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  1. That's a bit of a philosophical question, which I believe I had before with Can of Corn, specifically regarding Rutschman. It's clear he has excellent plate discipline. If you look at hit tool as an "obp" thing rather than an "avg" thing, then I believe your grade is fairly accurate.
  2. I was very surprised to see the grades Tony put on his hit tool: Current 50 and Future 70. That seems high to me, personally. It suggest that Rutschman has the ability to develop into a consistent .300+ hitter. I just don't see that happening. Perhaps Tony could expand on his thoughts.
  3. These are the first two I thought of. I'm not sure how anyone under the age of 40 could really disagree.
  4. I see them this year as basically even, with Mullins having slowed a bit from earlier in his career when he was clearly faster. Ohtani is a hell of an athlete. That's impressive. He's faster than I realized.
  5. A cursory google search doesn't provide anything definitive in that regard. Ohtani is a hell of an athlete, but that would still be impressive.
  6. I always rooted for him as well. He had a bit of a stick and did slug- if the article is accurate- over 200 ML ABs .445, which isn't terrible. A bit of a Crash Davis. Sounds like he is in a good place in his life. And sounds like he has a future coaching, hopefully for him in the MLs.
  7. If he's just THIS for the next few years he is quite valuable. He isn't no second-division starter. He may not have MVP upside, but I believe he has All-Star upside, though I don't expect him to have an extended run of half a decade like that.
  8. Hays can struggle himself to 3+ wins all he wants.
  9. That seems to be a wildly negative take on Austin Hays imo. He's a second division regular with no upside? That's pretty absurd as he was better than that this year.
  10. I'll throw my predictions in here, though I haven't read everyone else's, so as not to just criticize others'. I think he goes 775 OPS and 4 WAR/162.
  11. Frobs kind of covered that by making it a rate, so it is WAR/162. However, the conversation really probably becomes, how much does he catch? If he catches 95% of his abs, and puts up that OPS, he'll be well above 3 WAR. If he catches 60%, that's probably about right.
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