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  1. For all those that think it was intentional, why would they hit Nick, and not Reynolds, he's the one thats been lighting them up for the last week.
  2. With all the injuries this team has had, I seriously doubt that Buck is going to want to get into a bean ball war. The team has a goal, and getting even with the yankees for what happened tonight isn't going to help this team achieve that goal. With Nick out for the season the team needs to stay focused now more than ever. You want to get even, do it on the score board and in the standings.
  3. He was saying the ball was a foul cause as loud as it was, he probably thought it hit the bat.
  4. If you look at the history of the club, from 1954-1991 the Orioles have not drawn that many fans. And from 66-83, when they were probably one of the best clubs in baseball, they only averaged around 1.2M fans per year. And many of those years they were at, or below league average in attendance. I think the early years of OPACY was far from the norm, and that 2-2.5 million fans is about what they can expect to see on a regular basis.....http://www.baseball-almanac.com/teams/baltatte.shtml
  5. I watched the post game on NESN last night and he looked and sounded like a beaten man.
  6. He may not end up with 40. But if he stays hot, 25-30 is quite possible.
  7. Its one game at a time folks and the only one that matters is the one tonight.
  8. In the 5 worst blow out losses the O's lost by a total of 53 runs, nearly all of that negative run differential. And after the first five games after the All-Star break, they had lost by a total of 23 runs nearly half the total for the year. But since those 5 games, they are 12-7, with a run diff.of +7, and that includes lossing 10-1 to TB, and 12-9 to NYY.
  9. It's one game at a time. Worrying about today's game and only today's game. Not resting on the teams past success and not dwelling on their past failures. IMO, I think thats the key to this season success.
  10. It's not a product, but I really miss Ames and Woolworths. The Woolworths in Perry Hall had a cafateria and a downstairs where all the toys were.
  11. It leaked fuel while sitting on the ground. Once it was in the air, everything would come up to temperature, o rings would swell up, and seat, then the leaking would stop. You can see one at the Air and Space Mueseum at Dulles airport. To this day, it's still the fastest airplane ever. Not bad for being built in the 50's.
  12. Couldn't agree more. This team needed help weeks ago, and DD went out and got. Jim Thome. Nice, real friggin nice.
  13. Figured as much. He wouldn't be getting a second opinion if it was something that could just be rehabed. It's time to shut him down and start focusing on 2013.
  14. I'm using worse case scenario for my reasoning, where he would need surgery and be out for 2 months.
  15. I think even IF he can come back this year he shouldn't. Just shut it down and focus on 2013.
  16. This team is winning because of moves MacPhail made. So to say he was a joke just shows how little you know.
  17. Hey Ed, the Ravens are paying you 7mil. plus bonuses this year to play football, somehow I don't think they are the ones being disrespectful here.
  18. Carpenter tries to hard. His broadcasts almost seem rehearsed. As far as Jim Hunter goes, he does a much better job on the radio where he has to stick to the task at hand, describing the game and giving stats . It's when he's on TV and he has to fill time is where he starts to lose me.
  19. Ed Reed needs to shut his hole and keep the fact that he's unhappy or feels disrespected in house.
  20. Do you have to sell it now? If not use it as a beater and ride around with a for sale sign in the window.
  21. Starcade 87. Dusty Rhodes ddt's Lex Luger on a chair inside a steel cage to win the US Heavyweith belt. It was Thanksgiving night, and I think we paid 6 bux to see it on PPV at the Civic Center.
  22. Both Andersons or just Arn? What about Lex Luger?
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