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  1. First, it's Clevenger, not Clevinger. And secondly, he's the least of this teams problems. Right now I'd be more worried about Tillman.
  2. 17-9 since starting the season 2-5. With all the injuries, inconsistent offense, and starters that can't go deep in games, I'm being cautiously optimistic about how good this team will be once they get it all together.
  3. Signing Morales makes no sense at all. The guy hasn't faced live pitching in almost 7 months and by the time he would be in game shape, #19 should be back.
  4. I understand that with the pine tar on Pineda's hand being so blatantly obvious that someone had to say something. But I don't think it's anymore obvious than the spot on the bill of Kimbrel, Balfour, or Valverde's hats, just to name a few.
  5. No, no it's not. "A summons shall be made on a Complaint-Summons (CDR-1) form, a Uniform Traffic Ticket, or a Special Form of Complaint and Summons. The summons shall be directed to the person named in the complaint, requiring that person to appear before the court in which the complaint is made at a stated time and place and shall inform the person that an arrest warrant will be issued for failure to appear. The summons shall be signed by the judicial or law enforcement officer issuing it. An electronic entry of the signature of the law enforcement officer shall be equivalent to and have the same force and effect as an original signature."http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/rules/r3-2.htm
  6. You are the one that looks ridiculous. That's not the police report. It's right there at the top in big black letters, Complaint-Summons.
  7. No different than you re-writing the police report. Your quote "The police report says he committed "assault by attempting to cause bodily injury to J. Palmer, specifically by striking her with his hand, rendering her unconscious". ". That's not in the report. As far as defending him, show me a quote where I did that.
  8. He only saw the TMZ video. "Newsome acknowledged he watched the TMZ video online and that it "doesn't look good."..http://www.wbal.com/article/105626/2/newsome-concerned-but-will-stand-down-on-ray-rice-discipline He hasn't seen the whole video, "I did, online, just like everybody else did and it doesn't look good," Newsome said. "But I'm going to reserve all of my comments up until I have a chance to talk to Ray. But what I've gotten ... the whole video needs to be reviewed."http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/gm-ray-rice-arrest/story?id=22631926.
  9. Well, the only way I'll know what is on the video, is if someone else tells me.
  10. News flash, I never said the video was fake or that it never existed and I never said the weren't arrested for no reason. Like you, I'm taking the wait and see approach until all the facts are presented.
  11. I didn't say the video didn't exist. Unlike you I'm not going to judge somebody on hearsay, that is what is ridiculous. I will wait to reserve my judgment until all the facts are presented.
  12. I couldn't care less that the police have a video. Until I see the video, the video, or the fact that the police have a video, means nothing.
  13. If her body was so "lifeless" as you say, why didn't the security guard call a paramedic instead of calling the police? Also just because she was unconscious in the elevator doesn't mean RR knocked her out. I'll wait and see all the evidence before coming to a conclusion.
  14. Why not? Like I said, the contract could be negotiated so that the player would get his money. Everyone is happy, the O's get their pitcher and keep the pick, the player gets his money, the agent get his cut and the players union gets a new member and more union dues. Only one that wouldn't be happy is Bud Selig, and as far as I'm concerned, he can pound sand.
  15. Why? Because the O's thought out of the box and they didn't? It would open the door for other teams to do the same thing.
  16. If Santana, or Jimenez were signed to minor league contracts would the O's still lose the pick? You could write a contract so that the player gets his money, and the O's get the player they want and still keep the pick.
  17. You're right. Let the O's give 14+ mil. a yr. to 2 guys that had good years in their walk years and totally disregard what they did the previous 3-4 years. But then we wouldn't have to see you start 14 threads a week about how the O's didn't spend this off season and what a pathetic organization they are. So there is some upside. And one more thing so you understand, I'm not saying don't sign these guys, just don't do it at 14M a year.
  18. Who do you want? Of the top free agents that have signed so far, who should the O's have gotten? I'm not saying they shouldn't spend money. But they need to do it wisely.
  19. Who cares? At the end of the day, all that matters is that Kubiak is here. It doesn't matter how he got here. The Ravens got this right and I for one am glad they did.
  20. 2yrs 28 mil. w/ 8 million deferred. Now if he decides to pitch in 2016, and wants to with the Orioles, and they want him back, then he would get all 8 mil. in 2016 with a 2 mil. signing bonus. If not, then the 8 mil. would be spread out over 4 yrs.
  21. I never said it wasn't. We are talking about Garza.
  22. Given Garza's injuries over the last 2 years, it's quite understandable if the Brewers back out because of his health.
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