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  1. I haven't been to a Ravens game in about 10 years - does anyone have suggestions on parking for the game? What is better, parking at a local hotel garage (like the Sheraton), parking at the Horseshoe Casino garage, or just following the people that wave you into a parking area as you arrive at the stadium? Any idea what time the gates open for a 4:25pm start? Thanks.
  2. If the home run contest starts at 6pm, does anyone know when the gates open Saturday night?
  3. I've been trying to find information on Saturday's game (8/19) regarding the reunion of the 1992 players and the home run derby they plan. I haven't been able to find if the home run derby starts at a specific time or if the gates open earlier than normal that night. I don't want to miss the events prior to the game. Any info that anyone knows is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. How do you find out who is signing autographs at the Oriole Alumni Autograph sessions? They show a session occurring this evening (Thursday, 8/18) but no names are listed. Thanks in advance for any information provided.
  5. For flights into the Sarasota area, do most folks fly directly into the Sarasota airport or the bigger Tampa area airport? Looking quickly at some prices it looked like Philadelphia to Tampa was cheaper than Baltimore to Sarasota.
  6. Should anything be interpreted from this comment from Roy? I recall a recent note from him that a 'mind blowing' move could be made so I was wondering about this comment.......
  7. For those advocating the '2 draft pick' scenario, isn't there a big risk to putting your eggs in that basket. My understanding of the compensation picks shows that there is a risk you don't get 2 top 50 picks for BRob if he is a Type A free agent (link). If the signing team's pick is in the first 15, you'll get their second pick, plus the sandwich pick. Or...we could have a scenario like with the Yankees this year, where they signed a number of Type A free agents, pushing down the level of the draft pick from the 'losing' team based on the ranking of the player. Those 2 picks could end up
  8. For my own clarification, I've seen references to the 'MASN' suite and the 'owners' suite (Biscotti) - wouldn't these be two separate suites, or would they be one in the same? I was figuring they are two different suites, so it would make sense if Teixeira was in the 'MASN' suite, he could have been a guest of Angelos (whether Angelos was present or not) and it would make sense that any TV coverage of the owners suite would not have shown Tex. Or, if it is two separate suites, maybe he was on the move between them....
  9. Interesting, we just took another catcher from Puerto Rico that switch hits in the 29th round, Dennis Perez. The video of him looks like he was on the same team as Lopez: http://mlb.mlb.com/media/player/mp_tpl_3_1.jsp?w_id=702430&w=/2008/open/draft/broll/br_perez_dennis_400.wmv&mid=200805302799865&vid=11071&pid=gen_video&cid=mlb&v=2 - the videos of the two players look almost identical.
  10. Xavier Lopez, 6'1"-175lbs R/R C from Isabel Flores HS - anyone know more about him? The video from MLB looks intriguing. He's listed as a right handed bat but the video shows him batting left and right. http://mlb.mlb.com/media/player/mp_tpl_3_1.jsp?w_id=702294&w=/2008/open/draft/broll/br_lopez_xavier_400.wmv&mid=200805302799729&vid=11071&pid=gen_video&cid=mlb&v=2 The fact that they have video of him makes me wonder if he was projected higher and slipped for some reason.
  11. I wouldn't think the MLB draft is like the NFL draft where disinformation is sent out much, considering that trades of picks can't be made. You can't bait a team into taking someone by jumping ahead of you. I doubt the other teams ahead of the O's would reconsider Matusz only because the O's were 'hot' for him. If they like him best, they'll take him, otherwise the won't. Based on that, it seems like the O's being in on Matusz is likely real information.
  12. I view Patterson as a potential Chone Figgins type, with the potential to play multiple positions, although the comment above seems to refute that idea. I was under the impression he had the versatlity to play a few positions and with his speed could be an offensive force. He just strikes me as a potential Chone clone.
  13. I think one big difference between the O's Roberts situation and the Twins Santana situation was that Santana was set to become a free agent at the end of the year and command a huge contract. The Twins were looking at losing him with only draft picks in return because they could not afford him, so they had to 'settle' at some point if they weren't going to keep him. With Roberts, we have 2 more years and the money to sign him if we want to (and if he wants to), so we don't have to trade him. Since we are rebuilding, it makes sense to explore it but only for the right trade. The situations
  14. I agree with this but I'd also like to find a way to have Patterson included. Whether that means we include another prospect or something, I don't know. I think Patterson is worth taking a flyer on in a rebuilding season like this. Best case, he proves out to be a solid starting second baseman, or possibly a super-utility guy in the mold of Chone Figgins (good speed, good offense, and versatility). Worst case he fails, but if he's just an extra piece in the trade, he's worth the gamble.
  15. I don't know if this has been posted but there is an interesting article in Sports Illustrated this week about Bedard. Here's a link. It gives some good insight into him...
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