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  1. You're probably right, but in a way I see him as a public servant, just as I see politicians. As a play-by-play man, he's working for our collective good, and so maybe he can take our suggestions and make improvements...Ah hell, I'll be in a nursing home at 69, so what do I know...
  2. I'm not asking for Fred to be fired or demoted or switched to TV or anything. I just hope that he can improve. I hope that one of his bosses have talked to him about his shortcomings and that he is wiling to change. We all have jobs, and we all have weaknesses. Very few of us have the benefit (or curse!) of being told by total strangers what we're doing wrong...Fred, if you're reading, just watch the outfielders on fly balls...it really is that simple...
  3. I rarely start threads. The OH regulars are much better at it than I could ever hope to be. And I've seen random Fred Manfra threads come and go over the years. But it's getting absurd. He's serviceable as a game caller, but he needs to get his fly ball perception issues under control. Just as the players need to go out and take fielding practice, he needs to take "calling practice." Every time an Oriole hits a ball that's even CLOSE to the wall, he calls it like a homer (until the inevitable, deflating truth of the catch). Then, as illustrated tonight when a Ranger hit a near triple over AJ's head, he will refer to other teams' fly balls as POPUPS, even when they're crushed, and even when they go out of the "ball yard" as he likes to call it. I understand that he's working with Joe Angel who's one of the best in the business, and so maybe he overcompensates, but he needs to realize that his inflection has meaning. He needs to put himself in the position of a listening fan who would rather he DOWNPLAY a possible homer and then be delighted when it goes over the fence rather than vice versa. It sounds inconsequential and maybe even petty, but when you're listening to the radio, ALL YOU HAVE is your narrator. You need that narrator to be reliable!
  4. It's the Father's Day Fiasco, a scant 8 years after the original...
  5. yes, that was a classic. Tom Davis had to hold in a chuckle. Also let's hope that he is NOT a Cuban defective!
  6. If he wouldn't have jumped (for no reason), then it would have been pretty darn close to a routine, albeit deep, fly ball. I wouldn't have been surprised to see it called an error. He jumped for no reason whatsoever, and that's why it bounced off his glove. Part of his job is to know where the wall is, and in that instance it wasn't close enough to justify the way he played that ball.
  7. I just realized that there is another thread which basically says the same thing. Sorry for being repetitive.
  8. Right, but when they win the World Series it makes it that much more obvious. We all know that anything can happen in a short series. And I just think that Selig hopes that the underdogs win, because it means he can keep selling the idea that salary differential is inconsequential when it comes to who's winning rings. I think it might be best if the Yankees win the next 5 World Series. It would be painful for all of us, but it might be good in the long run.
  9. I mean, seriously. Won't it be bad for the sport if they win? It would be like if there was no salary cap in the NFL, and the Colts had Peyton Manning, Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, and Adrian Peterson on the same team, along with all of the best offensive and defensive linemen in the league. There would be no competetion. I have a feeling that Bud Selig is secretly rooting against the Yankees, because even though they will bring in the ratings, their success will ultimately be an embarrassment for MLB. Plus, I hate them and can't wait for Brian Matusz to no-hit them 3 times in one season.
  10. FollyFollyToo


    You accused PETA of acting like their viewpoint is the only correct one. But by saying that they're wrong, you're doing the same thing. And now, of course, I'm doing the same thing. It's a vicious cycle! Either way, I just want the Orioles (and Ravens) to play well. I'm sure you want the same.
  11. FollyFollyToo


    I used to be a PETA member (and still support their general principles), and of course I would kill an animal and wear its fur if I lived in the arctic circle...BUT I DON'T, and neither do you, so killing animals solely for fur is ridiculous and unnecessary. If you want animals to die just to annoy PETA members, you have some serious antisocial/psychological issues. Plus, PETA has actually been pretty low-key throughout this whole Vick thing.
  12. Wait, Hanley Ramirez will move to 3rd base and that will hurt his chances, but your pick is Evan Longoria, a 3rd baseman?
  13. Yeah, I don't think I'd take a pitcher, but Lincecum is pretty tempting. Hanley Ramirez might be the best option. And Markakis or even Adam Jones might be worth the bet. I don't think I'd put $100 on Wieters, just because he's a catcher. Although the fact that he's a catcher might actually help his cause...?
  14. on any player who is 25 or younger to eventually be voted into the Hall of Fame, who would it be?
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