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  1. Yes definitely. Hyde seemed reluctant to use him, and Elias would certainly have told him otherwise if Akin was in the plans. Or this is all some massive super 2 manipulation because they called him up too early.
  2. I don’t recall it being pluralized either, but also can’t recall any deals with more than one, I think that’s pretty unusual. So can’t really look up how it was announced originally. I’m sure in the history of baseball it must have happened...
  3. Also helps when you can win 83 games and make the playoffs.
  4. Probably a lot of deals will be like this. Will be tough for us to compare value till the offseason.
  5. It's hard to say he's giving the starters too much leash when they're pitching 4 1/3 innings a game. Even with a big bullpen I don't know that you want to have a quick hook in the 2nd inning.
  6. 4.49 is basically the same as last year, so that makes some sense. Even if you think a handful of guys have improved, they lost their two best hitters from last year and the run scoring environment is worse. Projecting them at 5.5 per game just seems so far out there.
  7. I would trade him too but is this true? Givens is approximately a year ahead of him in service time, makes $3.2M this year after $2.1M last year. Castro makes just $1M this year so no way he should get to $3M. He's still got his issues but his K's are up and BB down in a tiny sample, and he's effective enough I'd think you have to give him another chance to see if the light turns on for like $2-2.5M.
  8. They don't give out awards after 30 games either.
  9. Availability is the most important tool. Harvey might be basically untouchable if he had it, but here we are.
  10. We haven’t had such a guy since Nelson Cruz and look how well we did in 2014.
  11. This, and also we shouldn’t forget that the O’s got the two guys on this list for nothing and for nothing but a roster spot. It happens.
  12. I made her my avatar. It’s an old pic but it’s way back when she was happy and not blind and deaf and sick and hurting and I’m happy for folks to see her so I’ll leave it for a while. I didn’t mean to jump on and take away from your pain so I hope I didn’t in any way, I hope all goes well with you.
  13. I’m sorry to hear and just wanted to say I feel for you. I’m euthanizing my dog Mako, source of my screen name, on Thursday. She’s 14 and has so many problems that will never get better and such poor quality of life that it’s just time. It’s still hard to believe and it’s not even here yet. I hope all works out with your mom and sorry about Nikki.
  14. You totally misunderstood me. 0.3-0.5 so far in 1/6-1/5 of a year. So over a full year maybe 1.5-3.0. But he is likely doing better than should be expected given we have little better data for several years. Sure he was hurt a lot but that matters to expectations.
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