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  1. TV said the 3-4 deal with Broxton was not real. You agreed. This whole discussion was generated by Sonny76 bringing up that possibility a few pages back. Note 385.
  2. This part of the thread was inspired by Sonny76, the insider most careful with his statements and the one who called Perlozzo's dismissal to the day weeks in advance. It might not happen, but it was suggested by a credible source and is a 3-4 trade with our third person still unidentified. Not to be cavalierly dismissed.
  3. So that means we'd be getting the players they place greater value on! BA has LaRoche as the #2 LAD prospect, and the other two are well within the top ten. Hu is at #3. Bedard is worth three players, and Tejada two, but the quality of the third player for Bedard and the second player for Tejada is probably the problem. I'm sure we've tried to maximize the quality, but it's probably not doable. This way, the quality level is maximized by taking one less player and adding another one, whoever that is. (I'm still guessing non-roster minor leaguer as more realistic than old veteran dump; I hope not someone likely to be a ML regular.) And if we wind up getting back Pie for Roberts (a big if), that's some extremely good defense with Kemp in left, which in [email protected] really requires a semi-center fielder anyway.
  4. The Dodgers won't give it to you. However these trades shake out, I have to think we will wind up getting the maximum it is possible to get, all the potential partners and permutations considered.
  5. I hear you, but those are three or four potential all-stars that will be the core of the team for some time, for a pitcher LA might not resign in two years and a guy just starting on the downward slope who might go elsewhere after two years too. According to BA (yes, I know), Kershaw is their #1 prospect and Hu #3. They project Kershaw as the team's ace in 2011, and Kemp and Hu as starting at CF and SS respectively. (Don't forget that DEFENSE UP THE MIDDLE!) They say Kershaw has the best fastball in the system.
  6. If the (?) is a moderate prospect, non-roster minor league player like (off the top of my head) Davis or Tripp (or less) I think so. That would also seem to suggest we might get something fairly satisfactory back for Brian Roberts, too, but...
  7. A shame to bury this, but here are two notes in a long thread on Birds in the Belfry about Homer Bailey of the Reds. #1 #2 Somehow, I don't think Homer would be coming back in a deal with the Reds. I sure hope not.
  8. Wasn't Calvin Maduro there last year? Wonder what happens to him?
  9. He was still in AA last year. I would think that the Orioles would rather get guys they can comfortably play in the major leagues every day without worrying that they're rushing somebody.
  10. By flopping I was talking about making an impression at Norfolk over the first three months. I am not talking about a handfull of ABs in Baltimore, when the team had probably drawn conclusions about him already. He wasn't given a chance in Yankee Stadium in September because he had his chance earlier in AAA.
  11. Zaimoku

    Orange Throat?

    I can't find the link now, but there's a guy who sells sports merchandise in the Tidewater area of Virginia in shops, and has promos when athletes from all sports and all teams come in for signings. He then puts up photos on his website and comments on them. Boog and Brooks went together, and he said he enjoyed how they were ready to start signing earlier than the contracted time, and the ribbing they gave each other. (I found this site by Googling Boog, BTW) Dempsey went too. In 2005 (I think), and the merchant's comment was that he was surprised how "frank" Dempsey was talking about the team's problems. His photo was up too. Also, for those who think this is Flanagan: He was pitching coach under Ray Miller in the late 90s, so he had been around for awhile before 2002. He also was an unofficial advisor to PA after that. If Dempsey is blabbing about the Orioles at a tee-shirt signing event at a sporting goods store in Norfolk, there's no telling what he's saying to other people.
  12. Except that Knott hit like a reserve middle infielder at AAA the first half of the season. Some would argue that they should overlook a temporary slump, but I don't think it's the key. Here's why: He spent his entire career in the SD organization. The Orioles went out and got him. He was going (a) to a new organization and (b) the AL, where he could DH and hide his liabilities. Stats over a whole season or a whole career are important, but it is also important to show people that you can perform in specific situations or when you get your chance. If the bases are loaded in the top of the ninth in a tie game in Yankee Stadium in late September, it's time to perform NOW. Nobody cares that you hit a 3-run home run in a 10-0 game in KC in April off a mop-up reliever. Likewise, on the verge of turning 28, he got probably his last big chance to show he belonged. But instead of seizing his opportunity and forcing the team's hand, he flopped. All of us, but professional athletes in particular, have to step up and perform when their chance comes. He didn't. He'd only played in the SD organization before Baltimore, and Baltimore went out and got him, so the flawed assumption isn't applicable here. One thing people forget about Cust is that not only was he a bad fielder, but Mike Hargrove--a man whose whole career was built on being selective (he played first and hit leadoff)--thought Cust was being TOO selective. If Mr. OBP thinks you take too many pitches, he's probably right.
