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  1. And had Tucker made that field goal against NE , that also would have given the Ravens the points needed for the tie breaker, but you go ahead and blame the steelers. I'm done with this
  2. Not a steelers fan. Please find me a post where I said I was. I'm Just an objective ravens fan that doesn't feel that the whole NFL world is out to get the Ravens . You should try it sometime. I admit that the refs messed up, that goes without saying. But, there is no guarantee that the refs would have awarded the Ravens a TD.
  3. Or..it could be the back trouble, the torn hip labrum, ruptured tendon behind his right knee, the concussion, or the post concussion syndrome....but why let facts get in the way of your bogus assumptions.
  4. Lets see, the Steelers won their last 2 games they needed to in order to get in and they did. And if not for a blown call in the Chiefs game, they would be in. The Ravens didn't even show up the last 2 games when all they needed was 1 win. Out of the 4 teams that were left fighting for the last WC spot, I'd say that the Steeelers were the only ones that really showed up week 17.
  5. Or..it could be the back trouble, the torn hip labrum, ruptured tendon behind his right knee, the concussion, or the post concussion syndrome....but why let facts get in the way of your bogus assumptions. As far as Ike Davis, I'll take him just as long as the price to get him isn't to steep.
  6. First, off, a team is NOT awarded a touchdown if a member interferes from the sideline, it is at the discretion of the referees whether or not to award a TD. Learn the Rule. Second, had SD lost and the Ravens not gotten in, it wouldn't have been because of Mike Tomlin. It would have been because of bad coaching, poor OL play, zero running game, WR dropping catchable passes, a QB that had more Ints. than TD's, and an offense that only scored 2 TD's in the last 3 games.
  7. It will be 16 or 17. That will be determined by coin flip.
  8. Jones was going to be caught from behind regardless, it's about time people get over it.
  9. The man just watched his 21 yr. old all-star 3b shred his knee. Casailla take a shot to the head, and his teams playoff hopes go out the window. You really can't take to much out of yesterdays presser or any of them for that matter. And personally, I only care about the way he manages, not the way he conducts an interview after a ball game.
  10. With MacPhail gone Trea needed someone new to bash. Guess Presley is it.
  11. Oh, lets not forget that Tampa has to play Texas for 4 games before the O's get there. Its going to be a very interesting 15 games.
  12. The season is far from over. With the way Texas is crapping the bed, and the fact the O's play four more against Tampa, it's most like going to come own to the final 2 series of the year, if not the final game, before any WC spots are decided. But first, they most focus on beating Toronto today. Lets get it done fellas.
  13. Davis could go 0 for Boston and Miguel Cabrera could catch him by the end of the week, he's that good. But on the other hand Davis could go off and have 50 going into the NY series. Its to tough to call. It's going to be very close.
  14. Not really. It only shows the rates of the HBP's. It doesn't show the intent. The majority of the HBP in the Golden Era, could be purpose HBP while the ones from today could be accidents/ lack of control. Now, I'm not saying that Coco Crisp should have been thrown at. There's is no reason to A) possibly injure another player, 2) Put one of the o's players at risk for injury, and C) there is no reason to give the A's any extra incentive to get fired up. IMO, the guy did nothing wrong. It was no different than the Mark Reynolds bat flip last year here at home against the Yankees last September.
  15. Not quite. The O's are 14-15 since the ASB. In games in which Jim Johnson has entered with a save opportunity the O's are 7-2 since the ASB.
  16. I think you are right. There's no way the O's are paying him 8+ million next year. It's a shame though.
  17. Oh, by the way, that half way decent closer you think it would be so nice to have. He's 28 for 35 in save opportunities which is 80%. He has 13 less chances than JJ but is only 2 behind him in blown saves. JJ by the way is at 81%.
  18. Prior to last year Jim Johnson was 20 for 37 in save chances. Last year we all know how great he was, 51 for 54. And I don't need to mention this year. Who's the real Jim Johnson? Is he a closer in a slump? A 7th or 8th inning guy? A starter next year?
  19. One night your blaming JJ and his blown saves as the sole reason this team is where it is in the standing. The next night you jump on the not hitting w/ RISP band wagon and claim that as the reason the o's don't have a better record. Then it's JJ and the hitting, and now your back to bashing JJ. You're too funny.
  20. Any quotes or sources?.....didn't think so. Thinking Buck has total control of the roster, that's pretty narrow minded. As far as Buck being a "control freak", its been said in several interviews from players to analyst from espn/fox that he's changed and has become more of a players manager.
  21. Lee has 714 less inning on that left arm than CC does while only having pitched one less year than CC. That's almost 3 more years of pitching for CC if you go by 200+ innings for starters. You would only have Lee for 2 more years and IMO opinion I think he'd still be that TOR pitcher this team needs. Imagine on August 1st, 2013 the O's have a rotation of Lee, Tillman, Chen, Gonzales, and Feldman. Pretty good starting 5 to make a playoff run if you ask me. And not to forget that 80% of your rotation would be set for 2014.
  22. Philly also wants to extend Utley so they may be willing to trade Lee for salary relief.
  23. Per mlb trade rumors..."Though the Phillies are discussing lefty Cliff Lee with other teams, Rosenthal sees plenty of obstacles to a trade. One is his current stiff neck; it would definitely help if he jumps in to start Tuesday evening against the Giants."..http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/philadelphia_phillies/index.html. I also think he has a partial no trade clause and the O's are on his list of teams he doesn't want to go to.
  24. No, no he hasn't because if the season ended today, the Orioles make it in as the second wild card.
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