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  1. I know I read this exact same thread several months ago, almost word for word. I kept checking to see that it just started yesterday. La plus ça change....
  2. The way the question is posed seems to be focused on how we feel about the possibility of current players on the 25 becoming a part of the team in the medium/long term. To me, that is the least important part of the rebuild; it is something to be endured. On that part of the rebuild, I am indifferent. There are a few guys who might see playing time on the next.500+ team. The most important questions are how well did we draft, are we becoming players in the international, market, are we taking smart risks in trading for lottery tickets, are we handing out smart contracts and extensions, and how well are we developing young talent. It's still early on all of these questions, but I'm pleased with what I see. My "content" vote is the weighted average of "indifferent" to the question's emphasis with "pleased" on the important questions
  3. Haven't read this entire thread, but I would be concerned about one potential consequence in Latin America. As corrupt and inefficient as it is, money is being spent to develop young baseball talent in poor countries like the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Will these kids be able to afford to play as much as they'd need to? Less of an issue in Cuba, where the state provides support, and Japan, where the economy is strong.
  4. Don't know for sure, but sometimes it's simply getting older, bigger, and stronger. Machado looked like he was going to break the record for doubles for awhile in his first full year. Then some of those turned into HR's. Hall might develop more power as he matures if he continues making contact
  5. If they take Witt and try to get him to sign under slot, what is the chance that he would balk and head off to a JC?
  6. Didn't see any of the higher stuff, but it was only two innings.
  7. I was at the Delmarva game in Asheville last night. Took my 8 year old granddaughter and 5 year old grandson to their first baseball game. The boy bailed after 2.5 innings, but the girl wants to go to the game with me tonight. She also wants to learn how to hit Grayson did not look sharp at all I think the stadium gun is slow. Didn't see anything above the low 90's last night and only a few times when I saw Bundy's debut way back when.
  8. Your last prediction would be fine if it meant he was busy circling the bases 45+ times.
  9. Yeah, but what did he have for breakfast in the morning. Wow, what an analysis! Thanks.
  10. I live in NC, Asheville And see all the O’s I want with an MLB.com streaming subscription. Rarely blacked out.
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