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  1. Oh look, Scott's pet poodle tweets as well as yaps. That correlation/causation thingy is a little tricky ain't it Scott? Good thing for you nobody can recognize the problem anymore, right?
  2. But incredibly entertaining to listen to them lay out their theory and proclaim "it's so crazy it just might work!"
  3. Congratulations Nationals. Even though I didn't have a rooting interest one way or the other, I really enjoyed the series. Now 3 1/2 months of winter...
  4. For the most part I agree with your points. NonetheIess, I think that two or even three examples don't constitute a culture - even in America's newfound culture of exaggeration.
  5. I love the smell of Yankee despair in the morning. Smells like...
  6. I am 110% in favor of the O’s moving to Nashville.
  7. Aren't "death of the Orioles" threads traditionally reserved for the week after the World Series is over?
  8. Dang. Can't even win at losing can they?
  9. What I always notice first about this picture is not Brook’s complete disregard for gravity but the size of Etch’s hand. Could he ever have been anything other than a catcher? RIP.
  10. I also liked the team much more than I expected to in April. The bullpen drove me crazy.
  11. Mike Elias does have a role on the team in the future and his apparent taste for choosing the time and place for his battles gives me hope that the Chris Davis situation will be resolved as soon as possible. Give me me steady, discernable overall progress and I'll deal with the odd unpleasant reminder - even one of this size.
  12. One less loose end. Not a bad way to start the off season.
  13. Amazing catch by Wilkerson. Last games of the season in Boston are epic. So how 'bout that Givens, huh? SMH
  14. 24fps

    100 wins!!

    The team is heading in the right direction going into the offseason. Stay positive and screw all those messy facts!
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