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  1. The idea of winning and losing these trades is a misnomer. By the time the O's got into that position with Manny, just as one example, they had already lost. Others have pointed out that is true of Britton as well. However, I don't really hold that against them. They had the core of a team that had made the playoffs 3 out of 5 years, leading the AL in wins over that period, and they decided they were going to go for it and ride till the wheels came off. That's a legitimate strategy. The problem with these deals, and I alluded to it yesterday, but we traded a bunch of white meat j
  2. Agreed. I don't know the exact number but 63 feels better to me than 58, which is what we're talking about. "A little more competitive."
  3. And I'll add that I've been thinking about starting a thread about it, because nobody is wrong here: We should be better. We didn't need to be this bad. You want to know another reason this rebuild is taking this long? Because to instigate it we cut a lot of white meat.' Trading Gausman and Schoop as essentially salary dumps in the first wave of trades was borderline negligence. There's a ton of reasons we stink. Our division is not a primary one. But they better acknowledge it if they're going to deal with it. And I do believe, and I think it is pretty demonstrable based o
  4. That might be the one division that is better than the AL East. Of course, then instead of playing Toronto (good and getting better) you'd get to play Colorado (Shit and getting worse.) In no environment in MLB would the Orioles be good. In almost any other environment in baseball, they would be better. It isn't a difficult thing to grasp; and it isn't worth getting upset over acknowledging. And the only people who do seem to take it personal, are those who claim, ironically, we should be better now.
  5. Winning % isn't the best way to calculate SOS. For the exact reasons you mention. I'll repeat from above and likewise point out that it in no way contradicts anything you wrote: The title of the thread suggests we should be more competitive. I think pointing out we would be in any other environment in baseball is pretty germane.
  6. Except I don't see anybody doing that. Could you point them out to me? I'll disagree with them. But I'll say to you what I'm about to say to Corn: Look at the title of the thread. Yes, we COULD be a little more competitive, and we likely would be in any other division in baseball. That is not in contradiction with anything you posed.
  7. Getting HBP is a repeatable "skill." That's been long established. I'm skeptical the O's are teaching it, though anything is possible.
  8. Nobody's arguing the Orioles are good. However, they do have the most difficult schedule in baseball. A large part of that is their division. These are facts. Why you and SG get so upset when they're mentioned, and act as if acknowledging reality is some moral failing, I'll never understand.
  9. I know that reality seems to upset you, but switch the O's and Rangers in their divisions. And I guarantee the O's would have more wins.
  10. This team would look a hell of a lot better if it wasn't in the AL East.
  11. Winning a few more games is nice. I would like to see the pitching improve.
  12. I mean, this is a message board, so I don't want to discourage anyone from sharing their opinions. But I guess there are a few guys- and I do not include you- that have been hyper-aggressively critical of Elias' draft strategy. Martin was a flash point for some of them. Martin may still well become a fine ML player. I don't have very strong feelings about him. But I do know one thing: If he was what some people were saying last year, the Jays wouldn't have traded him. But yeah, making predictions/projections is one of the great pleasures of fandom. But of all the things in fa
  13. I guess my point was more about how nobody on this board should have particularly strong feelings about the amateur draft, as they have very little information informing those feelings.
  14. Getting worked up about draft picks is a good way to look silly pretty quickly.
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