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  1. No, the shirt was for all fans. Maybe first 20,000.
  2. I haven't heard anything either. I was told my rep would be calling me around November. Im just curious as to what seating wll be available. I hope not the upper deck. I understand they're overwhelmed with season ticket requests because of the playoffs, so I'm still patiently waiting.
  3. What a class act from Nick. No longer seeing Nick in right field is going to be a big adjustment for those of us who appreciated the skills he brought to the game everyday. Thanks, Nick, for addressing your fan base. You have my respect.
  4. "Definite Dan" has a plan...that I have no doubt. I'm just anxious to know what that plan is.
  5. Thanks for posting, weams. What a talented young girl, who just happens to love Adams Jones. Awesome story. :thumbsup1:
  6. RevOlution

    Happy Birthday

    Maybe 39 years old chronologically, but definitely 12 years old emotionally.
  7. As painful as it is to lose a loved one it's even more painful to watch them suffering. Your dad's good fight is over now. Scott, I hope you and your family can find peace knowing that he's in a better place.
  8. Oh, you're so wrong, Jarrod. I bet he knows now that anything goes when it's down to game 7. All bets off.
  9. So did I, weams. This is the Roberts that I loved to watch play. Funny how we have a tendancy to remember the bad points of what a guy does and can't seem to recall the good ones. And yet, I also agree with many others who found him less than the perfect role model. I knew from his actions (seeing him take his wife and little boy onto the field behind 2nd base for pictures) after his last game of the year, that he wasn't coming back. His actions spoke loudly to me. I know what I saw. Thanks for posting the positive, weams.
  10. Thanks, Caleb, for having the cojones to put it out there. I like you even more now. :thumbsup1:
  11. Agree with Roch. I was fully ready to get behind KC if the O's lost to them. Their arrogance changed all of that for me. Very poor sportsmanship on their part. Buck never would have accepted that behavior from our guys. I have absolutely no respect for Ned Yost. I'll be furious if he gets Manager of the Year award.
  12. Does that mean you don't care for the cheer...J...J.. HARRRRDDDDY also? That's an original cheer. That all came about as a somewhat accident. The announcer said he always felt somewhat uncomfortable saying his name. So his boss suggested that he not say is last name at all and see what happens. This started during the ALDS and the crowd took it from there. So, a new cheer was created for our own beloved SS. Personally I love it! :thumbsup1:
  13. For today? If the game isn't played tonight...in our favor..100% chance the O's won't lose.
  14. Yeah, but he didn't get very far with it, did he? BTW, I felt the same way. You kidding me..the wave???
  15. Must spread rep. I don't care who you are..that's funny.
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