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  1. I'd have to say it's a tie between Payday (love that salty/sweet combo) and Reeses Cups because it's hard to beat chocolate and peanut butter.
  2. The Red Sox without a doubt. It used to be the Yankees. At least until the Red Sox won their first WS back in '04. Since then they've morphed into the cockiest bunch of a-holes around. At least the Yankees have a winning history that gave them the right to boast.
  3. Same with me. When I was a kid, there was a huge German Shepherd that lived up the street. When it was in the yard no one would even go near it. Once I was coming from the store and found it sitting in the alley behind it's house. At first I was terrified but after it saw me, I had to do something. So I just slowly walked up to it, reached out my hand and started petting it. After that moment he was always happy to see me but no other kids in the neighborhood could even get near him. He would growl and snarl if they did. A few months ago I found a starling in the road. Thinking it to be hurt, I reached down to pick it up. Once it was in my hands, it looked at me for a second or two and then flew off into the trees. I can't explain it but animals just seem to trust me for some reason.
  4. He topped out at 94 mph. Most were around 91-92. I'm not sure if it was a change up or curve but he was throwing those at around 74 mph. Almost a 20 mph difference. Almost unhittable.
  5. I felt the same way early on. Now I'm wondering what Ragnar did to turn Floki against him.
  6. Lagertha is one bada$$ woman. After she stabbed her husband she stood ready to take on anyone who had the cajones to challenge her. I think Ragnar made a big mistake in letting her get away, not once but twice. His present wife does nothing but whine and complain. I can't see Ragnar putting up with that for much longer. Only 4 more episodes left this season. What ever happened to a series season being a half year or more?
  7. Bjorn loved his father very much but also didn't approve of his infidelities. As he's grown and had to endure his mother's hardships at the hands of her new husband, he must be torn between his love for Ragnar as well as his probable hate for him for driving his mother into her present life. This is looking to be an interesting season. Now if I can just remember record or watch it on Thursday nights!
  8. This is one of my favorite shows. Ragnar's ex alone is enough to keep a fella coming back. And Ragnar's son looks to have the potential to become a great warrior. I am hoping though that he and his Mom both reunite with Ragnar. Ragnar was very close to his son when he was younger and I'd like to see how they get on now that he's older.
  9. I was sorry to see T-Dog buy it. He was one of my favorites. And since no one took him out after he was bitten, he'll soon be back as Z-Dog. Lori's death on the other hand was welcomed and overdue. She was a whining, cheating b*tch. And I agree with crissfan172 about Carl. He was annoying before and now that he thinks he's a badass, he'll be even moreso.
  10. My Mom would make us liver when we were kids. I didn't like it but would eat it as long as I could cover it up with mashed potatoes and onions. Then one day I cut into a piece and noticed a huge blood vein running through it. I haven't touched it since. My Dad would eat brains and tripe and I even remember him sucking the marrow out of bones. I'll stick with a Big Mac, thank you.
  11. Hopefully he'll get back on his feet quickly and be back at ringside. At 62 years old, he may now make the decision to give up wrestling and stick to announcing. I can understand though how after doing something all of your life, it is hard to let go of.
  12. He used to be put down because he was so laid back. Now that he comes out and says he thinks he's one of the best, he's put down for that. If anything he needs a PR guy to help him to deal with the media, but he sure as hell doesn't need an attitude adjustment. Any professional (athlete, businessman, doctor, electrician, or whatever) who doesn't think highly of himself probably isn't that good to begin with.
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