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  1. exactly my point about him trading our players. Why didn't we put that on a GM that was in for the long hall? Why didn't we fire him before we decided to rebuild?
  2. And, all of those fans weren't being paid to make decisions. The arrogance in the room is palpable. I couldn't care less what the hangout thought at the time. That is completely and totally irrelevant. By the way, I was against the move. But, like your opinion at the time, that is irrelevant. What matters is the bottom line and DD hasn't won a trade since he was denied to go to Toronto. Digging up successes from 15 years ago doesn't really change the point of this post
  3. The same guy that has lost every trade he's ever made is still in charge. We should have let him go to Toronto and I believe the reason we didn't is the same reason we haven't won anything since 83. The ego of our owner(s). They don't have the money to back up the arrogance. So, we denied a persons request to go elsewhere and now we put him in charge of rebuilding. Splendid.
  4. Angelos has a history of being a terrible owner. But, he's a zillion years old. I doubt he's even involved any more. DD has been terrible since we didn't let him go to Toronto. We should have bought his ticket out of here. But, he's still a lot better then the laughable GMs of nineties. Buck is old and set in his ways, but he's not the problem. So, everyone that wants an answer, here it is. We suck because the deck is stacked against us. If you look at the current standings, you will see the Yankees and RedSox once again dominant. Why is that? Anyone that thinks it's because our management is incompetent and their management are rocket scientists are myopic fools. Baseball has needed a salary cap for 50 years now. It is the only major sport without one. So, our window was the 2-4 years where the monsters of our division were retooling. I don't blame our management for attempting to keep it open too long. It would have been easier to give up. We went for one more year and it has failed. Too bad. But, all the people looking at the O's and their failures without taking into account the fact that our rivals spend 2-3 times more then us are off on a tangent.
  5. This is 1997 all over again. The key is, we don't have the money to spend to get ourselves out of it, so we have to follow the Astros path. I don't mind sucking for a few years if we come back strong but what I can't abide is a half ass effort where we spend another 15 years in the wilderness. The first thing we need to do is hire the GM to build this. Buck moving Manny to SS in a desperate attempt to get him to resign sent a terrible message to the entire organization. If I was the owner, I would fire DD now and get a guy to build from the ground up. DD has made too many terrible mistakes to trust him to do that. Buck won't stay. He and DD have both been good for the organization despite their warts. But, it's time to rebuild and it's time to rebuild now. That starts with the GM and Buck has a choice to stay or go. He's a fine manager but he's at the age where he might not want to stay. So, fire DD, hire a stud GM and start dumping players so that we can be good 4 years from now. My answer is all of the above. But, we have enough money that if we are run competently, we can excel.
  6. If our starters can continue to be average, we have a very good shot at winning the whole thing. This team is ready to explode imho. Go O's!
  7. We are about to sweep the Royals. I really don't care about rumors, innuendo and "inside information". Go O's!
  8. Has anyone actually seen Angelos in public recently? I continue to read about all his involvement on this board but I have very real doubts about his ability and/or desire to be involved.
  9. 6 games out is not out of reach. Hell, I remember 82 like it was yesterday. We were three games out with 4 games to play and almost won it. History is re-pleat with comebacks much bigger then what we have to do. I wouldn't say it's likely but its certainly within reach.
  10. This question just got more interesting with the addition of Beckham. Hardy looked washed up earlier. Was that because he was hurt? I don't know. Hardy won't be back next year unless he wants to hang on as a backup. So, I'm leaning towards Beckham. In 239 PA's, Hardy was hitting 211, 248, 308. That's below replacement level. Beckham is 262, 316, 411. That's an OPS 171 pts better. Hard to bench him for Hardy.
  11. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Suppose we traded Zach for a stud starting prospect and that prospect blew out his arm? Given DD's trade record and given the fact that Buck isn't going to stick around for a rebuild, I think the organization made the right decision to not throw in the towel.
  12. I understand the long term thinking that went into trading our short term star players. But, we are only 7 1/2 games out of first with two months to go. We have won recently with this team and there is no reason why we can't get hot and have a shot. I'm glad we didn't trade anyone important. Beating one of the hottest teams in baseball with their ace on the mound vs Ubaldo sets us up nice for the rest of this series.
