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  1. July5th last year they were 5.5 behind the Yankees and as late as July 18th the were 10 behind and only 3 games over .500. Just like last year when they turned the defense around, I'm sure they will get the closer turned around too.
  2. You don't need to go that far. Just go back to last year when Jones, Reynolds, and Davis hit HR's in the same inning against the Yankees. Thorne was beside himself calling those homeruns.
  3. Gary Thorne not only does Orioles broadcast, but he also does LLWS, College Hockey, NHL, and I think baseball games for ESPN. Doing all that, I'm sure he has to maintain an objective point of view and I think it carries over to the O's broadcast, and I think that's why he rubs certain listeners the wrong way. Does he get a few names and pitches wrong? Sure. Does he get overly excited at opposing teams homeruns? Maybe. But for the most part he does a really good job. And we're actually lucky to have him as an announcer.
  4. I think he gets one more start. And that's only because Steve Johnson isn't ready yet.
  5. Guess you need to check this years schedule. But back to the point, there is no reason other than money that this game could not be played on Wed.
  6. Is this a recurring theme with the Ravens? Win the super bowl, sign an Elvis?...thank you, thank you very much.
  7. Just saw a text that Ray Lewis set to retire at the end of the season. I thought for sure he would have tried to play one more year.
  8. Today my kids are doing a lockdown drill. I tried to explain to my youngest it was just a drill and that there was nothing to worry about, but he still seemed a little upset before we left the house.
  9. Dannyboy

    Bo Jackson

    They told this story on the 30 for 30 doc. He was taking his first batting practice after signing with the Royals and it was the first BP pitch he saw. He hit it to dead center either over the crown or it hit the top of the crown. Either way, it was a shot.
  10. o Add last years WS choke job, not putting Chaves in for Cruz, and the fact that he more or less threw the team under the bus for not "executing" and he'd be gone. Couple all that with Washingtons use of Holland the last game of the year and in the one game playoff, that would have been enough for me to see that this guy can't coach under pressure.
  11. Uh..no. 4/88 w/ a 5th year team option is max the O's should go.
  12. Had this been a typical late August early Sept. hurricane with the thunder and lightning thats associated with it, I think we would be seeing closer to 1M outages.
  13. Get your supplies folks and stay safe cause it looks like Sandy will be coming right up the Delaware Bay.
  14. There is evidence that the ball appears to hit the pole. IMO, its the shadow of the ball on the pole that gives the illusion of it hitting the pole. If you really want to see if the ball hit the pole you need to see it from above. Either way, this call had little to no effect on the out come of the game.
  15. The ball didn't hit the pole. Get over it
  16. Sager also had the ball in his hands and he said there wasn't any yellow paint on it.
  17. That foul ball call was the least of the O's problems in this series.
  18. I feel the same way too. I watch him on NESN and his comments towards the O's have been nothing short of complimentary.
  19. If OAK, LAA, and Tampa all win out, Tampa and LAA would still be 2 behind OAK. and out of the playoffs.
  20. I think it went something ike this...<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/kPgPrtOxvK4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  21. He cleared according to mlb trade rumors.
  22. On the pre-game today, Jim Hunter said if they aquire a player now, via trade, that player would have to be on a 40-man roster before Sept. 1 in order to be eligible for post season play. So, if the O's aquire Juan Pierre, he could get on the post season roster because he was on the Phillies 40-man before 9/1. Of course, he would have to replace someone that goes on the DL.
  23. Yes. Just as long as anyone we get is on the 40 man before Sept. 1st they can be added to the playoff roster if they are replacing someone on the dl.
  24. I will say this. Even though I don't think last night was intentional, this is not the first time CC has plunked Markakis. Last year he did it in a series here, and that time it was clearly intentional. So, there is some history there.
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