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  1. I was on my way to work this morning and I had ESPN radio on and the news broke that the Cardinals and Pujols were done talking. They immediately started discussing free agent landing spots for him and the overwhelming favorite became not the Cubs but the O's. Everyone was agreeing that Pujols will want to sign with a club that has a strong fanbase and a core player foundation that is on the rise with money to spend. The O's were named as the ideal fit for him because of having all of the above and an owner that has an ego that makes him want to enshrine himself in baseball history. I think this actually could be a good fit for Pujols. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and ESPN's opinion of the O's being the most logical fit for him.
  2. Well, we cannot agree on how quickly he'll sign but at least we're not unsure if he'll sign.
  3. You're right about the commisioner not going with a record deal early but its not gonna take a record deal for Boras to have him sign.
  4. Your view is certainly valid. I'm looking at it with respect to the O's lack of a 2nd round pick and he really not being able to improve his draft stock. He's not going to go to JUCO or another school and improve upon his 3rd overall selection. So there's very little reason to posture for Manny. His best case scenario would be about the same pick but years later and having lost millions. It just doesn't make sense. As long as Baltimore makes a legit 3rd pick type offer... he'll sign!
  5. I think Frederick is quite likely if he signs quickly and continues to play at a high level like he has this year. He's had a very solid season and hopefully that carries over into some playing time this year after signing. I do think he'll sign before the deadline (unlike Weiters) because he would stand to lose so much if he didn't and Baltimore knows the importance of this signing for the organizational image. I just don't see either side doing any posturing over getting it done.
  6. Henderickson as a closer is an interesting thought but i don't see him with that "IT" factor that most successful closers have. He gave the O's no real value in his previous roll but now he is. I see no reason to mess with him you may end up back with him carrying no value at all. As far as i'm concerned i believe we may actually have teams fooled in believing he's worth trading for since moving him into the roll he's in. If we can get something for him great because its a matter of time before he implodes again anway.
  7. One CornerIF prospect not talked about much is Vitters from the Cubs. 15hr and an avg around .290. Do you see the Cubs parting with him in a trade?
  8. I don't have any ill will towards him either but it did strike me as odd that the Orioles seemed very interested in keeping him within the organization but he had to agree to a minor league deal for a contract restructure to not expose him to waivers and he turned around and signed a minor league deal with the BlueJays. I never quite understood why he did that. Baltimore wasn't offering him anything different that I know of.
  9. So far he is 1 for 3 with a single, BB and a SO for class A advanced. Do you think we'll ever see him in a BlueJays uniform against our O's?
  10. I tip my hat to him for having the fortitude to admit he can't hold up to the stress of pitching anymore. He basically admitted (in a round about way, said that) he will be useless to the O's if he were to continue to pitch. So if his choice, to pick up the bat is the only way we may possibly see him again in the majors then I say Kudos to Adam for "Manning Up" and doing what he can to help the O's organization and his career. I said before I think he can do it and I still believe it.
  11. Thanks Burg. But in all honesty... we've all missed another's post before. How about commenting on the topic instead.
  12. Does anyone else think that we should take a look at him with a bat. He swung the bat well w/ good power before we had him focus directly on pitching. The motion in hitting vs. pitching is different. This may allow him to play at a high level w/ no discomfort. I have no medical proof to this... it's just a thought, since he's talented enough, as an athelete, to likely make this transition. Knowing how much he enjoys interleague play when he can bat he would likely embrace this challenge. He's probably done pitching this year. Assuming that to be true and that he doesn't need surgery again, he should be able to play winterball to find his hitting stroke by spring training or at least some positive progression to build from. Thoughts?
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