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  1. I’m ready for it this year, with middle names and colorful and increasingly larger fonts, hopefully a few times per week.
  2. We’ll call him “Mordecai.” It’s better than “Grayrod” anyway.
  3. Couldn’t you say the same about velocity? Everyone knows throwing harder is generally better, all else being equal...guys that throw hard are still valuable. Ultimately the more successful teams will be those that can translate those raw traits into on field results, which is the hard part. I imagine not every team has the patience or ability to do that. We’ll see if we can. I’m just glad the O’s have decided to join the modern age. Too often it has seemed like when “everybody already knows X” the O’s were one of the handful of teams ignoring X.
  4. Yes, it's easy to say all the right things when you think your means of making millions might be in danger of going away. Actions speak louder than words.
  5. “You see home plate was once round, like this pie plate here, before 1900. Which reminds me of ol’ Boileryard Clarke, who managed to play catcher for the Baltimore Orioles quite a bit during the 1890s despite not really hitting a lick. Well there was this time that he lost a bet with John McGraw over a game of cards and...” ”Uncle Drungo, can I just have my pie now?”
  6. makoman

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I know the minor league phase has changed a little, but in the past teams could protect something like 38 players (in addition to the 40 man roster) from both the AAA and AA phases. I'd imagine it's still similar
  7. We are 29th in total drives, but 1st in plays, yards, time, and points per drive. We don't have "problems putting the ball in the end zone" so much as we simply don't have the ball as many times as some teams because we routinely have 9 minute drives. Look at the Patriots game--just three drives in the entire second half. 8+ minutes and 9+ minutes for TDs, and the kneels at the end. We are #1 in time of possession including a ridiculous average of over 10 minutes in the 4th quarter. The overall stats may not be super impressive in a vacuum, but the efficiency certainly is. I am certain we don't have that efficiency with an "average" starting QB, the running production, and even just the threat, makes things happen and keeps things alive.
  8. Our #6 prospect could still be that guy. Has 80 BB per 162 games in AA.
  9. My experience is similar. I lived in DC or NoVA from 2000-2008. I didn't really know many O's fans, most people either didn't care about baseball or were fans of other teams, the O's being the closest didn't seem to create a ton of fans as far as I could tell. Sure people would go to a game once in a while just cause it was something to do, but it's just a pain to get to OPACY after a normal work day. I think the Nats coming woke up a lot of people who didn't care that much previously but were happy to follow their own local team, rather than converting people who were already fans of the O's or somebody else.
  10. Wow I didn't realize, .218 BABIP plus 88.4% LOB is crazy.
  11. Yeah, it seems silly, a no brainer. I imagine if CC had stayed with the Indians or Brewers he wouldn’t have “won” this.
  12. Harriet Miers was pushed back due to feelings her appointment was just cronyism, incompetence during meetings with Senators and in particular a lack of any Con Law knowledge, lack of appellate or even litigation experience, and fear by conservatives that she wasn’t going to be anti-Roe enough. She had no redeeming qualities for such a position and wasn’t really a defensible pick. She went to SMU which is like in the 50s, but I don’t recall anyone caring about that at all. Thurgood Marshall went to Howard. Comparable ranking as U of B, in the low 100s. But this whole conversation is just dumb.
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