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  1. I would take that chance short term to get him for a minium of two years. Then let's see where we are at what kind of numbers he is putting up. In the meantime we solve our cleanup problems for two years:)
  2. ... he won't have to. Subtracting Tillman (#4-5 type) and prospect who has never thrown a pitch in the major leagues seems like a small price to pay for a guy who could litterally tear up OPACY and turn this lineup into one that would rival NYY and Boston. Just my two cents:)
  3. Terps, 25-23 .. Tucker looks impressive:)
  4. You speak common sense totally. However I would be willing to see if Tillman and a prospect, for example, gets it done. My feeling is we could trump anything the Red Sox offer and I can tell you right now Casey Kelly would NOT be in the discussion for a one year rental:)
  5. Are you kidding me?? Other than Casey Kelly, what do they have to offer?? And my sources tell me under NO circumstances is Kelly on the table. Not that I would get into a bidding war but we certainly could top any offer they might put down:)
  6. The Padres would be crazy to make that deal. Won't happen. And besides, AG is going to test free agency. Take it to the bank. If we get him, it will be for a one year rental. I'm not opposed to that and get the two draft picks in the end but realistically I'm not giving up Jones - perhaps Tillman, Bell and Britton/Pie but not Jones. Just my two cents:)
  7. I would move heaven and earth to get these two guys because they fill two critical needs on this team. Other than Wieters and Matusz, I would put anyone up for discussion to make this happen, starting with Markakis.
  8. Pass on the innings eater .. been there and done that twice in recent years with lousy results. Just keep Bergesen away from shooting commercials:)
  9. How has Rick Ankiel worked out for you guys??? I take what Callis says now and always with a grain of salt:)
  10. Some thoughts: -- If $9 mil is not keeping up, what do we need to spend?? -- Has Callis looked at our Major League roster of late. We probably had a half dozen guys who were forced fed to the major league level. We lost close to a 100 games for a reason. -- As Tony pointed out, we had a lot of guys hurt this season in the system and that greatly skewed things. -- We'll find out how good Tampa is when they have to fill LF, 1B and Closer with a $20 mil cut in payroll. Good luck to that!! They will have to deal pitching and lots of its to stay on pace. -- Machado aside, what are the good things about our system Mr. Callis?? I think overall this was a pretty shallow exercise on his part filled with lots of love for the Red Sox and their overrated blown farm system:)
  11. I've read the same thing but sifting through the comments on this board I get the distinct impression there are really only three "studs" - Purke, Cole and Rendon - and obviously there is a huge questionmark about Rendon now. Jungman is the fourth "stud" that is being discussed but I have some doubts he is in the class of the other two pitchers. At any rate, I still see the Pirates taking Cole at #1 because in 2-3 years their pitching staff could be freightening:)
  12. Good post and a compelling reason to bring in a big bat like Fielder. We have the young pitching to get this done:)
  13. Got to get Fielder here in 2011:)
  14. Yes in a heartbeat. We need an impact bat at 1B and haven't had one since the earth was flat. I'm willing to pay the price short term and give Buck the ammunition he lacks. You can have Tillman, Bell and Mickey Mouse if you want but just get that impact bat here and watch the dynamics of this lineup change. For those who question Fielder's weight, I present you David Ortiz. Much the same thing was said about him years ago and yet he still puts up numbers, juice and all. Happy Monday to everone in Birdland:)
  15. I would roll the dice and offer them Tillman or Arrietta and another prospect (Mahoney ??) and see if they bite if the offers haven't been great:)
  16. I think you can count those guys on one hand right now: -- Machado -- Britton -- Avery -- Mahoney -- Mummey Just my two cents:)
  17. Would Buck move Arrieta and Tillman for someone like Fielder??? Not sure that would happen as long as AM is around. However I do see at least one member of the Cavalry being moved for that much sought after 1B with power. Just my two cents:)
  18. Would rather wait and do that with someone in the AL East:)
  19. With Buck, you can take that to the bank:)
  20. Just curious: what would it cost in $$ and players/prospects to bring in Fielder, Beltre and Crawford. Considering the deletions, what would our payroll look like??
  21. Why wait? Move him to LF. It's not like that is set position for us the way Pie and Reimold have been this year:)
  22. Personally I could care less if we sign Machado. Give me the #1 and #4 pick next June and I would be ecstatic:)
  23. Add me to the list who would like to see Showalter signed now and let him evalulate this organization from top to bottom before assuming bench duties in 2011. I really believe in my heart if he signs on here, he eventually takes over the GM slot:)
  24. birdman57

    Schutz and Schoop

    With all due respect and this good news aside, Trent Mummy is the guy I see rocketing through the system:)
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