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  1. This thread is way premature but not crazy. Definitely belongs in MLB though.
  2. You have to think he's completely untradeable at this point regardless. It's hard to root for someone to fail, but at this point I think a lot of us craving resolution more than anything else.
  3. I believed I use the term "broad authority" and he certainly does have that. There is every reasonable expectation that a person whose job it is to look after your interests actually does so and in this case that applies to both Rob Manfred and Tony Clark. The upshot of this affair is that the people most victimized remain victimized and most of the people who created the problem in the first place come through untouched in any meaningful way. It's hard spin that and Manfred in particular has failed miserably in the attempt.
  4. Golly, I wish I could be a grizzled, world-weary cynic. If I were given that talent, even for a day, I would use it teach all those foolish MLB players exactly how naive their outrage is. Lord knows, somebody needs to teach them the facts of life and their place in it.
  5. I think you greatly exaggerate the attention span of people and especially the press these days. The players will move on fairly quickly IMO and things like beanings will be minimal. The fans will take great pleasue in sticking it to the Astros until they get bored which I will predict will happen within a couple of seasons. I think it is very much in the long-term interest of both MLB and the MLBPA for the Astros franchise to have the 2017 WS vacated and the Astros players to serve some meaningful punishment individually. I'm not sure what the latter would be. Not for a second do I expect to see either of those things in my lifetime.
  6. The Commissioner still has broad authority to act in the best interest of the game. His hands were tied by himself when he chose to render that authority impotent in pursuit of the "truth". What contemptible rubbish. Even knowing that he would lose the grievance process he had the obligation to at least pretend that he had a spine. "Punishments" where no guilty players lose money, playing time or jewelry and no guilty team loses their trophy falls ludicrously short of adequate. I strongly suspect (actually I strongly believe without the benefit of evidence) that Manfred and Tony Clark brokered this approach with the understanding that sign stealing and all its variants would be addressed in the new CBA and no doubt it will be - probably rigorously. That's all well and good but the players who were victims of the Astros' cheating and their fans get left holding the bag - in this case chock full of fully justified resentment.
  7. Manfred isn't pursuing players and ownership isn't demanding that he does. That's the point. All indications are that fans would be most satisfied if the Astros' punishment was greater and bless the players for keeping the issue active.
  8. Since when did adding complexity make something go away faster? I think Babypowder's summary is fundamentally correct - that's why I suggested a futile gesture, not that I ever expected to see one from any baseball commissioner, be it Rob Manfred or anyone else. The only way something real happens is if the players get loud enough to force the issue. Unlikely IMO. Better the devil you know... and already own.
  9. Why? He’s trying to make it go away as fast as possible with as little concrete consequence to ownership as possible. I predict he mostly succeeds. It's why I have my fingers crossed that the players crank up the volume, but I'm not holding my breath.
  10. Not public enough. I think the connection has possibilities though.
  11. Sometimes futile gestures are worthwhile if they’re loud enough and public enough. Especially if you’re taking a long-term view.
  12. Wait a minute. You’re throwing shade on a guy because he didn’t figure out your mistake for you? God I love social media...
  13. Recent meeting with Rob Manfred notwithstanding, I suspect several Orioles execs would prefer their Astros DNA be forgotten for a while. I disagree with the notion of brawling as good. I think calm solidarity from all the players demanding further action from the Commisisoner's office would be a lot more constructive.
  14. If enough players make enough noise for long enough, spring training could actually be interesting this year. Good ol' Nick.
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