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  1. I was listening to XM this morning with Buck Martinez, and Ken Davidoff from Newsday was saying the Nats and Angels have offered Tex a 8/160 contract. I'm sure PA is going to top that to get Tex here.

  2. Anyone with XM, on channel 175, one of AJ's agents will be on with MLB Live between 11 and midnight. So, I'm sure we'll be getting a little more info about the Braves offer.

  3. You may want to go and have a sleep test done. My wife was the same way, up several times a night, tossing and turning, found out that she had sleep apnia. During the the test, they found out that she stopped breathing over 75 times while she was sleeping. What she does now, is , she has a breathing machine, and mask she wears at night, helping to get more oxygen into her lungs, thus, helping her sleep thru the night. And its amazing how sound she sleeps now.

  4. The problem is, congress needs to keep their nose out of this. All this is, is congressional grandstanding. Pitcher and catchers report tommorrow, and all we seem to be discussing is steroids. This thing is just friggin ridiculous.

  5. If you want a mentor for these young pitchers let Jim Palmer give them a chat....if you want a veteren to show them how it's done get David Wells....If you want all that plus a winning guy that is a free agent get Livan Herendez or Kyle Lohse. Lohse is still a young one though but who gives a flying ****

    Please no, no David Wells, he would do more harm than good.

  6. Interesting - Stan the Fan is on Viviano's show right now saying that there is internal concern in the Orioles camp regarding Adam Jones and the fact that they believe he has a degenerative hip condition.

    According to Stan, this is the leverage the Orioles are trying to use in order to pry more away from Seattle in this trade. There is a perception that Jones is in fact damaged goods.

    I heard this also. Very interesting to say the least.

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