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  1. I have two heckling stories from old Memorial Stadium of in the 80's. My first story involves the Mariners in the mid 80's. My sister was about 8 years old and we had bleacher seats above the Mariners bullpen. My sister kept yelling at the Mariner player to go home, you can't beat the O's and Boo with her loud screechy voices for about 6 innings. In the 7th inning a home run was hit into the Mariner's bullpen and Matt Young got the ball pointed to my sister and gave it to her. My sister then bought a Mariners hat and was cheering for them by the 8th inning. What a sellout. Second story was in the 88 season. My friends and I were at a game and we were on only one's in our section of the bleachers. We were yelling at George Bell and were trying to hide but was impossible because we were the only one in the area. Near the end of the game Bell cursed at us and said we should cheer for a winner. We had no comeback to that remark in 88.
  2. I ran into Sammy Stewart in Golden Ring mall as a kid 1983. He signed an autograph for me and I have him a McDonald’s gift certificate. I remember he was really friendly and thanked me for giving him the gift certificate. My mom worked at the Baltimore Bunny Club in the early 70's. She used to run into quite a few Orioles there.
  3. He was on talking about "Idol".
  4. I saw Ted Kennedy at a baseball game at RFK in the last spring training game about 10 years ago. It was back when Mitch Williams was the closer for the Phillies.
  5. cdrum

    XM Sirius Merger Approved

    Does your car radio have a cassete tape player? For about $7 you can get this device. See Below: http://www.hdaccessory.com/servlet/Detail?no=18
  6. XM-Sirius merger was just approved. I wonder if there is any word how long it will be until I can get baseball on my Sirius unit?
  7. The policy was the same for me when I gratuated from an academy in 1999 and I think the policy is still the same.
  8. It does not matter what most employers do because a contract is a contract. It also appears the public feels the Huff thing was not that big of a deal. See the SUN poll http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/baseball/bal-huffpoll1114,0,5684680,post.poll.
  9. Why does everyone care so much about what Huff said? Huff called Baltimore a Horses**t town, so what. He is entitled to his opinion. This is America. Huff got drunk and had fun with a stripper, who cares. I am sure most people on this site have done stuff like Huff for a bachelor party or during college. Huff says that he has a poor work out routine. This is either an exaggeration or he is one of the greatest (lazy) ball players of all time. I guess all the sports writers love their job, do not curse, and do not go to strip clubs (especially Nestor). Look at the Orioles and Ravens. The Ravens season is collapsing at this every second and Angelos (worst owner in sports) still has a job. In spite of all this, the Huff story is the biggest story in Baltimore Sports. See link: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ Boo thanks for the comment in my profile. (I don’t know how my statements offended you.)
  10. The only people making a circus of this is the Baltimore sports media. The Baltimore sports media should be doing stories on how the Ravens are falling a part and should be telling the truth on how bad the Orioles are.
  11. Did you listen to the show? He never said a word about the players or managment. He said Baltimore has a lot of baseball history and said he liked Cal Ripken. (This is all that he talked about Oriole baseball). The fact is that the only thing that was discussed on the BTLS show was his partying. This is not a sports show. This is the "southern" version of Howard Stern. How much sports is discussed on Stern?
  12. I think you can sign up for a free three day trial for Sirius radio and listen online. Huffs is on for the last two hours of the show.
  13. This thread is cracking me up. Huff was on an uncensored show, drinking a little beer with his friends, talking like all guys do. Huff called Baltimore Horses**t town when talking about it night life. Who cares? I also feel that Huff was embarrassed about his performance last year and will improve. Huff said that, "if was not for my 7 hrs against the Rays last year I would have been released." The guys on the show constantly made fun of his performance last year. It sounded like Huff was ready to improve next season based on his comments. Huff described his average work day when was young and single. If you people were listening to the show you would realize that Huff is married and those days are long gone, (another factor of why he called Baltimore a Horses**t town for its night life). Some people need to get a life when judging the life styles of professional players. Players are just normal people and being a ball player is just a job (a great job) with a high failure rate. If players do not give their hardest every day they fail and are released. If more players on the Orioles were as honest as Huff and Millar maybe the Orioles would be a better team be it seems that people what players who say the Orioles are a great team even though this team has no hope in competing in the American League East. This will be my last post on this subject.
  14. I listen to the show. The comment was refering to the night life in the two cities. (Can anyone agrue with the night life being better in Tampa Bay than Baltimore.) People are making a big deal about nothing.
  15. Huff did make me laugh when his described his work ethic. Huff did make me laugh when his described his work ethic. He said that all baseball is "See the ball. Hit the Ball." He does not study charts or scouting reports. He also described stories of "his average day before he got married." The games ends and he stays out until about 4am. Wake up at 1pm with a hang over. Catch the team bus at 4pm to the next game. I also learn that players have to pay for their own movies and room service at the hotels on the road. Players also get $90 per day cash per diem while on the road. I found it to be a great interview and Huff was like any average guy. I just wish that Bubba would have let him talk a little more about the Os. (Huff would have answered honestly if Bubba would not have cut him off. I wish more ball players were this honest.)
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