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  1. I agree, but I really like the idea of him winning AL ROY next year. Also, that was more innings thrown in a season for him than ever before, and not that he would have injured his arm this season, but that much extra work on his arm could have led to a higher risk for arm or shoulder fatigue next year...at least I think I remember reading that somewhere. I'm OK with the O's being cautious with our best pitching prospect.
  2. I haven't seen this explicitly articulated yet (although it has been touched upon, and maybe I missed it), but a lot of our upper talent that has just arrived to the majors, or is about to arrive, was acquired through trade of our more elite ML players (Jones, Pie, Bell, Tillman, Mickolio, Waring, Patton, Turner). When you're re-building, you trade for those type of players (obviously), so it kind of makes sense that with the newly created openings of expiring contracts and trades of our core vets that there would be an infusion of good young talent that would jump right into the majors, and that jump will continue through 2010. Luckily the O's enhanced that jump with a couple really good young guys of our own, but the point is that the infusion of high level talent through trade makes the gap appear much larger IMO. Now that the O's are less likely to trade vets, we won't see that increased number of elite talents at AA and AAA. I understand, Frobby, why you are worried, but I think that at this point next year we can better assess the gap, or hopefully lackthereof, after the 2010 MiL season.
  3. There are questions and doubts about almost every minor leaguer until they reach the majors and find success there, except maybe your number one or two prospects. But a twenty-two year old who hits his way to an OPS of 1018 in Double A warrants some recognition, even if he had a rough second half in Norfolk. Again, you are right that there are questions, but I feel that that much success at twenty-two along with his track record keeps me optimistic and understanding of #5 on this list.
  4. I think Juan Pierre was a comp. somebody used for Angle. Fast, covers a lot of ground in the field, no power, but could get on base about 1 in every 3 at bats. Athough Pierre gets on base more through slap-singles (doesn't really know how to take a walk), Angle would walk more, but not find a way to get as many hits. Still, the point is weak bat, great glove - useful 4th OF
  5. 1. Matusz - clear #1 2. Britton - Edge over Arietta b/c of OPACY - groundball tendencies make him a much better fit. Increasing K-rate a plus as well. 3. Arietta - Right there with Britton. If he controls his stuff just a little better, could be great starter. Or, at the very least, a great late inning bp arm. 4. Bell - Great year, see how he progresses next season. 3b of the future?? (Hopefully) 5. Snyder - last two years he's done nothing but hit until Norfolk. First couple months will be interesting to see whether he can be a legit corner bat. 6. Hobgood - Here based on stuff and mentality. Hopefully not a top ten pick for nothing. 7. Erbe - Difficult for me to decide whether to put him here or in front of Hobgood. I'm really curious to read Tony's report on him after this year, especially considering what he said about him last season. More movement on the fastball? 8. Johnson - can't believe we got him on top of Bell for GS. Could be a good 4/5 starter. 9. Joseph - Backup C of the future? Maybe ability to start if Wieters can't hold up physically back there? 10. Waring - Great power potential. I liked his development this year. 11. Avery - Going to be really young for A+ next year. Hopefully he can handle the jump. 12. Hoes - struggled this year but survived. Ended the year strong. Look above at Avery. 13. Beal - I really like Beal. Similary to Britton, his pitching style translates well to OPACY. Good GB to FB ratio. 14. Turner - Blocked by BRob, but ready or close to ready for the ML. 15. Lebron - Clearly (IMO) has a role for the O's in the near future as BP arm. 16. Cowan - Best results from 2009 draftee. 17. Givens - Can he hit enough to me regular ML? Always could pitch as a back-up plan. 18. Bundy - Disappointing first year, but b/c highly touted HS arm and still young, he has time to improve. 19. Tolliver - Wait and see. Highly touted. 20. Spoone - I loved him as a prospect couple years ago. I really hope he gets his shoulder strength back. 21. Henson - Better offensively once moved to the OF. Great athlete, but not sure if he has it. 22. Drake - Good year, not great. Future in the BP? 23. Townsend - not a good start, but we'll see with a full ST w/ the o's and season next year. 24. Welty 25. Angle - future as a 4th OF? Juanne Pierre a good comp? 26. Patton - similar to spoone, shoulder problems, but stuff not as good. Pitchability might get him by as a 5th starter 27. Florimon - Better bat this year, supposedly great d (although errors a concern). See if he moves to AA and how he fares. 28. Bascom - old for a prospect, but good year statistically. 29. Beato - Some reason, I can't give up on him. 30. Tanaka - Honorable Mentions: Ryan Adams (attitude problems) Rich Zagone (don't see much other than situational Lefty) Wilfredo Perez, Tony Butler (finally healthy??), Widlansky (crusher, but too old to be legitimate prospect IMO), Hudson, Mahoney, Rowell (boy he has looked bad so far), Martin, Berry, Kelly. I'm sure I'm missing a couple of guys on here too that could have been on this list somewhere or in the honorable mentions, but for the most part these are the guys that I try to keep an eye on, or will keep an eye on moving into next year.
