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  1. Tell em all to go eat a big fat s::t burger.
  2. Is that in Ghostbusters? Now, that's a movie I haven't seen in a long time. Oh, I'm sure Ramis knew all about it.
  3. I think it's actually apocryphal. But anybody who wants to understand the world today should read Spengler's "The Decline of the West." But Os related, I hate to see a man be crushed, and from my perspective, anyone with optimism about this upcoming year, is going to be crushed. But I confess, I am not much fun at parties either.
  4. Optimism is cowardice. Oswald Spengler
  5. If this kid doesn't repeat what he did last year, or get close, this could be a historical bad staff. Of it isn't/wasn't already.
  6. Shouldn't that be the case in 5 years? Btw, that isn't entirely true. Gyvens, O'Day, and Britton all preceded DD. And I don't want to poop on the guy. He brought necessary things. But that competitive window was propped open by AM.
  7. All of life is relative. If you think that is awful, then I suggest you haven't been watching the last few Orioles' starting staffs. Consider yourself lucky. And yes, stability has some value. It's the same reason they signed Iglesia.
  8. I was kind of being facetious. Duquette did some good things here, and brought an urgency that was necessary. He was also excellent at dumpster diving and getting the most out of the backend of the roster. However, I think as late as 2016- our last playoff year- 7 out of 9 regulars had been acquired by Andy MacPhail.
  9. Well it may have been both. But still, that kind of leads to the same question: Does pitching to your strengths improve your future ability to be a MLer?
  10. Ok. I'll walk away and apologize. I'm sorry if I misunderstood the OP.
  11. No, Elias, and every other baseball man worth his salt, values having good prospects. They're not concerned with minutely analyzing their minor league ranking after every transaction.
  12. I guess I should have been more specific. I can see the advantage of some of the high-def cameras, etc. But I remember reading last year about increased advanced scouting for MiLs, particularly pitchers. That's what I want to know about. Does knowing that non-prospect on Durham can't hit a curveball, so throw him curveballs, actually lead to a guy being a better ML pitcher, or just lead to better MiL stats, like we saw almost across the board last year? They must think it does. I guess I want to know why. Other than maybe increased trade value of our players, which I think wouldn't be a lasting thing.
  13. You know I was going to ding you for the "know he's going to awful" part. We don't really know that. However, you do bring up good points, and list some guys who imo clearly have more upside. So, you kinda change my mind.
  14. A philosophical question I would like to have answered is this: Does providing "analytics" to prospects to improve their performance in the MiLs, actually translate to improved skills/abilities and better ML outcomes?
  15. Riding on Andy MacPhail's coattails............... Is that an option?
  16. First, yeah, I am a jerk. Frobby basically said the same thing I did, but he's far more diplomatic than I. Second, nobody disagrees with what you just said. I mean, that's basically like saying it rains more often when the sky isn't blue but gray. Yeah, no kidding. Thirdly, I'll reiterate my point: It's just silly to me to focus on the effect on the MiL ranking when discussing a prospect call-up, rather the the actual performance of the prospect. The OP is hardly alone in this regard, and I just find it tiring. An imperfect analogy might be when your favorite band releases a new album, and the discussion revolves around the new albums ability to get them to the RnR HOF, rather than, you know, the quality of music on the new album. It's just kind of..... dumb. (There's the jerk in me again.)
  17. Questions for Hay this season in order of importance imo: 1) Can he stay healthy? 2) Is he a legit everyday CFer defensively? 3) He can hit. How much is the question.
  18. Who gives a s--t? You don't win because you have a top ranked farm system. The purpose of a farm systems isn't to be highly ranked. It's to produce players and trade chips to make the major league team win games. This over-analyzation of every promotion in regards to how does the farm system ranks now is extremely tiring, to me at least. The interesting question should be how do those guys perform at the major league level.
  19. I'm a little surprised this kind of relative talent is available in the Rule 5. It suggests we have a long way to go. Great work as always. And I look forward to the draft.
  20. It's hard to have major complaints about Elias so far.
  21. There's opportunity costs of course. I'm just saying a very general point: Just because we have one prosepct, doesn't mean we shouldn't take a similar one.
  22. Well not specifically to this case, but as a general rule: It is better to have more bites at the apple; i.e. more prospects equal more players.
  23. Who is whining, bro? It's a statement of fact. This team is bad. We're in the BEGINNING stages of a rebuild. We're behind teams people want to point to as symbols of ineptitude. There's a lot of folks talking about 2022. They better calm the hell down. And, at the same time, people who want to vent about how bad this team is, are absolutely entitled. No matter your perspective, you need to get a sense of humor about it.
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