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  1. Anyone else see this? http://www.sportsline.com/mcc/blogs/entry/8590096/12476893 "The Yankees are closing in on a stunning deal for free agent Mark Teixeira, CBSSports.com has learned. The deal is close but not done, according to sources."
  2. Maybe they do. But theirs a lot better ways to spend the money in my opinion. Lets face it...no one knows for sure what type of money is coming in to this team. PGA has made a ton of mistakes. But over the last year and a half I don't think hes been an awful owner. Patience!
  3. I think PGA has made a lot of mistakes. But $140M is a big contract. I think I'd be excited if he signs but I'd just as much like to have the $$$ for player development.
  4. This is more a commentary on baseball. 7/140 is laughable? Hasn't this team gotten in serious trouble by tying up a lot of dollars? If Tex signs here this team won't be good without developing young picthing. If he doesn't this team should still be pretty good offensively. It all comes down to the young pitching. Tex coming home is a better story than anything else.
  5. Well if the four letter network knew everything they think they do shouldn't he have signed with the Nationals because the red sox, orioles, and angels would have all dropped out?
  6. I would expect this one to be the former...but who knows?
  7. Anyone else see Rosenthal's article that the Angels dropped out? Published 4 minutes ago
  8. Mark could be great for the Maryland economy. He would be dumping in enough money to fund a maryland school for all next year. He'll probably have an entire maid service, and entourage, a lawn crew, a pool boy, and an assistant. I see serious job creation and tax revenue coming from adding him to the Orioles.
  9. Tank we could be in the middle of champagne supernova 24 hours from now?
  10. I was an old school Monkey Barrel (old owners) type of guy. You could drink all night for $12
  11. I can't believe it's been 6 1/2 years since I've been out of there. I frankly wonder how I'm still alive I drank so much
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