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  1. I thought it was odd that Buck had a little optimism in his post-game presser. Said something along the lines of he was moving better than what it looked. MRI tomorrow @10.
  2. I heard in post game Dempsey say he was 7-2 in starts after a loss....seems the stopper label mentioned is appropriate.
  3. My kids are 1, 3 and 5. Kids definitely feed off of what we as parents do. We try to limit the amount of "screen time" for our kids to 2 hours per day. It isn't just tv anymore. My 1 year old can open my iphone screen, find my photos and videos, and entertain herself for about 30 minutes doing so. Our pediatrician thinks that "screen time" is the 2nd biggest challenge for raising healthy kids. The first being their eating habits. Think about home much time you spend with tv, phone and computer at your house. The summer isn't too bad because we can be outside till 8, baths, snack and 1
  4. Coins on 28th St....locals place we like it there. Fracture Prune for a really unhealthy breakfast.
  5. Belly Buster's on 43rd. Good relaxed atmosphere, quick food, and ice cold drafts. One tip is the TripAdvisor app. I use it all the time when I travel and have found a lot of new things to do in OC on it.
  6. leftygrove


    Ended up with a solid 13". Heavy,wet snow. Need to talk the family into moving South. But it is done....hopefully that is it for the winter.
  7. leftygrove


    It is pretty nasty up here in Frostburg. Looks like about 8" so far. I'd say we are in for around 16" total. Time for snow blow #1!
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