  13. Wonder how much it would cost to change his mind. Everyone has a price. Whether the Orioles would be willing to pay it is another question, however.
  14. By things breaking differently, I'll assume you mean Dubois hitting better than 251/303/415 (OPS 718) in 378 ABs at AAA at the age of 28. It is a short circuit in logic to assume that just because no signings have been made that no one is doing the research. The director of minor league operations usually handles this, and I doubt he's involved in major league trade discussions. And let's not forget we just drafted three minor leaguers this week. That stocks minor league rosters, too.
  15. You know, you'd think a NL team would be interested in Mora because he can play different positions. Even if he doesn't start, a manager can insert him in the lineup after pinch-hitting in several different places. He'd still have value over there for a couple more years anyway. It's not even necessary to trade him alone. Put him in a package with someone, say Olson, and even eat some salary. That might bring back something worthwhile.
  16. Yes, except that questioning them (in the sense of doubting them) wasn't the point. The insiders post what they hear, but then other people keep bugging them for even more information. What they hear is privileged information and revealing too much of it could cost someone a job. If they could safely give additional information, they probably would. The constant begging for more scraps from some people seems as if it might have gone to the heads of some other people, which created a mindset that could have resulted in last night's brouhaha. Keep begging for more information other than what people feel comfortable providing, and it sets up an unequal relationship in which a sense of perspective is lost. It's similar to the old thing about power corrupting.
  17. That's what the papers said. Let's not forget Helloharv knows an insider too.
  18. You're absolutely right, and the only reason I read those posts is because it seems to provide a general idea about the FO's thinking, which is interesting. I can always go back to the old system of waiting for trades to be announced in newspapers. But that's not what people got upset about. Belkast could have PM'd BB last night with his question instead of asking it publicly. We all know he was showing off. And the problem is there are too many people around here wagging their tails like doggies waiting to be fed, which just encourages it. In an ideal world, the people who know things should say what they are allowed to safely say, give their opinions, and LEAVE IT AT THAT. The people reading it should read it, digest it and LEAVE IT AT THAT. No additional questions! No, "gee, can't you tell us if XXX was involved?" "Gee, can you tell us at least which division the team they were talking trade with is in?" like a bunch of dang grade school kids talking about birthday presents. Frankly, the model for all this should be Sonny76. He's got the most credibility, he posts sparingly, and he doesn't play games.
  19. Sorry...hard to keep up with everything in all these threads.
  20. Here is an article by Jon Heyman. I am posting it only for discussion purposes. Who knows how much is true? Some parts definitely look biased. Summary 1. Says the Orioles should have jumped all over a Kemp/Broxton deal for Bedard, but is skeptical it was offered. 2. Look for the Deal Killer (PA) to strike again 3. Mac Phail too methodical? 4. Here's the killer: 5. Seems to suggest that Gomez, Humber, Heilman from the Mets would have been OK. 6. His conclusion:
  21. Yeah, Steve Howe turned his life around too. Ten or eleven times, wasn't it? But if you'd actually read what I wrote, you would have realized it wasn't about "shunning" people, or giving them no support, though you would lose the opportunity to feel good by moralizing. Using an organization's primary asset for an unreliable investment is a losing business strategy. Good for him if he has. I certainly wouldn't bet a very good job and several millions of dollars of an employer's money and the national reputation of the organization that it's permanent.
  22. Newsday has very little credibility when it comes to the Orioles also. When Lee Mazzilli was hired, their analyst said he would have great young pitchers to work with, like Willis Roberts (who was already long gone from the team.)
  23. Nah, my father had one. It was dopey, but nobody cared. 26? And merkins are on a different part of the body!
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