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  1. Filmstudy does a great job breaking down the line play. http://russellstreetreport.com/filmstudy-2012-offensive-line-analysis/
  2. Agreed. I also think moving KO to left guard allowed Flacco to move up in the pocket a little more which helps the LT position a ton. I don't care if Oher goes back to LT as long as we get someone other than KO to play on the right side. I thought he was pretty much dominant while playing guard in the playoffs.
  3. For my own personal benefit, no. I want discounted PSLs.
  4. As much as losing Suggs hurts we should see some improvement in other areas that will help absorb the blow. Jimmy Smith could become a shut down corner giving us three outstanding cbs freeing up the LBs to blitz more. Ngata should be over his leg injury and we have a bunch of young de/lbs that should continue to develop. With Suggs we could have been a great defense. Without him I still have no problems saying we will still have a good defense.
  5. Melewski just said on 105.7 that they like the way he is working with the pitching coach down there and that his change up is really coming along.
  6. I thought Boldin signed a 4 year deal? Wouldn't that make his cap hit around 5 million if we cut him?
  7. Watched Warrior last night. A little predictable, clitched and corny during some parts but overall it was very good. The acting was very strong and I'm really starting to see why Tom Hardy is getting so much recognition. Great to see Nolte on top of his game again.
  8. I would also exclude Romo from that list as well.
  9. Same here. Which prospect would you most like to see the Wiz draft? Davis seems like the consensus #1 but he will provide no offense next year. I would love Barnes or MKG but they just drafted two small forwards last year. Ideally I would like them to draft a #2 or a power forward. Maybe Beal, Lamb, Jones III, or Robinson depending were they end up.
  10. Flip is the worst coach in the NBA. Not only do the players look lost but he no idea what he is doing substitution wise. Also, the refs are allowing Howard to do anything he wants.
  11. You are going to have a great time as long as the game is close. The crowd really gets into the games and it is definitely kid friendly. Just make sure the two of you wear red.
  12. Between Wall and McGee last night there must have been 10 or so missed layups. Very frustrating. Also, either they have the lowest collective BBIQ in the NBA or they are the worst coached team in the league. I'm thinking it's a little bit of both.
  13. I really never thought I could get into a show the way I did with The Wire. I sat down on my couch on a Saturday to recover from the night before at 10 AM and randomly starting watching it on On Demand. I hardly moved until after 2 AM. Season 2 was my favorite.
  14. They looked much better tonight. Still have a lot of work ahead of them but they do have some pieces. Not a fan of Crawford.
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