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  1. Dang. Can't even win at losing can they?
  2. What I always notice first about this picture is not Brook’s complete disregard for gravity but the size of Etch’s hand. Could he ever have been anything other than a catcher? RIP.
  3. I also liked the team much more than I expected to in April. The bullpen drove me crazy.
  4. Mike Elias does have a role on the team in the future and his apparent taste for choosing the time and place for his battles gives me hope that the Chris Davis situation will be resolved as soon as possible. Give me me steady, discernable overall progress and I'll deal with the odd unpleasant reminder - even one of this size.
  5. One less loose end. Not a bad way to start the off season.
  6. Amazing catch by Wilkerson. Last games of the season in Boston are epic. So how 'bout that Givens, huh? SMH
  7. 24fps

    100 wins!!

    The team is heading in the right direction going into the offseason. Stay positive and screw all those messy facts!
  8. Tayler will need him some protection in certain Baltimore neighborhoods
  9. Hellacious pitch framing there by catcher du jour.
  10. OK, so somebody tell me that It's not possible for even this bullpen to blow a 9-run lead. Not possible, right? RIGHT?
  11. It's a completely understandable (and familiar) lament from someone who's been left behind by progress. Unfortunately it's not a very good look on BJ, so I think he would have been far better served by keeping his mouth shut and asking a friend to explain it to him. If it's a sign of anything, IMO it's a sign that long-standing fundamental issues are finally being addressed in a way with a fighting chance of success.
  12. You've been warned Mike Elias - by none other that RJ Anderson himself! He will be monitoring you going forward, so no more treating anachronisms like they don't matter. Knock it off...
  13. Not all of the people who lost their jobs were fired. My impression from what I've read is that most of them simply didn't have their contracts renewed which is categorically very different. We might not know with certainty how useful Surhoff was as a contributor to the Orioles' development system, but we can safely conclude that it wasn't useful enough to persuade Elias to keep him on - and that doesn't require any preconcieved notions from those of us watching from the outside.
  14. Connolly's value as an Orioles beat reporter is directly correlated with the depth of his knowledge of the Orioles system top to bottom. That means a lot of contact with everyone inside the Orioles organization that he can develop a relationship with. Do you believe everything some PR flak wants you to hear? I hope not. I think you're better served if there's an interpreter out there working for a more balanced understanding. I'm not saying I completely agree with Connolly's current column, but if he didn't lose a lot of sources in the current shakeup then it would be an serious indictment of his abilities.
  15. All open windows eventually close and that was also behind my post. If The Athletic has a recognizable journalistic code of ethics behind it then I take my hat off to them and wish them all the best going forward. But in an age of virtually instantaneous feedback on public approval (or lack therof) of one's work, I don't relish thinking about the consequences of deviating from the norm when I have a mortgage and a couple of kids to educate. I hope their writers have contracts that insulate them from the next paradigm shift which could happen any minute now but God help them if their boss likes tossing the word "brand" around.
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