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  1. For how many decades will Hunter Pence be the unorthodox swing that worked example? It's almost like he's an exception or something.
  2. Law had him at 51 but sounds kinda Joey Rickard to me "If he can handle center field, he’s got a chance to be an above-average regular even without average power; if not, he might be a quality fourth outfielder who plays all three spots but doesn’t quite have the thump to be a regular in a corner."
  3. I doubt Westburg stays at SS. How many college SS actually play there in the bigs? If you're good enough to play SS in the majors you don't go to college (or are am int'l guy).
  4. Ya and this year must be more stressful than ever. You better have faith in your local scouts because so many picks will be made sight unseen, by comparison to most years. And then what happens after the draft with no minor leagues? I keep thinking about these high school guys. How much physical maturity will Veen go through before he's even able to play a live game again?
  5. I think that might've been in Keith Law's rankings. He had Martin #1 on the board and compared him athletically to Baez and George Springer. The difference was that those guys struck out like crazy and Martin hardly ever strikes out by comparison.
  6. I think one thing that might be fun is to go way back and do barnstorming again. Build on things like that Williamsport series, etc, and get the big league clubs and players out their playing in more accessible venues (and for more accessible prices). There are so many minor league stadiums/college stadiums/etc everywhere that could be used. It might help with marketing stars because people could see how their skills play up in more intimate settings. And getting 10,000 fans at those places would be an exciting and energetic atmosphere. Getting 10,000 fans in a big league park, as we know, is depressing. It won't happen but it would be a fun way to get back to its roots in a new and interesting way. Also since there's not as much contact as other sports I think they should do way more with the television broadcast. There's gotta be ways to make the downtime more interesting. Have guys mic'd up every game. Stuff like that to show off more of the personality.
  7. Looks like the dudes on that list already have teams they're expected to sign with listed in their summaries. None of them are the O's so it seems like we'd have to pull a surprise.
  8. O-Arm36

    at Rays 3/9

    What a bomb is right. CF barely turned.
  9. I'm thinking the entire White Sox series might be washed and never made up. How would that affect this heated race?
  10. O-Arm36

    Dillon Tate 2018

    Maybe for Samardzija's rehab?
  11. Yeah I will eternally love Steve Pearce and he's played for every team in the division now. I'll always like Manny no matter where he goes. Besides, if you were a free agent wouldn't you want to have the Yankees AND Dodgers after you to drive up the price?
  12. But how would you find roster room to develop the approximately 2,000 $10k players you could take a flier on each year with Davis's salary?
  13. Ya his exuberance was always infectious. Really easy guy to root for. His hairline may have receded but his love of the game never did.
  14. Phillips and Zimmerman were both born in Maryland.
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