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  1. Serenity now. Serenity now. Hayes, a nice bunt. Kid looks like a player. Serenity now.
  2. Castro gets non-tendered next year right? Right?
  3. Castro gets non-tendered next year right? Right?
  4. jtm

    vs. TIGERS, 9/14

    I am trying not to judge Hyde on wins and losses this season, but that was pathetic on his part. Why on earth would you load the bases with 1 out only to go to a pitcher in your BP who has had 5 ml appearances? Not that it matters, but slap in the face to your players who fought their way back in this game.
  5. I’m getting so lost in this thread. Can someone clarify once and for all? I thought the MASN arbitration ruling and court decision affirming it merely affirmed that the formula used to determine revenue payments was proper. It was a formula the Os probably favored, but was still more money than they wanted to pay out annually. However, the MASN agreement dictates that both teams shall receive equal amounts of annual revenue, and the Orioles are majority owners of MASN which is a percentage that decreases annually until the split reaches 67% for the Os, and 34% for the Nats. Neither of those provisions were changed with this decision either. So the issue is MASN (whose majority owner is the Os) has to pay withheld revenues since 2012. Correct?
  6. jtm

    vs. RED SOX, 8/16

    He certainly basically just called out Stewart as not a major league outfielder, or at least not playing like one.
  7. jtm

    Ben McDonald

    Much better on television than on radio. On radio he does what seemingly every single color guy for the Orioles is doing, talking over the action. Dave Johnson might be the biggest offender. I can’t believe no one tells them you have to keep your points short and give breaks to the play by play personnel so he can update the action. It makes listening to games now very frustrating. But Ben on television is a natural.
  8. Ruiz could have easily beaten the base runner to third. That was a play you get benched in little league for. There is no logical reason to throw to second.
  9. I honestly cannot understand what Ruiz was thinking. There is no logical reason to throw that ball to second. You are never going to get a double play, and you HAVE to HAVE TO get the lead runner. What the eff is wrong with these players??!!
  10. Yup. But it’s okay, they gave up 4 more runs after that so as to not make him feel bad. It’s a very generous team.
  11. I’m starting to think they are teaching outfielders to miss the cut off man a all costs.
  12. Buck also had good pitchers because he used them properly. You cannot divorce having good pitchers with using them to their strengths and with the right rest. Both aspects are necessary for an effective pen. You need only remember the Lee Mazzilli and Mike Hargrove tenures to see a manager who misused bullpen pitchers, getting them up without using them, and bringing guys in without warming enough, let alone overusing one pitcher. Also, I don't think I would describe Buck as robotic in any capacity except in that he was not a shake up the lineup kind of manager. That doesn't mean robotic to me. Robotic to me is making automatic moves because the book says so.
  13. I mean at the end of the day, we are essentially in a season of extended spring training, Results don’t matter, but the game to game decision of the manager have to be measured and judged. So far, as I said, at best Hyde’s grade is incomplete. Hope he improves, because if he doesn’t he will be a liability for this team when they get above replacement level major league talent.
  14. The tough thing is we are all used to Buck for the last 8 plus seasons. Save for one notable post season exception, Buck was a master at handling the bullpen. Hyde seems far more robotic and predictable, and less willing to make decisions on feel, and protect his pitchers from facing one too many batters. So far, it’s tough to defend his decisions with the results.
  15. It’s tough to judge any manager on 1/3 of a season. But so far, I find him to be far to prone to over managing and forcing the issue. The best grade I can give him so far is incomplete. While he has little to work with, you cannot have the worst record in baseball and blame it all on the players you have. Especially when not every player you have is replacement level player or below.
  16. jtm

    vs. INDIANS, 5/17

    This. Poor coaching. He was waiving him around, then inexplicably gave a stop sign that was more of an in between motion. Davis put on the brakes and fell. You have to make that call BEFORE the runner is rounding third. You cannot expect the trail runner to stop on a dime especially when you give a stop sign that is your hands at your side.. Inexcusable coaching.
  17. jtm

    vs. INDIANS, 5/16

    Welp, goodnight everyone.
  18. jtm

    vs. INDIANS, 5/16

    Tough play but Smith has to get a better read. That had base hit written all over it.
  19. I am with you Tony. However, I just can’t convince myself that this would have come out any differently had they not played the DH. I have just come to the realization that there are like maybe 3 major leaguers on this roster from a position player perspective. And that’s counting Chris Davis, who we are all excited is hitting better than .170. I am just looking at most of these guys like I do while watching spring training. When they make a good play I’m like, “hey nice one.” When they botch one or strike out, I’m like, “well, what do you expect, probably wont’ be here in a month anyway.”
  20. I’m just treating this season as extended spring training. Fun to check in now and again. But all in all, the outcome doesn’t matter. I am dealing with the losing much better that way this season!!
  21. I’m willing to give him time. I know it must be tough for him. Although I gotta say, I was a little off put when he gave the dimensions of Camden Yards in his first broadcast. Chalked it up to nerves. I don’t know that I have ever heard a home town broadcaster give the home fans the dimensions of their home ball park (haha.)
  22. I know the old saying is don’t ever follow a legend, and that’s part of the problem. The O’s have had a long lineage of great radio broadcasters. Any change was gonna be tough to swallow. I just feel like the format of a play by play and a color guy can work, they are just not doing themselves. But maybe I’m just suffering from Joe Angel withdrawal. What I would give to just hear a “and this one’s....in the loss column.”
  23. No, I am not talking about their substance. I don’t mind WHAT they have to say. I just don’t think they get that it’s not TV. We cannot see what’s going on. Talking over the action does radio broadcast no good.
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