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  1. Sorry guys, but no decision today. I wish it could be the Orioles, but that would only happen if they trade Brach
  2. Maybe the Orioles will be in the hunt for a playoff position and maybe David can or will be traded to the Orioles after he saves 15-18 games for the Phillies. One can only hope!!
  3. I've been reading along and your post are coming across to be very stupid or senile and I don't know which it is? Ty Cobb was the worst comparison you could of used. The guy was the most hated ball payer ever. Is that whats you want from Manny?
  4. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  5. Mexico has offered David to play for this them this year in the WBC. Hasn't accepted yet because he's waiting for the announcement from the USA team. Either way he will be playing this year. We are very excited for him.
  6. According to reports Heath Bell will be the 7th inning guy and pitch the 8th when David closes. If you look to see what David did this year he was definitely one of the best in both leagues. FYI David did put his name in for the USA team for the World Classic The Mexico team wants him as a closer so we'll see.
  7. I concur!!:agree::agree::agree::agree::agree::agree::agree::agree:
  8. These are the worst commercial I've ever seen!!! Plus why isn't anybody warming up in the BP.
  9. Yes!!! The Orioles should of drafted him. I've been here(Fullerton) at the regionals and he's easily head and shoulder better than any player there. I just don't trust the Orioles in developing young players.
  10. This is why I take Colon, he wants to be an Oriole and he will be ready by 2012. Machado is a risk in he may not sign and we may screw him up.
  11. I take Colon. I've been watching him play at the regionals and he has impressed me not only with his bat but his glove also. And I know from my son who pitches for the Titans(I had to put in a plug for my son) he wants to be an Oriole. He would be up in 2012. He's the real deal!!
  12. I don't blame you for being frustrated, I'm frustrated too, but to say the players don't care is absurd!! Have you ever played sports? Do you like losing? Believe me these players care. I believe that these players haven't been put in a good situation to win and it's not really DT fault. I think the FO needs to take a good look at themselves in a mirror.
  13. <p><p><p>Happy birthday!</p></p></p>

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