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  1. I heard this also. Very interesting to say the least.
  2. Does anybody actually know what has been offered for EB? Anybody know exactly what the great and fantastic deals that AM has turned down?
  3. And the O's bick RHP Randor Beard(sp) from the Tigers
  4. Cubs bought the Rays 1st pick, the Twins, Lahey, Pirates choose Meek(sp) from The Rays.
  5. I just heard that Kuroda is going to visit, the D-back, Dodgers, and M's next week. I have a feeling this going to put off the possibilty of trading EB for a few more weeks.
  6. Sorry for all the confussion. If a moderator could move the thread to the proper forum, it would be greatly apreciated. Again, please accept my apology, i was not out to misslead anyone.
  7. Just heard on XM that the Tigers and Marlins are discussing a trade involving MCab and Willis. No major details though. But they did say it was a possible blockbuster deal.
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