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  1. I don't see it happening either, but the possibility is not non-existent. Sisco showed some warning signs in AAA for sure. But it's not as if that season was awful. And up to that point he'd hit like 320/400 through the minor leagues at young ages. And gotten really good scouting reports. And here he is. With a 203 career batting average. It's hard to hit 300 consistently in the bigs. Another guy that has been in the news lately is also relevant. Howie Kendrick. Drafted out of high school, he hit in the 360s over 1500 abs in the minors. Scouts said he would win batting titles. Howie Kendrick has never hit 300 in a season in which he has qualified for the batting title. It's hard to hit 300 consistently in the bigs.
  2. I don't want to get too hung up on the specific WAR number because I think it is flawed. I just pointing out the very high offensive bar a guy has to surpass if he essentially is an average defensive first baseman.
  3. It's funny but I almost feel as if Jones is a bit underrated around here. Call it recency bias, but I think people really underrate his defense, because they remember when he was old, and they rely on numbers which I think are really flawed. I don't think Jones was winning GGs while being a negative in the field, which some of the stats will tell you. Not in his prime. I think, and this is true of Markakis too, that their career WAR values are suppressed by defensive statistics which I don't fully trust. Not to say that either of these guys are anymore than the Hall of Very Good, but they were ours, and they led us out of the darkness.
  4. Here's my reasoning that this is too high for here: I think his days as a SP are over. He got BAD results last year starting. Go look at the numbers. He was the worst of the AA starters by far. Between not getting results, and the arduous process of building him up to the point he could throw 180 innings a year, imo it's safe to say he won't start anymore. So he's a BP guy. Ok, fine. He can still have a future here, and help. However, on a "Who would you rather have?" kind of evaluation, anybody who has MOR upside is more valuable. Unless you think Harvey goes full Britton in the pen. So if you want to rank him over Akin? Sure, I get it. But over Baumann, in particular, I don't see it.
  5. That's largely how I felt about.
  6. Should have looked at this before I picked 7 and 8.
  7. I think Henderson is the first upside guy the OH staff loves. And I think they like Baumann more than Lowther or Kremer. I don't really think Harvey has any place this high on the list.
  8. Thanks for the write ups Tony. I'm 6 for 6 so far. What I'm waiting to hear about is some pitcher in A ball not getting any hype. You've been the first on a bunch of trains that reached their destination.
  9. Oh, if they all do that we'll be pretty competitive pretty soon. That ain't happening. I definitely believe Mountcastle has the highest floor. And that really isn't close. But I have to be honest, when I look at it I see .280/320/500 first baseman. Nothing wrong with that. But I'd rather have either of the other two guys if they approximate their ceilings. And yes, it is very close among these three. As always, the discussion breaks down into tiers, and I think all of these three guys fall on the same tier for me.
  10. Nothing wrong with it at all. But I personally think both Hays and Diaz have higher ceilings than that. If either of them put up a 900 ops (which is not outside the realm of possibility) they'll very likely exceed 4 WAR.
  11. I believe in the bat too. I'd be very surprised if he pulled a Sisco. But there's a reason it's extremely rare to hit .300 every year in the major leagues.
  12. If he consistently hits .300 in the big leagues then he should definitely be ranked higher than Hays and Diaz.
  13. I didn't say failed. I actually wrote he has a higher floor than Hays and Diaz. Look at Mancini. He played damn near every day this year and put up a 900 ops. He was terrific. He was also worth 3.3 wins. Even if you want to grant him some defensive value for whatever reason, he's worth like 4 war a year. And I think that is a real nice projection for Mountcastle. To see him becoming an "all-star" caliber player you have to really believe in the bat in a way I don't.
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