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  1. Gotta say..given low pitch count, I'd let him him go until they gotta run off of him. Then yank him. Easy to say though, it's a long season.
  2. No man is an island, and no GM is perfect. The good outweighs the bad by a lot, especially to so many of us having to suffer through a decade and a half of irrelevancy.
  3. Best of luck, Manny. You made watching fun, and the fans deserved to have you retire as an Oriole forever.
  4. Spent the money to catch the season on Dish, to the tune of $150+. I've been blindsided since the 3rd week of April as to how poor this team is. My first game was a young 'un around '71 or so, and I'll never forget that feeling walking into Memorial stadium. 3 years ago, I spent a nice chunk of change to take my kid on a 596 mile round trip on a lark to show him his first ML game. It was magic. What's happening now is beyond depressing, and infuriating. I didn't even turn the game on tonight; knew it was a loss. Championships are great, pennants and wildcards are nice. But these cats aren't even competing.
  5. Crap, no..not even close. Maybe the most frustrating year, but not the worst...being the doormat of MLB for so long after such a proud history...those dark years were certainly the worst for me.
  6. I have nothing germane to add, just wanted to say I lol'd at the thread title. Spot on.:-)
  7. He had 'em guessing all night. Good stuff.
  8. Nice movement on the hook, good velocity. is it possible that Tillman's issue coming off the DL isn't physical, but may be confidence?
  9. I didn't start that early...around '69 for me. :-). Agreed.
  10. I apologize if that came out screwy. Having lived through the good, the bad years were truly bad.
  11. If you were lucky enough to experience the magic of the original 'Oriole Way', that was no wilderness. It was a living hell. Being the old codger that I am, I've reveled in this mediocrity. September and hope make a sweet fragrance. :-)
  12. This is so much beyond a losing streak, this is total dysfunction. Is something else going on behind the scenes?
  13. In no way, shape, matter, or form is this the Britton we're used to. Good velocity, pedestrian movement.
  14. The obvious answers have already been noted in the prior replies, but when you spend any time listening to Cakes during the broadcasts, it's apparent he's a student of the game. Not just pitching, which would be enough in and of itself, but the game. As an aside, Jim Palmer will always be to me the face of Orioles baseball, and having grown up in that era and watching him pitch, he was magic.
  15. I really, really wanted for Ubaldo to right his ship, he's such a nice guy. But he's toast.
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