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  1. In a perfect world, the A's keep chugging, knocking the Rangers into the WC. Then the Rays (who will also pass the Yankees) knock the rangers out of the playoffs. A boy can dream.
  2. blahblah

    Hoes is heating up

    I'm working on the Delmonico auto rainbow from this year's bowman. Should you know about a red /5 auto...PM
  3. Nah, dude on Facebook.
  4. Had a bet with a guy that Markakis finished the year with better stats than Melky...*leaps off hook*
  5. <p><p><p>Working on it. In the process of applying to 46 tenure track positions...everywhere.</p></p></p>

  6. Man waiting between games of a Sunday double header the last day before the academic year begins tomorrow sucks. I just re-organized my baseball cards and iphone pic'd all my greatest hits. Now I just need to connect my wifi router so I can post...I guess I have 45 minutes...
  7. Obviously, BRob signed the extension for the waters...
  8. I was at the game in Akron when Hafner hit two bombs. I had just moved to Kent for school. It was disheartening, to say the least.
  9. Roughly 250-300 words per page in TNR, 12pt font double spaced.
  10. The separation between his AVE and OBP is pretty sick. I like it.
  11. No, grammar is for traditionalists clinging to the past E.
  12. Hey Scrat, what uni and what program? I am currently working on my PhD in Literacy, Rhetoric and Social practice. MFA program? E.
  13. Let me guess, that late and close HR was just padding his stats, right?
  14. I budgeted the $22 a month for the cheapest At&t dsl. Living without O's baseball is painful...living without internet would be death...
  15. When you make $12k a year, teaching and working on your PhD, and are contractually obligated NOT to get another job (or you lose your stipend and your scholarship), $15 is a lot... Btw...via Gameday, seems the ump is giving off the corner outside (at least against left handed batters), but not down or up. Tight zone. E.
  16. Thanks. Banished in Kent, OH with no video or radio (and too poor to pay for internet stuff to watch). I can't wait until next week when I get a 5 day visit to good ol' Balmer and I can watch a few games before the semester starts. E.
  17. I'll take that as a yes...7 of his pitches this inning have been called balls that Gameday locates as strikes...
  18. I can only watch on Gameday off the MLB site...does it look like he is getting pinched? Via Gameday, there have been 4-5 pitches that looked like clear strikes that were called balls...(not making excuses for him, just curious). E.
  19. Looks like Zaunie and Hernandez in there too...that's a sweet pic. And I'm stealing it.
  20. I'm a teatottler I'm drinking iced tea... E.
  21. Everytime a batter swings at the first pitch: drink. If he grounds out on the first pitch, drink twice. Everytime an O's pitcher throws a first pitch ball: drink. For every run scored over 10 by our opponent, drink twice. For every base running blunder, drink. E.
  22. Scottie, I'm not a paying member yet (just can't afford it as a student), but I had to make a decision between seeing Wieters's debut, or going to my first hangout night, as finance wise, I could only afford going to one game (and then making the trip up to Fredrick on Sunday to see Matusz before I return to Ohio). This site gets over 3 hours of each of my days and I would be lose O's wise if it didn't exist, living out of state. Add me to the list of guys (and of course, gals) that will one day hope to say, "Man...I wish I'd have come out sooner!" Situation just has not made a space for me yet. Elliot
  23. Sure, so spend the money that the baseball team generates. There is no reason for him to spend his own money here. I would be willing to bet that the extreme minority of owners put their own, non-baseball generated revenue into their teams. So why should Angelos?
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