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  1. I'm pleased with this return. Though not perfect, the Orioles have been successful at getting pitchers to improve their command. Britton, Hernandez, Arrieta (?) and Tillman all cut back their walks under Orioles' tutelage in the minors. Sounds like he's got a lot of talent. Furthermore, the Orioles are showing a lot more confidence, under AM, in their abilities to develop raw talent. I like this approach.
  2. Where is this money coming from? If the Os have this sort of money, why didn't they use it on FAs last year or the year before? Why hasn't it gone into the draft, development, international signings?
  3. I was thinking Travis Hafner and Mark Reynolds. I bet Cleveland would let go of Hafner. He's owed 26mm over the next two years with a 2.75 buyout. IMO that would be another poor use of money. I just can't think of anyone who would become available that would be worth taking. I don't understand why he would state this. I just think there are better ways to spend money and make the Os winners again.
  4. Wieters has to count as a top 3 talent, though, don't you think?
  5. Just a guess, but I'd bet most managers have a nice side, qualities that are considered nice. It'd be really rare for someone to be all hard. When it's expressed in the media or here that a someone is too nice, I just take that to mean that the person in question does not have the proper complement of other qualities to nice to adequately do the job. There are plenty of different leadership styles that are effective, but there is such a thing as being too nice. Also, why do so many people dismiss Palmer as though he's lying or has no idea what he's talking about?
  6. I agree with your last paragraph and was thinking about this just last night. Jones here receives a lot of criticism, and I am not sure why. Wieters hitting the first ball he saw with men on, and it did not appear to be a good pitch to hit, drove me nuts. That directly led to me wondering why he does not receive the same amount of criticism. As for the first part, I'm pretty skeptical about batted balls. Those are very subjective identifications. Either way, I think Jones can hit a baseball hard and well, when he hits it.
  7. This is a good post. I think AM's biggest failure is his inability to assess talent and risk. The plan was good, but it's useless if the proper talent is not in place. He's not a bad judge of talent, but there are more than enough moves that show he is not a good judge.
  8. I think it's the racist elements of the law that are upsetting so many people so much. They could have written and passed a different law. The campaign in support of the law was, furthermore, full of lies. That's not very endearing.
  9. The NFL pulled the super bowl out of Arizona for not honoring MLK day. So, it's been done before.
  10. Maybe, but I don't see how it's a definitive step backwards large or small. There's plenty of precedent that shows it isn't. Hughes benefited from it.
  11. I'd put Arrieta in the pen if Bergesen is back in the rotation. I'd rather have Arrieta than Albers, even if he's lost from the organization.
  12. You're right, and I worded it too strongly. Neutralized performance statistics have a lot of value. I should have specified that I was discussing the manner in which the author of the USS Mariner blog post was examining the 2009 Mariners in terms of WAR.
  13. That's only two players. I'm thinking more about Jones for the present, and Snyder and Bell for the future. I hope they work out. Independent of whatever happens with the Orioles, I think the GM is always responsible for personnel. If the GM fails to acquire enough talent to win, that's not on the players themselves. Personally, I think the Os are about to win a handful. Wieters' bat looked really good last night. So did Markakis's.
  14. Do you not see the issue for real? The first issue is not related to any personal beliefs or passions, but of personnel. I'm simply asking who's responsible for the personnel. The second part of my post was simply an assertion that I think those two hitters will produce this year. There's no opinion of AM in that.
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