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  1. That’s the right question. I defer to the people who know about the quality of the players mentioned. If they are all that, I’d say yes.
  2. I don’t have to imagine what he looks like. That was me as a high school senior.
  3. Just catching up with this string. Understandable nervousness. A lot of us were nervous in May about reports that Adley was having problems catching up with heat. That seems to have worked out.
  4. Given up on Kjerstad, Westburg, and Baumler already?
  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a number several head scratching “re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” moves like this solely to see which guys get the last few slots on the 40. Looking forward to when decisions don’t have that “who cares” feeling.
  6. if A, then B does not mean if B, then A. You do have to have an international presence to have a chance of rebuilding successfully, if you didn’t have one before.
  7. Any word on whether his velocity is back where they expected when they drafted him or has he become a different kind of pitcher?
  8. Informative and entertaining article. Also cause for optimism and patience about Hall’s future.
  9. It was hard for me to take this article seriously when the headline was referred to “corollary damage.” At least the article used the correct term collateral damage. I assume this guy is a MFY free marketer because he wants rich teams to be able to do what they already do with free agents, simply outspend the O’s of the world.
  10. At least it was the Dodgers who paid him. We pay him diddly as a minor leaguer
  11. Yeah, like this guy had no heart, "In 2007 Jonathan Ogden suffered a severe case of it and ended his career with the Ravens the next year."
  12. It's really tough to major in pre-med or any science and play a D-1 sport because there are almost always one, sometimes two, required lab courses that run two to three hours in the afternoon once a week. Coaches whose employment and livelihood depend on winning aren't typically sympathetic. Unlike lecture courses, lab courses can't be re-scheduled, skipped, or tutored around. I guess it can be done, but it's damn hard.
  13. I am absolutely stunned that this thread wasn't stopped almost immediately. Last spring there was a thread that asked whether people would go to games if it were permitted. I posted a link to an academic CDC article that said, among other things, that there would be some risk but it would be fairly small in such an outdoor setting .. It seemed like worthwhile information for people thinking about the questions that had been raised. No personal opinions expressed, no political agenda whatsoever. Tony deleted my post and ultimately stopped the thread. I was pissed. Yet this anti-vaxxer BS is al
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