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  1. Anyone else watching MLB.TV and just hearing the stadium sounds with no announcers? I am mad.
  2. This isn't really the time or place, but I feel a need to confess that I'm also an unironic A-Rod fan these days. That is all.
  3. If only the Yankees could do something awful here, like bunt.
  4. "That will be fouled back and ignored by the play-by-play broadcaster..."
  5. I see Delmon Young is still on our team somehow.
  6. If they sent him, that's...hilarious, as long as we win.
  7. I'm having trouble thinking of a worse single-headline hit for me personally. But I don't follow much outside baseball.
  8. ...I will probably start following another team. And that's almost not a joke. And I've been following the Orioles my whole life. They're the only sports team I've ever rooted for. At the very least, the day I read that headline would be the single most negative day of my life as a sports fan.
  9. There hasn't been a transaction made that I'm jealous of yet. But I don't think we'll win 90 games in 2014 without some major work. Building a winner every year is hard.
  10. I can't see any way Duquette is our GM in 2015, but I hope we get some compensation.
  11. God, I have so much less than zero interest in going through another front office reshuffle, especially mid-offseason. This is so lame.
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