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  1. This. Valaika isn't going to crack the starting lineup on a long-term basis, but his value as a utility player / pinch hitter could keep him on the 25-man roster for a little while, enough time to make some decent quid...
  2. Any post that mentions Terry Crowley gets an upvote from me! The Crow!!!
  3. All good feeling for this season just vanished... poof!
  4. Scott pumping strikes, nice to see...
  5. Fasten your seat belts everyone, we're expecting little turbulence ahead...
  6. Crush needs to come through here....
  7. Oh, don't act like you've never given 110% effort...
  8. Andrew Vaughn is a hitting machine. I think the concerns around him were his size (small for 1B) and defense. But I don't think there were many doubts he would rake at the MLB level...
  9. https://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2020/02/14/baseball-lawsuit-astros-sign-stealing Bolsinger is suing for personal damages and requesting that the Astros donate their $31 million postseason bonuses to charity This is probably a very difficult case to win, but I'll be watching it...
  10. Perhaps the Orioles' front brass has mistaken spring training for fantasy camp?
  11. Love this post. How do I rep?
  12. Is this a product of: 1) Indecision 2) Compromise 3) Incompetence 4) An artificially intelligent marketing campaign forced down your throat by the soul-less coin counters at MLB Oh, what I wouldn't give to have the dear departed Charles O. Finley leading baseball's marketing department...
  13. Yeah, my apologies. Wasn't trying to make a political statement, but I suppose I did. I'll fix it.
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