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  1. LCHS really has the right idea with his signature. He has nothing left to learn in the minor leagues. For those concerned with his strikeouts, let him learn to work on that against Major League pitching. There's no reason Jay Payton needs to be in the lineup in lieu of Reimold. He is Major League ready. A lot of you just look at numbers and think because a stat line looks a certain way, you all of a sudden know how he's going to fare at the ML level. Maybe he strikes out 1 in 4.5 ABs, but from seeing him everyday, his strikeouts aren't on 3 pitches or even 5, but when he goes down, he goes down working the count. He is one of the smartest baseball players in the system, and he really needs to be considered the frontrunner for the LF job in 2008 for the O's. Anyone who disagrees should drag his/her butt to Bowie and watch him.
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