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  1. None? You could probably get him up around 220 innings.
  2. By the eye test, Sisco has looked much better than Severino this year, imo.
  3. If making excuses equals accurately describing reality, then sure.
  4. Drafting some college stud won't fix the development issues any more than drafting Gausmann did. We get to see the tip of the iceberg for the most part of that development. But 7/8ths of it is hidden from our view, so I don't think anyone has anything particularly enlightening to say on the struggles of prior regimes and the reported improvements of this one. We're going to have the judge the vine by its fruits. And the biggest thing I want to see is: Young pitchers getting better at the ML level through experience. That sounds almost inevitable to people. It isn't. Arrieta got worse here every single year. We saw what happened with Matusz. Tillman was up and down for years. Britton continually declined while in the rotation. And that's just the latest cavalry. If young pitchers come up and struggle, I can live with that. Hell, I expect that. But if whole groups of them keep getting worse, then it's safe to say we haven't solved the issue.
  5. I think we all have to be in a wait and see mode regarding Elias, which was essentially my point. I want to see pitchers come up from the MiL level and be ready to compete at the ML level. I want to see smoother more successful transitions. We're seeing some of the young arms come up now. Big tests will be with Hall and Rodriguez. We'll going to start to get more feedback pretty soon.
  6. I don't know why this seems to make you so upset. I'm not whining. I'm not complaining. I'm not making excuses. In case you hadn't noticed, the O's failures to develop pitching are not my failures. I have nothing to apologize or make excuses about. I am stating reality. And it is a reality that the O's better be prepared to deal with.
  7. The question becomes: If he has a 760 OPS as a lefty vs. rhp, how much will the platoon split cost him vs lhp. I'm sure there are historical comps. I'm pretty sure there's not enough of them to tell us anything too conclusive.
  8. Their inability to develop pitching, particularly starting pitching, has spanned several regimes. Your point regarding the Showalter/Duquette regime is speculative but fair. Different regimes had different failures. I don't find it all that interesting to rehash the last 30 years of their failures. Hopefully, Elias' regime can avoid them. But they will face the same environment. And I stand by my statement: Pitching for the O's is probably the hardest environment in the league. You conveniently reduced my argument to one point: OPACY. That's merely one part of it, and a fairly smaller one. Though OPACY is a uniquely difficult pitch to place. A much larger part of it, and you failed to mention it, is the weighted schedule and the competition. In addition to pitching in a hitter's park, you pitch a lot of games in two more notorious hitter's parks, Fenway and Yankee Stadium. Guess who occupies those parks? Two teams which are perennially among the best offensive teams in the league, with lineups full of high-priced All-Stars and future Hall-of-Famers. (I'll concede it's not as bad as it was in the Steroid Era.) So, yeah, pitching in Colorado sucks. But you know what else you get to do? Pitch a ton of games in SF, LA, and SD, three notorious pitcher's parks, with two teams which are generally poor offensively. You also get to face a pitcher every 9 batters. So, as an O, you pitch in one of the harder home parks, against the better league, the best (generally) division, the better offensive league, and the best offensive division, and you do it in generally offensive environments. So, yeah, probably hardest environment in the league. And I definitely believe it has a large impact on the pitchers we develop.
  9. I think a fan with a certain bit of refinement should understand that prospect rankings are not definitive statements on the health of a player development system. What the O's need to be able to do to win consistently at the ML level is find and develop players better than their peers. Taking Rutchsman doesn't actually resolve that issue. Whiffing on 1-2 doesn't resolve that issue. Neither does losing 100 games a year. That issue is resolved in improving the O's processes in finding and developing amateur talent. So if you want to criticize Elias or the rebuild, criticize that. The fact that the O's stink in 2021, or 2020, or 2023, was predestined several years before it happened. You hit the O's biggest organizational failure on the head: The failure to develop quality pitching. I've said this before and I'll say it again: The reason so many highly ranked minor league arms fail here and go on to do better elsewhere in some cases is because pitching for the O's is the most difficult pitching environment in the big leagues, and I don't think it is close. Based on who and where you pitch, this is easily the worst place to pitch in the major leagues, other than maybe Colorado. So if Elias doesn't solve that particular riddle, he is mostly likely to fail. I don't think he's infallible. It's very possible he does fail. But I'm not going to get up in arms about the O's being shit 2 and a half years into what I takes twice that time to favorably construct.
  10. Those high rankings were almost solely the result of picking in the top 5 AND some good trading by MacPhail- who actually had a ML asset or two when he arrived unlike Elias. It was not a testament to the Orioles ability to find and develop players though. Before we go down this road, I think I should clearly state we don't seem to disagree. I said 3-5 years. You presented the Mariners as an example of doing it in 3 years. Even if I accept the premise that they did what you say, that fits into the window I provided.
  11. Again, you miss the point. We lost for fourteen years. We never built a good farm system in all that time. Despite some years having high rankings based on high draft picks.
  12. Debatable. I'm surprised nobody is talking about how awful the Rangers are. It *doesn't* take five years of tanking to build a farm system. It *can* take five years. Again, you miss the crucial factor. The tanking isn't what is building the farm system. It can help. It can speed up the process. But it isn't actually the positive development.
  13. Well, good for them. I'm not sure I'd be planting a flag if I was them, but they play in probably the worst division in baseball, so they have a chance.
  14. I'm sorry to make multiple posts but I can't edit. It's also to use Andy MacPhail's phrase. "A snapshot in time." It is possible to have a solid farm system ranking, and be terrible at finding and developing players.
  15. Addition to not be completely snarky: Rankings aren't definite. It's nice when rankings improve but that doesn't mean it's reality. It's the perception of reality.
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