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  1. Looks like the dudes on that list already have teams they're expected to sign with listed in their summaries. None of them are the O's so it seems like we'd have to pull a surprise.
  2. O-Arm36

    at Rays 3/9

    What a bomb is right. CF barely turned.
  3. I'm thinking the entire White Sox series might be washed and never made up. How would that affect this heated race?
  4. O-Arm36

    Dillon Tate 2018

    Maybe for Samardzija's rehab?
  5. Yeah I will eternally love Steve Pearce and he's played for every team in the division now. I'll always like Manny no matter where he goes. Besides, if you were a free agent wouldn't you want to have the Yankees AND Dodgers after you to drive up the price?
  6. But how would you find roster room to develop the approximately 2,000 $10k players you could take a flier on each year with Davis's salary?
  7. Ya his exuberance was always infectious. Really easy guy to root for. His hairline may have receded but his love of the game never did.
  8. Phillips and Zimmerman were both born in Maryland.
  9. O-Arm36

    Branden Kline 2018

    Will we see him for UVA day on 9/12 at Oriole Park????
  10. I always wondered what we could have gotten for BJ Ryan had we shipped him at the deadline in 2005. Obviously the relief market is different these days, but it would have been nice to have gotten something like this at the time. Pretty pleased with this trade.
  11. Yeah the Rule 5 question was the best. Do they really think players are thinking about the Rule 5 draft in July (or ever)?
  12. Ya if he flops as a starter put him in the pen and let him air it out at 98, rack up saves, then trade him for a haul since controllable relievers are so coveted.
  13. To be fair they did win 5 of 6 from May 9 to May 13 (doubleheader with Ray's included) which allowed them to go 6-4 for 10 games. It was a glorious time.
  14. O-Arm36

    Zach Pop 2018

    It passed him in foul territory so it would have been a tough get. Must have gone over the front corner of the bag.
  15. O-Arm36

    Zach Pop 2018

    2 run double. Looked foul to me.
  16. O-Arm36

    Zach Pop 2018

    Live arm. Consistent 95 t98 on stadium gun. Very wild though
  17. O-Arm36

    Yusniel Diaz 2018

    What a laser! The Erie manager got tossed out of disbelief
  18. I take solace in the fact that the worst team in baseball has a much clearer path to title contention than maybe the 5th best team in the NBA.
  19. Regardless of the return having to trade Manny is a dark day for the franchise. He was a key part of the most fun 5 years I've ever had as a sports fan. I remember back in 2012 my friend said "I can't believe he's ours" because we just never got guys like that. The fact that he couldn't play in the 2014 ALCS is something that still weighs in the back of my mind. My best friend is an Indians fan so I've seen him go through this many times, but having to send a player like this off as he enters his prime is heartbreaking. I know contemplating the return is exciting but we'll be lucky if anyone coming back is a quarter of the player Manny is. Yeah at times he's been cocky and arrogant but he was just a kid and he was exciting and he was ours. Now he's not and it sucks. I'll always love Manny and will always root for him.
  20. I really appreciate your insight on these guys. I'd be excited about Medina but Gamboa seems like a real leap of faith. Our very own Luis Sardinas had 60 ratings at speed, arm, and field and was a top 10ish prospect for the Brewers/Rangers. He had similar questions about how well he'd hit but I guess he never put it together. I mean if we get Gamboa I'll be pulling for him but his great eye at the plate won't matter much in higher levels if pitchers don't have to worry about his bat.
  21. It doesn't seem like Gamboa hits much, at least so far.
  22. My buddy had an irrational love of Tony Batista. I think he'd be excited about us getting Franco.
  23. I haven't looked it up but the ones that spring to mind are Jesus Montero, Drew Henson, and D'Angelo Jimenez. They were all extremely hyped and turned into busts. I always thought the media helped the Yankees by inflating the worth of their prospects. Guys like Sheffield and Frazier were highly regarded before getting to the Yankees though.
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