  6. I chose Bell, and for me personally it came down to position. I'd rather have a legitimate hitting 3B prospect rather than 1B (obviously...at least it seems obvious...). Also, Snyder's weak bat at Norfolk for the better part of the second half of the year also seems curious to say the least. Although I'm by no means worried about him yet, I'm skeptical for now, and I'll be looking closely at the Norfolk box scores to begin next Spring. It'll be nice to see how they both match up next year in Norfolk together and compare them then.
  7. I was just thinking that. Patton? Makes sense espcially considering Stockstill's earlier comments mentioning they see him as simply needing to log innings, and they're not overly concerned where. Think that if he continues his success he'll see baltimore before hte season is out. Don't have a link to the Stockstill quote, but I do remember reading that somewhere. Also, wouldn't be surprised to see Arrieta moved up to Norfolk soon as well.
  8. Matusz has been pitching really well as of late. Any reports on his philosohpy on the mound? Is he throwing off of his fastball as was requested earlier? Or is he pitching similar to his way in college, utilizing his curve ball more, and is that why he has had such great success?
  9. OSfanfromCT

    My Current Top 30

    Why Matusz lowest of the Big Three? Not disagreeing, just curious as to hear your rationale
  10. Could it be an agenda or simply that his perception is skewed by the constant negative reports that are offered for Rowell day after day? I think scouts might sometimes be looking for the negative with a kid that they've heard only negative things about not because they have it out for Billy but more because that's what they're expecting. I'm personally much more bullish on Billy right now than I was at the end of last season after the many of the reports on here and his moderately successful start to the season.
  11. Great post, and thank you for the insights. Any thoughts on how Rowell looked at the plate?
  12. Please explain the comparison to Syd Thrift more thoroughly for me. Even though I am not completely overwhelmed with excitement by the moves made this offseason, I can not argue with any move that was made. They all made sense. Although guys like Zaun, Hendrickson and Wiggington are of the similar mold as say a Jay Payton or even Kris Benson, they are here for significantly less cash and were not offered arbitration, which means that we do not give up any draft picks for these guys. The idea is re-building without embarassing. We are making sure that we have a competent product on the field so as to not scare fans away while also allowing our farm talent to ride through the system and arrive when they are in fact on of the best twenty-five players in the Orioles' system.
  13. Also forgot Ian Kennedy's 39.2 innings at 8.17 ERA...
  14. As has been discussed, the Yankees are still a clearly flawed team, but they also should have Wang back for the entire season...If he and Joba can stay in the rotation for the majority or the entirety of the year, then yes, the Yankees will be better than last year. However, if a couple guys in their rotation go down with prolonged injuries, then I do not see them as being any better.
  15. I agree with your thinking, but are our veterans of value enticing enough to make an offer? Would taking on a player like Andruw Jones in a deal help get something done?
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