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  1. It's not if you don't enjoy it, it's if you fall for the outrage traps that are set for dummies.
  2. Stugotz is the smartest and most talented person on ESPN, nay, the TV/Radio/Twitter medium as a whole
  3. we want more mike and mike!!!! Is batman a superhero!?!?!?!?
  4. He's saying that the "unwritten rules" have racial undertones, which is fair when Madison Bumgarner can act like a child on the mound but we only get on Ventura for it.
  5. I bought into the hype and thought he was going to be our clean-up guy, but I still think he can be a good 5 hitter. He's still going to be a franchise cornerstone thanks to his defense, even if his bat doesn't improve much.
  6. I see. I think you're right though, he won't be hard to stash away in the pen. Putting him on the DL just buys us some time.
  7. We can always stash him on the MLB DL and use the maximum rehab assignment length to get him some more MiLB polish.
  8. Someone should check a dbacks board, see what they have to say about us.
  9. Am I the only one who would rather have Luke at 1B than Konerko, Pena, Overball, Berkman, and maybe even Lee?
  10. Upton is an upgrade to Markakis for sure, but for what he'll cost us, we'll have a huge net loss, especially for pitchers. I would much rather us focus on Reynolds.
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