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  1. In the med to late 60's the road to the world series when through Baltimore. i remember all those moments. I was 11 when we won in 66. it was great to be O's fan and it still is.
  2. mrbig1

    Yankees Lose!

    The birds are singing the flowers smell great. why is this? Because Satan's team is dead.
  3. Thank you!! today I'm the luckiest man of the face of the earth. Thank you Tampa.
  4. I forgot both games are only 7 innings.
  5. We loss 18 in a row to these MFY? just said that on O's radio.
  6. Remember 1969. I never forget it. Go O's
  7. mrbig1

    O's @ Rays 8-26

    Another heartbreaker. Good night.
  8. mrbig1

    O's @ Rays 8-26

    I think he's a bullfrog.
  9. mrbig1

    O's @ Rays 8-26

    Okay, I'm calling it. The kid goes deep.
  10. mrbig1

    O's @ Rays 8-26

    Dude, Fry is a keeper.
  11. mrbig1

    O's @ Rays 8-26

    Some are older than others.
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