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  1. At the risk of sounding insensitive, maybe don’t wear a gaudy hunk of gold around your neck in a third world country. But that’s just me......
  2. I’m doubtful that Sucre is in our long term plans and he’s probably a limited offensive player. But I’ll tell you what, I get a kick out of his body language when the pitchers pussyfoot around the strike zone or when they shake him off. He gets obviously annoyed and irritated. I like it, take charge back there!!!
  3. Viking on the bump. Beer in my hand. All is right in the world. Rest of the season might suck but today things are good. Bask in it, fellow O’s fans.
  4. Yeah, yeah.... I know. Way early and off topic. But my wife has agreed to split her precious Disney vacation with me and spend some time in Sarasota next year. My question is what time of year/when do they announce the spring training game dates.
  5. I think Stewart, Martin and Kline all make the 25. Stewart and Martin as starters. Tempted to say Harvey too, but they’ll wait for service clock.
  6. I’m a big fan of this kid the more I read. He loves the new analytical approach. He strikes people out and Elias has gone on record as saying that he values the strikeout as a main proponent in judging young pitchers. Lastly, he already has built his innings up. One of my biggest complaints is the way the O’s have handled young pitchers with kid gloves. Let ‘em throw!! I’m pulling for this kid as a 5th starter.
  7. D.J. Stewart has had an incredible OBP every step of the way, including a small sample size last year in the majors. I’m not guessing wether he will succeed or not but a projected .292 OBP ??? I’d be shocked if he was under .330. Guy has a great eye.
  8. calebelias


    The O’s attended his workout yesterday. Could this be one of the ‘veteran presence’ guys we need to bridge the gap until we win? I know he’s injured a lot, but if we can get him cheap to play 3rd..... put some butts in the seats, mentor rookies and maybe we can catch lightning in a bottle for 2 years. What do you all think?
  9. calebelias


    I’m well aware of the criticisms on Brady Anderson. I have monitored this site since it’s inception. I am also as excited as anyone about the Elias signing. This is new and exciting times with analytics being considered, finally. But I am also a romantic for Orioles history and I love keeping a connection to the past. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I’d love to keep Brady an O for life. If Elias has complete power I’m fine with that. Brady bleeds Orange, keep him around. Also, if any former O gets a shot any manager, forget Bordick....gimme Surhoff!!!
  10. Yes. As little leaguer we watched Cal in Silver Stadium in Rochester. Fan since '79.
  11. Fulfilling a life long dream of attending an O's home opener. Driving down from Syracuse and staying at Hilton. My question is this, will I be able to buy tiks that day?? It won't be a sellout I presume. Any advice would be welcome, thanks all.
  12. Where's Wrights velo ?? 89 - 91 ??? I was excited to see the guy who was throwing 97 in the 7th last week.
  13. I'm fully in agreement with speakstodamien. When healthy, Bundy is in B'more. Period. Actually very surprised that a number of well respected posters seem to think he wont pitch in the bigs until Sept. at best. Baffling. He will be in the pen no later than July 31st.
  14. Is this game going to be played? Still raining?
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