  13. I think Buck likes Kim. I just thought all along that he knew you couldn't win with him playing regularly. He might be the worst defensive left fielder of all time.
  14. I'd sign Britton to a 4 year deal. The hell with executives from other clubs dismissing the fact that he's been one of the best relievers of all time since 2014.
  15. Who cares? They are both terrible. I'm not gonna get worked up over who is less terrible.
  16. It's a subjective post and opinion. I've watched all year while opposing batters swing from the heels and our staff nibbles. I know the eyeball test is ridiculed on this board but that's all I got.
  17. Hit batters don't mean squadoosh in this discussion. I'm just saying that opposing batters shouldn't be allowed to dig in and swing for the fences in that situation. Too many times I've seen opposing batters lean over the plate while our pitchers try to throw a perfect pitch on the outside corner. You have to come inside and make batters uncomfortable. I think that is self explanatory. If you don't back them off, you are letting the hitters dictate the at bat. The pitcher needs to dictate the at bat, especially in that situation.
  18. Brach threw a great fastball to Gomez up by two in the ninth with a runner on. Gomez cocked his bat back six inches and swung so hard, he almost fell down. I'm not advocating for throwing at anyone although the Yankees and RedSox do that all the time. But, opposing batters are so comfortable against us that they do that all the time. Word has gotten around that we won't pitch inside, won't make them uncomfortable. Those kind of swings should be rewarded with one high and tight. The response was not there and the next guy up gets to do the same thing. There is a difference between head hunting and making opposing batters uncomfortable and those batters are entirely too comfortable imho.
  19. DD came in and made the promise to build the farm. That is the only way to compete long term within our division. He has completely failed. I don't want him running anything other then someone else's team. Combined with the fact that he has lost almost every trade he has attempted, it isn't a even debatable imho.
  20. I have my doubts that Peter is making those decisions. It could be his sons.
  21. DD has got us into this mess, do we really trust him to perform a fire sale correctly? I'm more optimistic then most. I think we can spend money and remain competitive and build the farm so the spending is a short term solution. But, as I've said, I don't want DD running this. As for Bundy, trading him makes no sense to me. He's exactly the type of player we would be attempting to acquire by trading our stars. Young, cost controlled with a potential to be an ace. I don't think the goal of a rebuild should be to trade all our good players. It should be to trade all our good, old players.
  22. He's 45. I coach an adult team that sent a few players to that league. They came back and told me that the league we play in was more competitive. Great story? If you say so...
  23. Well, I started a post and it got bumped to another. That often happens if you practice straight talk that is inconvenient for the moderators to hear. So be it. So, after it was buried in another post, no-one responded. I asked myself if that was because my post had no merit? Or is that because those on the post it got bumped to were too busy bickering to notice? So, I'll repeat what I said. For all of you too busy to notice, this is the key question for the next ten years. There are only two avenues open, spend a lot of money or rebuild. DD has shown horrible talent evaluation lately. He has also failed on the one crucial thing he told us he was going to do, which is build the farm. So, no matter which avenue you choose, hopefully we can all agree that DD had to go. Anyone who disagrees with this should take a look at the current pitching staff and the pitchers we have given away or not resigned. Now, I'm thankful for DD's tenure, I appreciate the fact that we have been competitive during his time. But, we have the worst staff in baseball and we have no prospects to support that staff. Bottom line, he's gotta go because he has failed to do the one thing that can make this franchise competitive long term. So, now that I have stated the obvious, we can all debate on which way to go. When I say we need to spend equity, I don't do so lightly. But, if we don't extend Manny, we don't extend Schoop and we don't resign Britton, what does the future look like? To me,it looks a lot like 2002 where we go into an abyss. A failed talent evaluation staff supported by a low budget. No matter what, the next big signing should be a stud GM. Trust in that guy to recommend a rebuild or a money infusion. Anyone trust DD to do that? Also, if we rebuild, Buck aint gonna stay. That's another part of this equation. So, have at it. Maybe I'm wrong and this isn't important and not worth a new thread. Or maybe there are others that recognize this is the crucial decision facing this franchise and this is the crucial time to make it.
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