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  1. Interesting that Boras went to the Yanks. That to me would seem to indicate, that A) He's not getting anywhere near the money he wants and B) he's trying to get the Sox back in to start a bidding war to get the price he wants. Maybe the 8/160 offer from LAA is the highest, but Tex doesn't want to go out west, and Boras and his ego won't let him take less to play for the O's.

  2. Thanks Greg, I appreciate it.

    Just to clairify, I was told that Tex was close to signing a deal with the Sox for 8/184 or 8/182. Its not worth my time trying to go back and find it. Never was there anything in the 190's. If there was, that was an error on my part when I typed it up. The deal also had an opt out clause which I was told was after 6 years, and there were two option years. This was long before anyone heard anything about a meeting in Boston.

    At that meeting, something went wrong and it didn't get signed. Now I'm being told Boston is out of the running unless they don't get outbid. Essentially, Boston gave their final offer.

    That is how those reports are connected. Remember, my source is outside the organization, is passing this information on to a family member, and that family member is passing it on to me. Take everything for what it is worth.

    That said, I'm not banned yet and I took all necessary procedures to post it.

    The name is simply a funny name that I picked out, just for laughs. There isn't a conspiracy here.

    All that said, I've defended my family, my character, and my information enough for one night. If you don't want to hear it, ignore me. I won't be responding to anyone pushing this issue anymore.

    I don't understand this part, Boston is out of the running unless they dont get outbid? So if someone out bids them they are back in? Or if noone come close 8/184 then Boston wins?

  3. Thanks man, I'll be here all night.

    No, I don't think the Sox know the Yanks are in it.

    All I'm sayin is I can see now that the Sox are out of it, the Yanks can just swoop in, grab Tex and humiliate the Yankees.

    Sort of like taking a girl home that your enemy is after. You're not really interested in her, but you want to make him feel bad. That's exactly what kind of move that is.

    I would think Boras told Theo, that the Yanks were in, hoping that they would get into a major biding war.

  4. The Yankees cleared out $80 Million in payroll from 2008. They signed Sabathia at $23 Million per, Burnett at $16.5 Million per, trade for Swisher at $7.5 Million per, and maybe able to bring Pettite back at $10 Million per. That would be an addition of $57 Million. They would be able to spend another $23 Million without raising their payroll from last year. 10/230 would happen to be the deal Boras wanted. I am just saying....

    But yet, they still want Mill. to pick up part of Camerons salary in a trade.

  5. IMO, Tex never wanted to come here. He used the O's to drive up the price that Boston would have to pay. With the Yanks not interested, with him saying he wanted to be on the east coast, and everyone thinking that there was no way he would sign with the Nats, that left the O's. He said he always wanted to play here and I'm sure Boras kept reminding Boston of that as well. And personally, if he never wears an Oriole uniform, it would be to soon.

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  6. "The Red Sox have "some" interest in Peavy, but as of a few days ago the teams had not entertained any substantive trade talks as Padres GM Kevin Towers knew that Boston was not on Peavy's wish list. But now that talks with Atlanta and the Cubs have broken down, Towers needs a new team to deal with and the 27-year-old Peavy, according to his agent, Barry Axelrod, probably would OK a deal to Boston. But if there's a Mark Teixeira splash, the Red Sox might not have the money to entertain it"......This is from Mlb trade rumors. Now, i know its just rumor and very very early discussions, but maybe the Sox are starting to have doubts about landing TEX, and are thinking about switching there focus to pitching.

  7. from ESPN insider:

    "The Boston Herald reported that the Red Sox have extended an offer for Mark Teixeira that could cost them an "historic" amount of money.

    While not reporting terms, the offer for the free agent first baseman is "believed to be for at least eight years." The Red Sox have a club policy of not commenting on their negotiating stance with any free agents.

    The Herald reported that Teixeira is believed to be seeking an average annual value of more than the $21 million that left-hander CC Sabathia is close to finalizing with the Yankees for the next seven years, and a lot closer to the $27.5 million that third baseman Alex Rodriguez is guaranteed to make through 2017 with the Yankees."

    The media has had Boston in the lead for Tex for almost a week now, but nobody seems to have a clue as to what they are offering.

  8. That's what I'm thinking, I assume he's gotten offers from the teams he's narrowed down, so what's taking so long for a decision?

    He may be torn between taking the most money from the Orioles, or taking less money to go play for the Sox, were he knows, that they will be putting a play-off contending team on the feild year in and year out.

  9. I have no doubt that PGA and Tex met this weekend. However, don't you find it funny that after the WOW offer, Tex is still "mulling" us over?

    Maybe he really doesn't want to be an Oriole, but also doesn't want to take less money to play somewhere else. Pretty tough decision.

  10. O's, Nats, and LA are the only ones who have actually given an offer with Boston still thinking about wheter or not to offer one. Like i said before, I truly think, we are out bidding ourselves here. I think after the BS that Boras and Manny pulled with Boston this past season, they are going to offer, if anything at all, the bare min. maybe 6/120 and thats it and thats not going to land Tex.

  11. Tex probably want to the game after his meeting with PA. But if the WOW offer is on the table and he hasn't signed with us (I don't think he will) in the next few days, he's not comming.

    I'm sure he would discuss the offer over with his family, and agent before making a decision. I do agree with Belkast, that a decision might be made in the next couple of days. I think right now, we are just in a wait and see mode. And personally, I think we are out bidding ourselves. I don't think Tex wants to play for either LA, or Wash. and I think the Sox offer, if there is one, isn't even close to ours.

  12. I think Tex has decided to be an Oriole, especially after that info that Roy had. PGA and Tex were at the stadium, so that part of the rumor was true, so I would also think his father saying that Tex made up his mind to be an Oriole would also be true.

    Where has it been said that PGA was at the stadium?

  13. The opt out might be something that would seal the deal, IMO, But not until after yr 5. Maybe do 8 yr/ 180 mil. The first 5yrs, 24 mil. a yr., yr 6, 24mil. yr7, 22 mil., and yr 8 20mil. And if he wants a no trade, then only do it for the first 4 years, that way, if you know/ or if he says he wants to opt out, you have the oppurtunity to trade him. Kinda crazy, maybe a little bit stupid, but hey, thats why i'm not a GM.

  14. And when was the last time you can remember Ken Rosenthal being right when it comes to this sort of thing? ;)

    I remember last year Rosenthal was saying that the Astros werent even close to to making a deal for Tejada, and it was like 30 sec. later that Peace came on and said that the news that Tejada was going to be traded was about to break. So, its safe to say, that when it comes to Orioles insider news, Bigbird, Belkast, and peace, are closer to the truth than the national media.

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