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  1. You’re off a decimal place. 1.775M is $25,000 more than 1.75M.
  2. Frankly, I don't care. In a draft where 3 of their 6 picks went over slot, 2 significantly so, I don't care. Particularly assuming they "loved" Haskin (as @weams said, I think), and also since they clearly liked Westburg quite a bit as they could have had anyone drafted later in his spot instead of risking waiting for Mayo/Baumler. I'm just not convinced the $200k would have gotten them anyone that they considered better. If anyone wants to care though, I don't mind, go for it.
  3. The name is Independence Day. The resolution of independence was approved by the Continental Congress on July 2nd. John Adams thought that would become the most celebrated day. It didn’t necessarily have to be the 4th.
  4. I wonder if he’s in the running for a roster spot?
  5. I don’t see how losing a league averagish pitcher from the worst staff in the league makes it better.
  6. The 30 year treasury was around 6% in Feb. 2000, so we can consider that the risk free rate. It looks like high quality long term corporate bonds were around 8%, that’s probably more comparable. So this was probably pretty close to a fair deal.
  7. That’s like how the Browns had a run where somebody got a bad staph infection every year. If the virus is still an issue in the offseason then reputations like this could definitely affect signings.
  8. Agreed, I have a couple cans of salmon in the pantry right now for the occasional salmon cake. As for chunk lite, I don't mind tuna at all but I can't stand that stuff, I gotta go with solid albacore. "But makoman, why does that matter if you're chopping it up into a cake?" Shut up, maybe an aversion from childhood I don't know. I've never cooked up a tuna cake though, I'll have to try that so I appreciate the idea @Enjoy Terror, that sounds interesting.
  9. I grew up 5 min from G&M! Crabs and crab cakes were basically the only food my family splurged on, G&M was the best. Also been to Timbuktu a few times but didn’t know they had good crab cakes. To the rest of the thread, I prefer broiled but fried are good on occasion. I like to make them too but won’t win any awards and would never put the mustard in them. I love soft shells too. Hope Mr. Servideo ends up spending a long time in Baltimore and learns a thing or two about this.
  10. The weird thing is many of those guys like Key and Viola (WS MVP!) and Stieb and Chuck Finley and even David Cone (5 rings!) and Gooden and Saberhagen (WS MVP!) and Kevin Brown got like 10 votes and were off the ballot their first year, like it was a no brainer that they no way no how deserved to be in. Yet Morris who was probably-maybe-slightly-better-or-maybe-not lived on, due I guess to wins and 1 night in 1991.
  11. His ERA was 4.04, the league ERA was 3.94, his own team's ERA was 3.91. So that's about average. That's obviously what I meant since I was citing ERA+. WAR is a counting stat, so doing an averageish job over 240 innings will help your WAR. I acknowledged that he pitched a ton of innings and that had value.
  12. Some random thoughts: If there is some legal problem the MLBPA certainly has a lot of expensive lawyers on retainer. Just because you don't intend to agree to more than 60 doesn't mean you wouldn't if the price was right. Also they always have the backdrop that they had to put safety first, even if no one believes it. The fact that a bunch of complexes had to shut down in June kind of supports the idea that they probably shouldn't have really been playing in June. The union's first proposal was for like 114 games, that doesn't look that reasonable. I don't have a strong feeling about this, but Bauer is a loudmouth and you'll hate anything Manfred does so there's that.
  13. His ERA was over 4, ERA+ was 101. He was basically league average. On the same staff, Jimmy Key was probably better (better ERA, but worse FIP) and went 13-13. Juan Guzman was waaaaaay better and went 16-5. Wins are weird. He did pitch a ton of innings, which does have value. Maybe he pitched to the score 😉
  14. He sure did! 3.80 ERA in the postseason, compared to 3.90 in the regular season. Clutch! The Blue Jays were lucky to win the WS the year after his legendary Twins performance, with Morris having a 6.57 ERA in the ALCS and 8.44 in the WS.
  15. I mean, it's all about what you mean by "ready." Manny was productive and not an all star debuting in his age 19 season. And it's not like he was dominating the minors. But he was clearly "ready" and had MVP votes in his age 20 season. If he had starred in the SEC instead of being below average at Frederick would that talent never have come through? Adam Jones made the majors at 20 and again at 21, though he wasn't all that productive. But looking at his AAA stats he was probably ready... Even Ryan Mountcastle probably could have hit adequately last year at 22. So why shouldn't a 22 year old Rutschman or Kjerstad or Tork or Andrew Vaughn or Austin Martin be capable of holding their own in the majors? Yeah, it would be an adjustment, but a lot of these guys could figure it out and do ok. Not just any guys, but the top few are supposed to be the very best hitters in their class after all. Again, this is not to say this would be the best way to develop them necessarily, and certainly is bad for service time, which is why it doesn't happen. But a handful of guys each year should be capable. I'm actually curious if it will happen this year, in a year with no minors. Not in Baltimore, we haven't really shown that we would do that. But if Toronto somehow finds themselves contending, and if Austin Martin really has a 70 hit tool, why not have him be some kind of super sub? What if Pittsburgh is doing well and needs a DH, and in BP Gonzales really looks like the guy who OPSs over 1.000 everywhere he goes?
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