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  1. After seeing him pitch a bunch of games last year, I would have thought that was optimistic. Or if he did go five with three earned runs, that he might have five or six walks. I'm sure those guys in the bullpen enjoyed getting the night off (except for Sherrill). My favorite part of this game story about Waters totally dominating the Halos: "Uh, I take it that's a 'yes'."
  2. IMO, the jury's out on Kranitz until we see how the pitchers do under his tutelage. However, what this tells me without looking too deeply into it is that Trembley is being allowed to pick his own pitching coach. That may mean he's going to be allowed to put his stamp on the team more so than some guys in our past. Remember when Mazzilli was named manager under the condition that he keep Mike Hargrove's staff intact? We'll get a better chance to see if Trembley's the right guy for the Orioles next season when he has a chance to have a full season under his belt.
  3. I'm somewhat conflicted with this. On the one hand, Mazzone moved to Baltimore to work under his good friend Sam Perlozzo, so when Perlozzo was fired, it looked unlikely that Mazzone would stay in an Orioles uniform beyond 2007. On the other hand, a new pitching coach will likely mean a whole new philosophy of doing things, a new organization-wide development program, etc. That generally doesn't serve young pitchers very well. Having said that, the results over two seasons speak for themselves. Perhaps it's time to change the voice of the guy trudging to the mound while Trembley sits with a
  4. That was a bit classless on Shelley Duncan's part. Then again, perhaps being given a girl's name gave him a bad attitude?
  5. I'd call it the NL Comedy Central. Better than the AL Least or the AL Worst.
  6. Look at the Terps in the years before Friedgen got there and look at what they've done since he became their head coach. Before Friedgen: 1986: 5-5-1, 2-3-1 ACC (no bowl) 1987: 4-7, 3-3 ACC (no bowl) 1988: 5-6, 4-3 ACC (no bowl) 1989: 3-7-1, 2-5 ACC (no bowl) 1990: 6-5-1, 4-3 ACC (tied Louisiana Tech 34-34 in the Independence Bowl) 1991: 2-9, 2-5 ACC (no bowl) 1992: 3-8, 2-6 ACC (no bowl) 1993: 2-9, 2-6 ACC (no bowl) 1994: 4-7, 2-6 ACC (no bowl) 1995: 6-5, 4-4 ACC (no bowl) 1996: 5-6, 3-5 ACC (no bowl) 1997: 2-9, 1-7 ACC (no bowl) 1998: 3-8, 1-7 ACC (no bowl) 1999: 5-6, 2-6 ACC
  7. On paper, you'd think the best way for Indianapolis to stop the run would be to run up such a huge lead that it would force the other team to abandon the running game. Then again, a combination of teams not running enough against the Colts and the Colts playing better against the run helped Indianapolis win the Super Bowl.
  8. The Cards aren't the only team that's had its pitcher hit somewhere other than ninth. Dontrelle Willis hit seventh twice back in '05. He also hit eighth.
  9. I'll see you Bucknor and I'll raise you Jeff Nelson. I seem to recall a home run by the Yankees that was originally called a foul ball a few years ago. I and a major league umpire got into a heated argument about that call on another discussion board.
  10. I would only bat a pitcher ahead of a position player if the pitcher were an exceptional hitter and the position player were horrible at the plate. See: 2005 Washington Nationals, Livan Hernandez and Cristian Guzman.
  11. The first one was right. The second one looks like a newer model, which Mike Mussina is not. Re: Moose's personality, I remember reading/hearing about the difference between Mussina and Pat Hentgen when the latter signed with the Orioles. For one thing, Hentgen was more than willing to help any of the younger pitchers, while Moose could be *****ly even in the best of times. For another thing, the Orioles not-so-secretly rooted for Hentgen a little harder than they might other players/pitchers because he was such a great guy.
  12. I'd rather see Dave Trembley play left field than Jay Payton. Well not really. But that shows you how little regard I have for Payton.
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