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  1. Or maybe you end up with the most valuable trade capital in MLB, an “extra” catcher who can hit and play the position extremely well.
  2. On the other hand, if he was trying to say “a non-injury physical issue...”?
  3. There certainly was a moment of cognitive dissonance when i read the OP. I thought I was back on Ravens 24X7 where many of the posts sound like the chatter in the men’s locker room at a Wall Street health club.
  4. By May I expect that I will be going to the Minors section before Orioles Talk.
  5. Got it. A non- start is a bad start when you’re the second pick in the draft. He’s undoubtedly more frustrated than we are
  6. Moose would trade AR for an 18 year old who has never played a professional game of any kind. He has also declared Kjerstad a bust after exactly zero professional games. If Moose was the GM of a team with publicly trade stock, what a great short opportunity!
  7. Orioles To Sign Fernando Abad To Minors Contract From Trade Rumors. Don’t see how to get URL.
  8. Someone in Chicago certainly has a yearning for Santander. Anyone familiar with the prospects he discusses? https://www.southsidesox.com/2020/12/7/22157189/white-sox-keys-to-contention-anthony-santander-and-trevor-bauer
  9. I agree with the “grain of salt” comment 100%. I am more than willing to believe that he did extremely well considering... But no one saw him except the players and coaches at Bowie, so we have no idea what holding his own means.. Wasn’t playing against non-friendly faces and riding buses every three or four days. I have high hopes for the guy, but certainly wouldn’t start him at AA.
  10. And tonight we saw more encouraging performances from important pieces of the future - Means and Hays.
  11. I was looking for a thread to add a comment about Hays. I've been watching his stats creep up everyday. Glad to see someone started a separate thread.
  12. Speaking of ibuprofen, when I was in France several summers ago, I was managing pain pending a knee replacement by taking two extra strength 400 mg. tablets twice a day. We ran out, so I went to a pharmacy. To buy anything there, including shampoo, you have to talk to a pharmacist. This one told me that in France ibuprofen is considered prescription medicine and that he really should insist I go to un medecin to get one. After some mildly testy conversation, he did relent, but he could (or would) only dole it out in envelopes of ten 200 mg. tablets, each with just a little more than I needed for one day. Instead of carrying a modest size vial in my toiletries bag, I wound up with a boatload of little envelopes in my luggage. Just your typical American ibuprofen junkie.
  13. I have to admit that for the first time in my years of O’s fandom, which started when they first came into the league, I find myself hoping they don’t make whatever postseason there is, that they don’t come from behind, that they don’t win. I want them to get one of the Vanderbilt pitchers, then let it all hang out. When I saw the title of this thread, my reaction was, “Yeah, they might win some of them.” I’m so ashamed!
  14. God, I hadn't thought about playing games with an "invisible" runner in 60 years. Thanks for the memories!😊
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