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  1. I was 7 years old. Now I am 22, a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina teaching English in Italy (still watching every game via mlb.tv).
  2. 1995 five years old against the White Sox Mussina pitched a gem.
  3. I was actually at the game last night and Tillman looked very good. His command was pretty impressive and his curve is absolutely disgusting. He was working mostly between 90 and 93. I noticed that he would dial up his fastball a few notchess when he was going for the strikeout. He threw one as high as 95 in 5th. He looked excellent and he was able to escape from jams that he got himself in. If he continues to pitch like he did I doubt it will be long until we see him in Baltimore.
  4. I think Jordan might be a step ahead. Watching this kid's scouting video impressed me. His fastball has a ton of life and was sitting consistently at 94 on the video. His curve also looked excellent. He will just need to take some time to develop the changeup. I think we will be pleasantly surprised if we are patient and don't crucify Jordan and the O's yet.
  5. I saw White pitch against Miami who at the time was top 10 in the country I believe. He threw a complete game 1 hitter while striking out 9. Don't be deceived by that sort of ERA at the collegiate level. Aluminum bats play heavily into that statistic.
  6. I just hope that Ackley slips. 2 more home runs last night in the first round acc tourney game against Dook.
  7. Amazing bat he will hit for a very high average wherever he plays. He is a line drive hitter and he does not hit for much power but I played against him in high school and his junior year he was ridiculous leading the state in average with an off the charts number. He hit something like .767. He can absolutely rake though and if he is available I pray that the O's get him. On top of the amzing bat, he does have excellent speed and athleticism; he will be a Tony Gwynn type player with more speed I believe (hitting plus .300 consistently.
  8. Wow this really divides me. I have to decide which I am more loyal to the O's or UNC. In a dead heat being a student and die hard fan UNC prevails. Besides I want him to play football and help be apart of the big turnaround that Butch Davis is making. That being said, if he goes pro I would wish to lose him solely to the O's.
  9. I like Hoes alot with the way that he hits for average combined with his athletism and his miniscule strikeout rate only striking out 1 in every 9 at bats.
  10. I agree with you. I just said that because it seems as if that were the general consensus on the hangout. I did not mean to sound pessimistic although looking back I see that I was. I am just curious on what everybody thinks of the '09 eligible players. I acknowledge that it is early to talk about next years draft but I am just curious who everybody else likes.
  11. Well now that this years draft is over an appears on the surface to be one the more unsuccessful ones in the past few years, lets talk about who the orioles should snag next year. Personally I hope they go with a bat and I hope that it is Dustin Ackley from University of North Carolina. I have seen this kid play alot whether in college or high school and he can flat out hit. What does everybody else think?
  12. When I see Miclat, I can't help but think of Mike Fontenot.
  13. I do not see KC taking Smoak when they already have Butler but I do share your optimism that T Beckham falls to four.
  14. Lets just hope that we do not have to choose between G Beckham, Matusz, and Smoak. Instead lets just hope we can pick either Alvarez or T Beckham whichever one is still around hopefully.
  15. I'll take Buck's voice anytime over all of Thorne's mental lapses.
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