell yourself that if it helps you sleep at night and dream about the O's winning 70 games with BROB, Gibby, Cowboyup Kevin, and flat breezy but it's extremly naive to believe that Tex wanted to be with the team all along, that just happened to offer him the most money in a deal. Right :rolleyes:

    The Yanks offered and signed Tex to a contract in less than 24 hours. That right there should tell you that he wanted to be a Yankee.

  4. Why wouldn't they even come close? It could be that their 7/140 offer showed they weren't serious and Tex was turned off by that.

    I really think, that AM, knew, or had a feeling that unless the O's went in deep, like 8/200m, that they weren't getting Tex. I actually feel he may have handled this pretty well, by not letting Boras/Tex, play him like they did the Sox, Nats and Angels, and like it was said in the article, he wasn't about to get into a bidding war.

  5. Apparently Boras did not come back to us. Boston is reporting that he did not come back to them to let them counter the Yanks offer. When the Yanks offered, Tex went immediately. It's fairly clear what Boras was doing now.

    An article in the Boston Herald say that Boras went back to the Sox, and they upped the offer to 170mil. and they gave him a deadline to take it or leave it. Boras said that they weren't going to force Tex to sign, and like hours later , he was a Yank.

  6. The Orioles' offered Teixeira, a 28-year-old switch-hitting first baseman, a seven-year, $140 million deal and told his agent, Scott Boras, they were willing to be flexible in negotiations. However, no serious negotiations took place after the offer despite Boras and MacPhail speaking several times, an indication that Teixeira wasn't overly interested in a homecoming.

    Boras didn't even come back to us despite us saying we were flexible. He didn't come back.

    According to sources, the Nationals' final offer -- between $178 million and $184 million, depending on the report -- was not the deciding factor for Teixeira. He simply preferred a team that could win immediately


    It was then learned that Teixeira had favored the Yankees all along and according to sources he conveyed that to them this week.

    And there we have it, the cold hard truth. Some can fault AM all they want, but I'd bet he knew all along that Tex wasn't going to offer a hometown discount and it was going to take a kings ransom to get him here. I actually think AM played this quite well, by not letting Boras play him like he played the Sox, Nats, and LAA.

  7. Show me a report that says this.

    I take it you completely write off the Ravech report that said he kept coming back to the home team (Orioles)?

    Just because he signed quickly doesn't mean his camp didn't give the other teams a chance to match it. You're filling in the holes in your theory with speculation then selling it as fact.

    He signed with the Yankees because the gave him the most money. No other reason.

    Yes, there was the Ravech report, But you also had , Olney, Gammons, and Roch, saying Tex wasn't comming here, or that it was a long shot anyway. And it wasn't the most money, I believe that the Boston offer from last week was 8/184.

  8. We don't so MacPhail needs to explain himself better. If he chooses not to, the Orioles will suffer the consequences.

    The negotiations are over. MacPhail can tell all now, and if he wants to win back fans who have now turned against the Orioles because of this, he'll tell his side of the story.

    He can't tell all. He can't through Tex or Boras under the bus cause it makes him out to be a whinner, and secondly, it may affect future negotiations with a Boras client.

  9. It's not obvious because the Yankees also offered the most money as far as we know. If the Orioles had matched that offer or exceeded it, then we could at least know he wanted to play for the Yankees. And it would have made the Yankees bid higher to get him. It's a win-win for the Orioles in that situation even though they don't get Tex. But by sitting on their original offer which was the lowest of all teams involved, it makes it look like they didn't even attempt to make a serious effort. Something they basically promised to do...

    It took less than 24 hrs for the Yanks to offer and sign Tex to a contract. I think that pretty much tells you that he really wanted to be a Yankee.

  10. Baltimore can offer more, without a doubt. We offered a contract for 21.4 million per year. He took something at 22.5. There was no reason we couldn't add another year.

    The "offer" they made Tex was a joke. And it can't be taken seriously. There was no intent there. I can go in and offer 15k for a brand new BMW. However, I can't then claim I was serious about buying one.

    They could have offered the exact thing as the Yanks, but there is noway he was going to take it, IMO. In order for Tex, to come to a losing team, that will be losing for 2-3 more years, it probably would have taken an 8yr/200 million contract to get it done.

  11. In a vacuum, I don't either.

    If the Orioles are saying, this is too much money for one guy and it prevents us from doing other things, then I am ok with that reasoning.

    But there is more to it than that one statement.

    I am sorry but you can't justify not going from 21.7 to 23 million per year. You can't sit there and say he got too much money when you only offered 800K per season less.

    You can't sit there and tell your fans that you are in it and will raise your offer and then, you don't.

    It looks poor...It looks like you flat out lied to your fan base.

    Its more than 1.6 million a year for 7 yrs. The O's would have had to come up with a little more than 34 million, just to match the Yanks 8 yr offer and still, there were no gaurantees that Tex would have even accepted it.


    FRD CAR .315 116 435 70 137 33 2 13 80 213 29 83 3 2 .358 .490 .848

    Minors .315 116 435 70 137 33 2 13 80 213 29 83 3 2 .358 .490 .848

    2008 Winter League


    SUR AFL .349 17 63 10 22 8 0 4 10 42 6 9 0 1 .431 .667 1.097

    Here are Brandon Snyders stats from last year in Fredrick and 17 games in AFL. I know he'll need a full year at Bowie, but if we don't get Tex, he may be a viable option for 1B in 2010 and beyond.

  13. He wants to live out his dream and get paid. I have no doubt the Orioles are just waiting for the chance to top the highest offer to make sure that happens...

    Well, we know that there are possibly offers out there of 8-10 yrs for 178-184 mil. So, whats taking so long for AM or PGA to pull the trigger on this deal? And if the WOW offer is on the table, why hasn't Tex accepted it yet? I'm sorry, but if it's his dream to come home and play ball for the O's, than any offer, remotely close to any of the ones out there, should get the deal done.

  14. Even when a couple of the young guns are brought up we're going to need a #1 starter to compete in our division. I would go for Sheets, regardless of his injury history (I'm a big Sheets fan). AM should tell Angelos to just forget about injuries and sign off on the deal. Angelos can always fire AM later if it doesn't work out.

    We already have a solid #2 in Guthrie. I wouldn't count on Olson as a #3 starter, so we would need either Looper or Wolf, short term. The fourth and fifth starters could come from among the people we already have.

    I would not be inclined to spend a lot of money on either of the Japanese guys because they are older and they haven't pitched in the majors.

    Depending on how well he bounces back, and wheter or he would be available I wouldn't mind bringing back back Bedard next year.

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