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  1. Another solid outing. 6 ip 2 h 2 bb 0 er 3 k
  2. We don't know that he lied yet, I could be that the story is false. If he did lie, however, that's not cool and is an insult to the local reporters who cover the team.
  3. Let's be honest here, it doesn't matter who they hire, we all know how this goes. We hire a new manager for the rebuild, he sticks around for a couple years and then gets fired because the team is not winning. Hopefully after that we have a little talent that is major league ready and the next manager we hire leads us back to contention.
  4. bandy75

    Carmona vs. Hall

    Pitching can be pretty dangerous too, would you have our top prospects lob the ball underhand to prevent injuries? You've got to allow them to do their thing, teach them the right way and hope for the best.
  5. To break down today’s appearance a little further, 9 outs 3 k, 5 groundouts, 1 flyout
  6. No one said they don't have any scouts, just not as many as DD would like. DD has historically done well with on this front, I'm sure he has connections throughout Latin America.
  7. Let's hope so, it would be nice to see him do what he says and start fixing things.
  8. If they want the field in better shape, call it a little quicker next time. The grounds crew can't cover the field before the ump gives the ok.
  9. Fun while it lasted, should have retired!
  10. 4th round pick 18yo lefty Drew Rom with a nice professional debut. 4 IP 1 H 0 R 0 BB 4 K
  11. Tried to make up for it with a stolen base and run scored, but I’m callin’ It. Bust!!! Is there such a thing as a 31st round bust?
  12. Most 31st round picks are destined for a few forgettable seasons in the deep depths of the minor leagues. Their time spent riding the bench, filling in a few games a week or perhaps if they’re lucky they get some playing time at a position not occupied by a “prospect.” That may be young Mr Ham’s ultimate fate, but don’t tell him that! It’s only been 2 games and ultimately the results thus far have no bearing on his future or prospect status. Having said that, it’s hard to get off to a much better start to a professional career than young Mr Ham. 9 plate appearances 4 singles 1 2b 1 HR 3 BB 1.000/1.000/2.667 Quit while he’s ahead and retire now or keep going and accept what the future holds for him?
  13. My guess is Hart is activated for tonight’s game and Ramirez is on the taxi squad. If they use the bullpen heavy tonight, Hart goes back down and Ramirez is promoted tomorrow. If not, then it’s possible Hart stays and Castro gets the start.
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