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  1. The day is still young. Now 25,665, a 4,790 increase, or 23% from 20,875 yesterday. I'm not sure how often it's updated per day so it's hard to give % increase per day. MD is easy as it's updated just once at 10AM. (that's using the worldometer one, the JHU site is still 23,230. shrug.)
  2. Additionally, one would hope that at some point the social distancing would start leading to fewer and fewer cases. That's the point after all.
  3. Aw this thread is about fudging? I thought we were going to argue about whether he put on 35 pounds of muscle.
  4. He was obviously talking about Britton before the draft, not 7-8 years into his professional career.
  5. When the NHL canceled their season due to the lockout the next draft was ordered by lottery. So who knows?
  6. He has to 1) be capable of judging bat speed and exit velocity based only on his eyes, and 2) be capable of comparing that to his memory of what Davis's bat speed and exit velocity looked like back when Davis was good, so at least 3 years ago, depending on what he meant by good. I am confident that weams fully believes what he's saying, but I'm not buying that he's that skilled, no offense intended. Unless he's just saying "Davis doesn't look as good as 2013 Davis," and that more general type of statement I could buy.
  7. Fangraphs still has Bart as the #10 prospect and 60 FV (same as AR), and he had a 163 wRC+ in the Eastern League (in very limited time, yes). That's not Rutschman's ideal outcome starting today at #5, but people need to understand that player development isn't always ideal and that's far from a worst case.
  8. 2009 wasn't far off, especially given the (presumably) far more advanced scouting resources available 25 years later. The only saving grace being a SS who had a 584 OPS in 650 PAs at Delmarva, but switched to pitcher. (I'm not going to give much credit to 33rd and 37th round picks that didn't sign).
  9. Amphetamines. No judgment on which is worse, just prefer accuracy to inaccuracy.
  10. Even more amusing is the guy who stood next to him on defense had 9 WAR and finished 14th.
  11. Yeah, a 50s work ethic was tough because most guys had to work a second job all offseason. Spring training was where you got in shape. Now we have fans complaining because a guy lifted weights all offseason but didn’t go to some specialized swing academy.
  12. I think he’s delusional and stubborn. I think he believes that his swing is what it is, it isn’t the problem, and/or you can’t teach an old dog like him new tricks. I think he knows he lost much of his ability to make contact and even when he does the shift hurts him, so his only chance at production is guessing and making sure when he does hit it he has more power, something he’s lost the past few years. Under that thought process strength does in fact impact his ability to be better. We don’t really need to argue anymore about it though, none of us are in his head. I do disagree that getting stronger does absolutely nothing to make someone a better hitter, although it certainly won’t be enough in this case.
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