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  1. Actually his dementia diagnosis was in March, 2019 according to the article I read. It can go on for much, much longer. In any case, 75 is far too young. RIP Tom Seaver.
  2. Yes, that is a great use of the minor leagues. I draw the line at using the majors for player development beyond a very easily reached threshold. Sometimes I think that we all get way, way too cute with long term strategy at the expense of the effort everyone has the right to expect from teams at the major league level. That being said, my post wasn't clear.
  3. How do you develop players in an environment where winning is beside the point?
  4. Anyone wearing a Toronto Blue Jays uniform. Let's be democratic about it.
  5. Really great game to watch. Time well spent.
  6. Agree. A good contemporary sound and he doesn't seem to be particularly encumbered with advice from consultants or roots in a world that no longer exists. Let's not pitch Thorne and Palmer overboard just yet tho...
  7. It's Santander's world and we're just payin' the rent. Life makes so much more sense now that I understand that.
  8. Please play by the rules. It's clearly pointed out in the OP that "something might be happening". It's also been pointed out that it is absolutely "too soon to draw any conclusions". Presumably that extends to conclusions about sample size, so it follows that sample size discussions have no place in this thread. Evidently incedental trends coupled with chance occurrences supporting tenuous arguments are welcome. So what to do? I'm going to sit quietly, take "note and watch what happens next." ...and try to avoid threads with clickbait titles in the future. I'll bet I'm not alone in thinking Mullins was traded and I didn't hear the news.
  9. 24fps

    Bundy in L.A.

    6 INN. 9K's. 0 Runs tonight. At 92 pitches, I'm guessing he doesn't come out for the 7th. I've watched his last two starts and there doesn't seem to be any trace of the power pitcher he was once destined to be. None. Sure is getting good results with his breaking stuff though.
  10. If Hyde had the judgement and foresight to reliably and consistently present multiple players in their best possible light over the course of even a shortened season, he would be the greatest manager the game has ever seen. It's not rocket science, it's something far more difficult given the number of variables and amount of guesswork involved. Then there's the interpersonal difficulties that come from trying to manage competitive athletes in an environment where playing time is allocated primarily to see how quickly they can be offloaded... Very few things in life are easier to understand than the point of sports - to win the contest, first and foremost. All athletes understand this and all managers understand that about their players. If you want to tout the benefits of strategic losing and keep the discussion within the lines, IMO you'll end up in quicksand almost immediately.
  11. How do you "showcase them as positively as possible" if the point is not to win the games they're playing? How does not winning enhance the development of the guys we have? What is the market for unproven players on non-winning teams? At what point did Hyde lose the ability to grow as a manager and forever be consigned to "transitional" status? I suggest that not winning would be the best way imaginable for Hyde to make that transitional status his permanent future.
  12. Never. It would bring an end to the perpetual quest for early draft picks and we all know that would be a fate far worse than death for many.
  13. Why? He's this year's poster boy for the internet. Just like last year and the year before, but the competition is getting stiffer.
  14. Not only have I not read the book, I've never even heard of it. I'll definitely check it out and thanks for the tip. You reckon Kevin Costner has optioned the movie rights yet?
  15. Serious question, what's the theoretical limit as to how many TJ surgeries are possible for one person? I mean where all those spare ligaments coming from anyway?
  16. I've surfed a ton of games on mlb.tv the last two days, and the lack of strict social distancing, masks, etc. is pretty much universal - and I don't think anyone should be very surprised. It's just unconscious reverting back to normal behavior and by the time the players re-train themselves to the new normal, whatever is going to happen will already have been decided. Yeah a bunch of teams are going to lose several players at a time. Interesting indeed to see how MLB spins that one. Will this season end in a pennant race or a forced march to the convalescent home? Or worse if the baseball gods turn particularly sour.
  17. 24fps

    Bundy in L.A.

    We ALL need to get out a little bit more.
  18. In that case I take everything back. Mid-season form on Opening Night. You go scOtt.
  19. Hmmm... Season not starting well. I wish I could have logged it with something a little less obvious, but whatever. It's great to have a game thread to drop in on. Hope ya'll are doing well.
  20. The lipsync is a disaster and the color match between face and neck could (easily) be better, but the rest of it is not too bad. Certainly good enough for semi-distracted viewers watching on smart phones.
  21. And a complete waste of good technology unless he was joined by the entire cast of Baywatch dressed for work. I know you're making a joke, but it's hard to look at video post production today and not be reminded of Moore's Law. The sort of design that fifteen years ago required $200k plus Autodesk workstations and skilled and expensive artists can now be done by community college sophomores with their laptops, After Effects and a subscription to Lynda.com. No exaggeration. You are correct if we only look at today, especially if we're talking about real-time generation of lots of fake people. But check again next week. Then again in a month, and so on. I don't think I'll ever get used to the speed at which digital technology evolves. Right now we're talking about silly, trivial stuff, but in all seriousness, anyone who is genuinely concerned about the potential for abuse this kind of technology creates once it's cheap and in widespread use is definitely on to something. It scares the hell out of me.
  22. I have no idea whose idea it was. All I know is that I saw the image and my day was immediately five times brighter - I rarely look gift horses in the mouth. Besides, when life tees up a nice, fat opportunity to take a cheap shot at Rob Manfred I'll be the first to admit that I'm not nearly strong enough to resist.
  23. Not great? NOT GREAT? I don't know about you, but to me this is a completely understandable development in modern day America. Hell, I already feel like I've been living in an epically bad Japanese reality series for almost four yea...uhhh... four months now. Actually I'd be more concerned if I wasn't seeing dumb stuff like this, given how easy it is to make convincing fake video nowadays. This looks like a decidedly grownup problem left to earnest seven year-olds to resolve and for that it deserves a standing ovation. Never again will I ever accuse Rob Manfred of lacking imagination.
  24. Mere child's play... Eighty plus years ago, Ronald Reagan (yes that Ronald Reagan) needed only an AP wire and a vivid imagination for convincing radio play-by-play. Courtesy of Sports Broadcast Journal. https://www.sportsbroadcastjournal.com/ronald-reagan-the-great-communicator-advanced-from-the-broadcast-booth-to-the-oval-office/
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