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  1. Oh, don't act like you've never given 110% effort...
  2. Andrew Vaughn is a hitting machine. I think the concerns around him were his size (small for 1B) and defense. But I don't think there were many doubts he would rake at the MLB level...
  3. https://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2020/02/14/baseball-lawsuit-astros-sign-stealing Bolsinger is suing for personal damages and requesting that the Astros donate their $31 million postseason bonuses to charity This is probably a very difficult case to win, but I'll be watching it...
  4. Perhaps the Orioles' front brass has mistaken spring training for fantasy camp?
  5. Love this post. How do I rep?
  6. Is this a product of: 1) Indecision 2) Compromise 3) Incompetence 4) An artificially intelligent marketing campaign forced down your throat by the soul-less coin counters at MLB Oh, what I wouldn't give to have the dear departed Charles O. Finley leading baseball's marketing department...
  7. Yeah, my apologies. Wasn't trying to make a political statement, but I suppose I did. I'll fix it.
  8. Seriously, no cheating. Ever. The soupy broth of moral relativism is awash with well-intentioned do-gooders whose basic mistake was entertaining the notion that "maybe" is a supportable, ethical stance. There is right and there is wrong. Wrong is always wrong.
  9. Right. Top-tier managers are like ACEs - there aren't enough to go around and they'll always be in demand. By all accounts, Hinch is a skilled manager, well liked by his players and respected by his peers (well, until today, maybe). If he's as good as his record would indicate, I think his transgressions will be overlooked in time...
  10. He'll have to wander the hinterlands of unemployment for a while, but american society - and business in particular -- has a short memory and a large capacity for forgiveness... I bet he's in some coaching capacity inside the next 3-5 years.
  11. jjnono

    Farewell OH

    Best god-d**n car on the lot... Just remember, the life of a Scouting Analyst Consultant man is always intense!
  12. Alone in his senescence... fearful and unsure... "Sure, Scott, let's do this..."
  13. I was always under the impression - rightly or wrongly - that it was kind of the inverse effect; that Angelos had always been willing to spend $$, until the Albert Belle deal ultimately instilled in him a fearful reluctance to bite on a big deal. I'm not sure that's the same thing as becoming cheap, but the hyper-intense focus on medical evaluations and the lack of interest in signing pitchers to long term deals, I'm pretty sure that stems in some part from the Albert Belle fiasco... All of which made the Chris Davis contract so spectacularly head-shaking... there was so much to be concerned about.
  14. These lists just serve to remind me that my memory recall abilities are fading faster than Rafael Palmeiro's HOF chances... I got 65%!
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