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  1. The Braves signed Acuna to a 8 year deal worth 100 million that will be a steal by time that is over.
  2. that what NBA did it went right up to the number that is why the year it happened you had scrub players getting large contracts. Tyler Johnson had like 70 career starts and just 10 the year he hit free agency and he got a 2 year 40 million contract because the Suns had to spend money to get to that floor.
  3. I would try and see if the White Sox would deal Jake Burger in the deal for Fry. He is right around 8-12 range in their prospect rankings. He could play 3B for awhile and see how he does. In Chicago he is blocked by Moncada.
  4. Adams is a low average hitter but walks a ton to help with a very good obp and ops.
  5. I see very little chance that the Orioles try and even can trade the competitive balance pick to offset payroll. Their is three guys making any money on this team next year. Davis no one is taking his contract even if you could attach the first overall pick. Cobb is a bounce back type guy the Orioles will hope that he will do that then can move him for an actual return. Trumbo has the knee issue no one is going to take a chance on trading for him until he proves he is healthy and by then the draft will be over. That leaves the only option as Cashner if he struggles no one is going to want
  6. I'd much rather take a gamble with guys that would cost a lot less and maybe a two year deal for someone to put in the rotation. Kinda like what was done with Evoldi. Sign a guy that maybe out a year but can maybe bounce back the 2nd year and then be traded but won't be a huge chunk of money. If Schoop gets non tendered he seems like a better option and is less money then the other two guys. Give me Schoop at 2 years and 20 million contract over Donaldson for 1 year 20 million.
  7. So your plan is to trade one of the few young assets after a down year in the off-season because we have Trumbo and Davis on the team one of which will be gone by halfway through the year either in trade or released, when you can play him hoping he looks more like the player his rookie season and 2nd half of this season. There is no reason to trade him at this point what so ever doesn't cost much not a big time target and coming off a somewhat down year is just stupid..
  8. They built their team on prospects in the field and used that to acquire the pitchers in trades for the most part. Even the pitchers they drafted early on failed to make any impact to the club. I love that they already have some major connections in the international market which will boost are ability to sign players in the future as they have been watching guys down there for sure for a few years that will be eligible this season and maybe a few guys that have flown under the radar and not signed yet.
  9. I just can't wait til the Sports Illustrated cover comes out and in 2021 and it says the Baltimore Orioles will win the championship in 2024 because of how much young talent they will have. I will buy all the magazines and then sell them for a couple hundred the night the win the World Series.
  10. Elias singing would make you think that a guy from the Astros roster would be a guy we look at for sure. He and sig should know that farm better then anyone so i think looking at someone from their system would make lot of sense now imo.
  11. There is a fair number of Astros on that list. McCann, Deshields and Marisnick. I wonder if Elias will try to bring one of those guys in as he has connections with them. Marisnick makes some sense as a right handed option to Mulllins in center
  12. The list of rule 5 guys is not great but there has been a few nuggets in their. The older system had a few more top guys like Bonill, Johan Santana, Jose Bautista, Shane Victorina all were rule 5 picks. The list of current guys in the new system, include Josh Hamilton, R.A. Dickey, Darren O'day, Ender Incarte, Obudebel Herrera, Jokiam Soria, Hector Rendon, Matt Bowman, Joe Biagini, and Brad Keller.
  13. I chose the last one but then when thinking about it though maybe not since if Rodriguez is 6th then who is 5th. Maybe Ortiz since he was a top 100 prospect to start the year.
  14. I wouold think Adam. D.L> has to be in the top 5 of any prospect list and if he isn't then we are a lot better off then everyone thinks.
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