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  1. I bet he was screamin for Ackley to go, cause he knew if the Orioles didn't take his fat ass, he was gonna go in the 20's. Probably made himself a couple extra million by going at such a ridiculous spot. This will end up being Jordan's biggest mistake. Immediate sight will turn out to be 20/20.
  2. I'd rather not sign him and take the O's chances getting the #6 and another likely top 5 pick.
  3. IMHO no way do any of them jump Arrieta... But possibly Patton. Definately no lower than 5th. Still, I just think with the 5th pick in the draft the guy chosen should generate a little more optimism than this guy. We'll see.
  4. Where do you think Wheeler or Matzek would be had they been drafted? Probably 4th. Or 5th, after Patton.
  5. I suppose I'm a little bitter with the pick, cause maybe your right about that picture specifically... But regardless I'm going to worry about any player drafted at #5 that weighs almost 250 lbs. Just really not happy about this pick right now. Hopefully I'll have my foot in my mouth a year from now.
  6. This must be what it feels like to be a Pirates fan when they passed on Wieters to take Moskos. Sucks.
  7. Lol believe me being smart or dumb or well spoken or whatever has nothing to do with succeeding in MLB, altho I'm sure you know that and are just making an observation... But I work in downtown Baltimore at a bar located close to the stadium. I get a chance to meet a lot of players and coaches- Longoria Burrell, and Garza and the pitching coaching for the Rays whose name I forget, Jim something, the backup catcher for the Tigers whose name I'm too lazy to look up, Joe Girardi, a number of Orioles, etc etc... Point is, most of em are a bunch of drunk idiots lookin for their next lay (not Gir
  8. People were mostly disappointed about Matusz because there was such an outstanding college hitter available (Smoak) that many people wanted more and thought would be the better pick, for numerous reasons. At least then it was a debate. Matusz at least had some defenders. Noone really disputed Matusz was the best available pitcher in the draft, and while many people wanted offense, there was little questioning whether or not the Orioles got the best pitcher available. Ask most people on the board, experts, scouts, whoever- I doubt anyone would say that Hobgood was truly the best available p
  9. Not that anyone gives a damn. But I'm totally bummed about this pick. They better sign some F'ing good prospects 2-5 with all they money they'll save passing on better players at #5. Guarantee a team like the Tigers or the Sox or Angels or Yanks wouldn't have made this garbage pick- taking a lesser player in order to sign easily. Really bummed.
  10. No way can I believe that Hobgood is the BPA... Gotta think this is just a quick signability thing if they take him at 1-5. If it means they take and sign some players over slot in the 2-5 rounds it'll be a little easier to understand, otherwise I can't help feeling like it might be a waste of a pick to take this guy so high.
  11. I'm not gonna lie, for this draft I honestly wouldn't be that upset if the Orioles "failed" to sign whomever (whoever?) they draft. It's a weaker year, and I don't mind the idea of the Orioles having next year's 6th overall pick as well as a likely top 5 (#1? Bryce?) in what should be a stronger crop of prospects. With the exception of a couple players noone really jumps out at me as a must have at #5- if this were the NFL the team would be doing everything possible to trade down, ala the Ravens with the #8 pick a year ago. Anyway I'm hoping they get ahold of Matzek or Ackley or Tate,
  12. Bynum woulda made that play without dirtying up his uniform...
  13. Is anyone else watching this off of MLB tv or is the feed this terrible for everyone... They're making it look like Hurricane Andrew is taking place in the middle of the game.
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