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  1. I'm a Twins, Rangers, Diamondbacks, Royals, Mariners and Pirates fan this weekend. Want the drama!
  2. Yeah, blue or black hat. To the left of the catcher (from our viewing vantage). Second row, over the "O" in Honda.
  3. Yep. I'm 99.9% sure that's him. Huge baseball and Jays fan. He's got the REALLY good seats.
  4. You all catch Geddy Lee back there behind home plate? Keeping score no less!!
  5. I know the chances of this happening are practically nil, but I'm going to hold out hope for what I think would be the best case scenario for the O's: A's and M's play a one game playoff to see who gets the second wild card. The Tigers and Royals play a one game playoff to see who wins the central.
  6. That's a very good point. I hadn't quite thought of it that way. Although, I'm just a little happy that there is a good chance that tomorrow's sports talk radio conversations about baseball will only be 50% negative and condescending instead of 90% negative and condescending.
  7. Funny, I feel differently. I actually have even more respect for Buck for the way he handled it.
  8. Yeah, when I saw Meek was pitching the bottom of the 9th, I said to myself - Buck is trying to give Jeter a chance to win it in the ninth. Me personally, I thought the ending was amazing. I gotta say, I wasn't really even to disappointed to lose this game. I know many of you will read that and think I'm nuts but, with all due respect, I'm a little surprised at how angry some of you sound. A great moment for baseball. And, I was really proud of the way the team roared back and tied the game in the top of the ninth. That probably helps my magnanimous feelings at the moment.
  9. IMHO, has the casual fan overrated Jeter? Yes. But that is pretty much entirely attributed to his defensive short comings. He has made a few incredible defensive plays in some very big games that have no doubt led to him being overrated defensively, and those plays (particularly the flip pass to get Giambi in the playoffs and busting up his face to catch a ball in the stands against Boston) were great and can't be taken away from him. He is also a bit overrated because of the rings. Those are a team accomplishment, not an individual one. That being said, to his credit, if you look at his full body of postseason work, he performed in the postseason just as he had in the regular season. Offensively, and especially when you consider the position he played, I think he deserves the credit he gets. So ultimately, I think much of the criticism is over the top. Yes, the Yankees may have been better served by moving him down the order this season but, considering the state of the Yankees offense as a whole, that can be debated.
  10. I'm going on that assumption as well because that's how it works for PEDs. But who knows? I suppose it could be different for amphetamines?? I tend to think they would carry over though.
  11. No way to know. They don't suspend players for a first time amphetamine positive. We only find out when they are tied to a suspension, which comes with your second positive test. It's easy to assume the first positive came this year partly because he said he's had an exemption in the past. But who knows? It could have happened in Texas for all we really know.
  12. I imagine the only way we'd find out is if Davis offered up the information.
  13. Right. Which makes what he did even dumberer... Although, I'm assuming the first time came this season. It may not have. We have no idea when in the past he's had the exemption and when he hasn't.
  14. I was wondering about this. I was assuming MLB made an exception for players coming off a suspension. If that's not the case than whether or not Davis comes back could just be up to the way we win the series.
  15. Right, you got it. Games played. If we swept our way through the DS and CS, Davis would be eligible for the second game of the WS.
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